Kimberley Budgen (Certificate III in Business Administration), ACT

My name is Kimberley Budgen. I completed an Australian
school-based apprenticeship, gaining a Certificate II and III
in Business Administration. I’d actually started
in Year 9 and 10. I did an information technology unit, and then it led me to further study
business administration in Year 11 and 12. So I went and saw the careers adviser and said that this is something
that I’d really like to pursue, and she gave me the opportunity
to come for an interview here at the ACT Education
& Training Directorate. So my Australian
school-based apprenticeship, I completed one and a half days
at the directorate, and then the other days
were held at school. The school gave opportunities
for me to go in at lunchtime and catch up on any work
that I had missed, and also after school
they did some tutorials for any maths lessons or English
lessons that we may have missed. So the benefits of completing an Australian
school-based apprenticeship would definitely be there were
networks that you acquire whilst working
in your apprenticeship. You build great leadership skills,
communication skills, teamwork skills, and something that sets you up
for life. I was offered a full-time traineeship on the completion
of my school-based apprenticeship, and now I’m working for the Australian Department
of Education and Training as a policy officer. I recently completed
a diploma in business to help further
my skills and knowledge. WOMAN: So having Kimberley
come and work with us has been a very positive experience
for us. We find that it’s not just of benefit
for the young person themselves, but it’s also of benefit for us. Being the transitions and careers
section, we work with schools to support them
to develop programs for young people. And so it’s really important,
and it’s great for us to have that young person’s
perspective when we’re developing our ideas
and our programs. KIMBERLEY: So my advice to someone
wanting to complete an Australian
school-based apprenticeship would be to go for it. It’s a valued pathway, and it’s a great way to get
a head start in your career and gain hands-on experience
in your chosen industry.

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