Kids threw rocks at the dog and rescuers… it's time to teach compassion in schools.

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31 thoughts on “Kids threw rocks at the dog and rescuers… it's time to teach compassion in schools.”

  1. This has much less to do with teaching compassion in schools, and far more to do with absolutely garbage humans (and even worse parents) not teaching their children how to behave like they're civilized.

    Absolute disgraceful

  2. when the lady says "so she can feed them but not her?" it sounded kinda shady and why is she yelling at someone that had nothing to do with it?

  3. Compassion should be number one in the curriculum of all schools, even starting with kindergarten, because 'kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see' (Mark Twain).

  4. The kids throwing rocks were probably Hispanic or black. Absolutely disrespectful animals those kids are. Support Trump

  5. im so god dam glad i wasnt there, those rocks would be thrown back at the little bastards, oh n id be aiming for there heads

  6. Set the punk on fire then put it out next tie him to a block throw him in the river and let him drown then revive him cut off his arms throw him in to drown again then revive him and castor ate him and beat him about the head and let him life as a vegetable and torture him every day

  7. Compassion should be taught at home! What are their parents doing?? My kid would be doing some major amends for doing something like that — like having to volunteer at a shelter or rescue. Make the punishment fit the harm done so they actually can learn the right moral values.

  8. Compassion doesn't need to be taught, cruelty is taught. Compassion and kindness are natural things… we live in such a messed up society that generally values treating others badly over being a kind person, and that is sad. I'm so glad there are organizations like hope for paws out there making a difference

  9. Teenage, kids who do that to animals will end up make animal cruelty and later against other humans because they do NOT respect life. That dog was more human then the so called humans that try to harm her. If I saw that , those kids , teen would have been in BIG TROUBLE.

  10. I love the work you people do. The compassion, the love and the patience and kindness shown to these sweet innocent souls is a testament of what humanity needs to acquire more of and get better at. God bless you for the unconditional love and kindness you continue to show.

  11. Us kids are so mean, I swear if I saw them throw rocks at you guys and the dogs they would have a nice beating by me, I'm 4'7 and a teen but I could hurt them.

  12. wth is going on…. My generation was right before the new gen. We had cellphones AND nature. All i know is we would have never thrown rocks at a living thing…. Old abandoned building windows maybe, but def not animals!

  13. I like = 1 of the kids that threw rocks DEAD! i hate them for what they did and who they are. 1 like = 1 death to them! (a very painful one)

  14. Children learn their behaviors from someone someplace at sometime! It is up to Mature adults to show them the better way to act, think, and behave in an academically advanced, Christian founded, responsible, society! Ignorance and a lack of Divine fear, are at the roots of immorality and self centeredness, which causes most who indulge in such poisons to become God haters and haters of good! We all know there is a difference between right and wrong, but these lessons must be taught, beginning with basic moral principles, such as are defined in the Holy Scriptures. Belief in Holy God is an acceptance of a society comprised of moral principles, authority, and rules, to help all of us, live together in an orderly manner. Take just one part of the equation away and the entire formula changes into something else! Holy God has set the best standard for all societies to follow, with measurably positive, recurring, results! Only the fool has said in his heart that he will not follow what works for everyone else, chiefly because he is an anti social fool! And who, in their right mind, would ever trust a fool?

  15. If my friend would trow a rock at a dog i would punch him in the face and say we are not friends anymore.

  16. Wow teenagers are really cruel, I can’t believe that anybody, not just the teenagers could do this to this poor defenseless dog..

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