100 thoughts on “Kids Try Iconic 90s Candy For The First Time”

  1. 4:11 When she starts talking about the nutrition facts "sodium". I was like wow. These kids know a lot more about nutrients then I did. I feel like their generation are more health conscious. Buzzfeed did another video of 90s snack and the kids started talking about the nutrition. I was like wow.

  2. Every one of these candies are readily available. It's not like they were fazed out or you can't get them anymore.

  3. warheads and crybabies all day got to the point one time where my parents almost brought be to the hospital because my tongue was destroyed and in pain for days

  4. lol this was so fun to watch. 94” baby!! The gum, fund dip and pop rocks were some of my favs. Them warheads…. 😩 Gets you ever time even as an adult lol.

  5. Warheads and popping candy is still at local stores lmao it’s not hard to find I’m surprised they haven’t had these

  6. Warheads: The only sour candy I liked because cry babies weren't sour enough xD who else ate these until they had blisters!?

  7. Make me feel old I ate all of these throughout my childhood and to this day and I was born in ‘02 shiii I still eat fun dip to this day

  8. So BuzzFeed, the only candy from the 90s was the Warheads. All the rest came out way before then. Maybe you should fact check better and not just assume because of your nostalgia.

  9. I love warheads! 😂 I had 5 in my mouth all at once for a dare last year and I died. I have a big container filled with warheads, I used them in my twitch streams for a dare and challenges every day. Even when there’s no dares and challenges, I ended up eating them. My max of eating them is around 3-5 warheads with short minutes of break in between.

  10. "I'd like to be born in the 90's,well then I'd b an Adult now." "Sure why not!?" "Bye Everybody!!!!"…😍🤣😂🥰

  11. Omg I love the littlest one. & I was listening to biggie & lil Kim at her age so 🤷🏽‍♀️ I turned out ok, no kids or BDs lol.

  12. Omg Kennedy is sooooo cute. Her reactions cracked me up. Madison seems so smart reading the label.
    They are all beautiful young ladies.

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