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English Singsing school supplies What’s in your backpack? It’s my book. I can read. book book It’s my notebook. I can write on it. notebook notebook These are my scissors. I can cut the paper. scissors scissors It’s my glue. I can stick them with it. glue glue It’s my tape. I can put them with it. tape tape Is this your pencil case? Yes, it is. pencil case pencil case What’s in your pencil case? These are my pencils and pens. I like to write. pencil pen It’s my eraser. I can erase and write again. eraser eraser It’s my highlighter. I can mark with it. highlighter highlighter It is my ruler. I like to measure. ruler ruler These are my color pencils. I can draw a rainbow. color pencil color pencil There are things for school in my backpack. review book notebook scissors glue tape pencil case pencil pen eraser highlighter ruler color pencil

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  1. book_kitap
    nootebook_noot defteri
    scissosrs _makas
    glue _yapistirici
    pecsil case
    color pencil

  2. คุญครูเอ็มหนูไอติมเองนะครับ

  3. هذه أروع قناة إنكليزية شكرا ااااا من كل أعماق قلبي 😀😀😀😀

  4. Great video for the use of vocabulary within sentences ! What would you think of my using your video in class ?

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