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English Singsing My Day Wake up! get up get up I get up at 7:00. have breakfast have breakfast I have breakfast. brush my teeth brush my teeth I brush my teeth. wash my face wash my face I wash my face. get dressed get dressed I get dressed. Hurry up! go to school go to school I go to school. take classes take classes I take classes at school. have lunch have lunch I have lunch at the cafeteria. play with friends play with friends I play with my friends. come home I come home. come home do my homework do my homework I do my homework. have dinner have dinner I have dinner. take a shower take a shower I take a shower. go to bed go to bed I go to bed. Good night! review

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  1. I freakin' love you English Singsing! You have videos for almost everything I've been teaching my 3rd graders. Thank youuu!!!

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  4. Very useful lessons, but I would remove ambient sounds during the pronunciation of phrases. It would help kids to hear better new words and phrases. Thank u!

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  6. You are my best chanel, very very good lessons, really really thank you very much for these videos 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤

  7. very beautiful channel. the video very beautiful, so I am practice the channel every day. thanks you.

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