Kids vocabulary – Fruits & Vegetables 1 – Learn English for kids – English educational video

Fruits and Vegetables apple apple I like an apple. banana banana I like a banana. broccoli broccoli I like a broccoli. cabbage cabbage I like a cabbage. carrot carrot I like a carrot. cucumber cucumber I like a cucumber. grapes grapes I like grapes. onion onion I like an onion. orange orange I like an orange. peach peach I like a peach. pear pear I like a pear. pineapple pineapple I like a pineapple. potato potato I like a potato. strawberry strawberry I like a strawberry. tomato tomato I like a tomato.

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  1. Fruits & vegetable, learning nursery rhymes for kids songs & series videos for animation good habits (Kids Children for Vocabulary Learn Friends)

  2. Hi,there. These videos are amazing. Thanks a lot. But one question, Fruits & Vegetables 1 and Fruits & Vegetables 2 are the same.

  3. Some nice visuals in learning about fruit.
    But honestly, you shouldn't be selling /pushing your vids when there are so many mistakes in this,
    and other vids of yours , very common grammar mistakes.
    It's obvious English is not your first language.
    That's creating a disservice to those getting on here to learn correct grammar.

  4. Usually when we talk about things that we like in general we use plurals – "i like peaches, i like apples" , not singular as in this video :/

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  6. "I like a carrot", "I like a cucumber"… these are improper English. Best to proofread your English content before marking it as an educational video! For anyone hoping to learn foods in English, choose another video.

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  8. Fruits & Vegetables

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