Kids science party by Fizzics Education

Hi, my name’s Ben from Fizzics Education. We’re a travelling education company that goes all over Australia to run hundreds and hundreds of science shows in schools and museums. We’ve been running science parties since 2004, hey check them out, they’re so much fun and we know you’ll love them too! 1, 2, 3… When it goes into the hot water it turns white… Shall we make some ice-cream? YES!!!!! Wasn’t that a lot of fun! Those kids had so much fun doing science and we know you guys will too. I’d love you to check out our website at or maybe get in touch with our team. Running science parties is so informative, the kids have an absolute blast we’ve got qualified presenters that can help you out. We’d love to speak with you soon. Any party you can have fun but at a science party you get to learn stuff too. You get to learn all the beautiful things about the world around us and how science is used in the world around us. while having fun at a party. Would you recommend this to anyone else? Absolutely, I’d recommend a science party to anyone um, especially Fizzics Education. I’ve seen them at school holiday shows and things like that and they always do a really good job. My kids keep coming back for more.

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