Kids sell show animal to fund education

challenge, for many families. But kids all across our state — are saving up, early — by
raising and selling farm
animals. KCCI’s Beau Bowman is just back
from the and joins us here in
the studio… Max — I met an ambitious 12-
year-old named Maverick. He’s
saving-up to study engineering
— at Iowa State. He told me —
the hard part — is saying
goodbye, to the animals he raises.  
It’s a lesson you have to learn
at a young age.Even
6-year-old Ryder, here, knows
this hog he’s huggin’ is far
from a pet.Each
year the Wulf family brings
their pigs to the fair. And at
the end of each fair they sell them.
But it also builds the boys’ savings account!COLLEGE! He’s only 12- years-old but has
already racked up 10-grand for
his education! And it teaches him how to use
that money wisely.Which is important because the
pigs they’re raisin’ are far
from being cash cows. The Wulf
family estimates they’ll only
profit about 10-bucks for each
of their 18 hogs.Next
year… Something always in the back of the Wulf boys’ minds … And and on the front page of
their budget book. 
The last of the hog shows end
tomorrow– the last day of the
Iowa State Fair. Live fr

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