Kids vocabulary – Opposite Words – Learning about Opposites – English for kids

Opposite Words big – small big big elephant small small mouse big and small tall – short tall tall gentleman short short boy tall and short weak – strong weak weak man strong strong man weak and strong soft – hard soft soft cotton candy hard hard rock soft and hard fast – slow fast fast car slow slow bicycle fast and slow heavy – light heavy heavy dinosaur light light feather heavy and light full – empty full full cup empty empty cup full and empty dirty – clean dirty dirty room clean clean room dirty and clean go – stop go go sign stop stop sign go and stop open – close open open the door close close the door open and close push – pull push push a cart pull pull a cart push and pull wet – dry wet wet towel dry dry towel wet and dry new – old new new car old old car new and old up – down up go up stairs down go down stairs up and down on – off on turn on the light off turn off the light on and off

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  1. Hi awesome video loved watching and a BIG thumbs up. I have subbed your channel please visit my channel and support back. Thanks 😉

  2. 新闻发布会上说…………………………………………………………………………………………

  3. as a teacher,i open your videos from here in the lessons,my prep class have learnt so many words,thank u;)

  4. Eu, sou do Brasil São Paulo,e minha filha de 7 anos assiste muitos vídeos infantil em inglês.Ela conhece as cidades e capitais todas do Brasil,Estados Unidos e agora estamos indo para a Austrália.

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  6. Big small tall short weak strong soft hard fast slow heavy light full empty dirty clean go stop open close push pull wet dry new old up down on off

  7. I think pull and push seen its wrong..the girl push a cart its right but the boy is not pull(पिछे.खिंचना)the cart..both do the same work.

  8. The video is so helpful, I love it. thanks for sharing. Just the background music is too loud, please get down a little bit.

  9. Tall and short
    My father and his big boy are very tall and me too.
    But my mom is stronger than ensar.

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