Kieran Tierney ● Welcome to Arsenal 2019 ● Skills, Interceptions & Goals 🔥

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30 thoughts on “Kieran Tierney ● Welcome to Arsenal 2019 ● Skills, Interceptions & Goals 🔥”

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    Kieran Tierney ● Welcome to Arsenal 2019 ● Skills, Interceptions & Goals 🔥

  2. I'm not even a Celtic fan but Celtic should value him at £35 million PLUS add ons and sell on fees. Clubs in England have the money, clubs in Scotland need to stop selling their players cheap. This guy is as good or better than Andy Robertson and there's no way Liverpool would sell him for £25 million. I believe Tierney is on a long term contract, he's a Celtic fan so he's not going to push for a move, and Celtic's finances are good, a quick google search and I believe their revenue is well over £100 million with an increase of 12% so they're hardly begging for cash.

  3. 1 leg broken already the other one fractured along with a double hernia and major hip problem along with another diagnosed problem and he costs 25 million wtf

  4. is he really going to arsenal…i hope so …im not a arsenal fan…but its sad to see when clubs like liverpool, man utd are still fighting for titles while arsenal is settling for champions league spot

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