our parents are sleeping right now you can't actually if I wake her up she's gonna be so mad hey guys so it is the day that we're leaving to go to California we're already when we're back well my mom has to change and my dad's car because we just haven't slept yet I taste like millions of times um I haven't fit so I'm gonna show you guys out but that I'm wearing this jacket this year that I looked in and then I just have these shorts on and I'm gonna be wearing some shoes some sandals there's my dad he's gonna be driving us but he can't go this time cuz it works sharply I need to find my shoes I did it is it alarm salon even after I put the password man nutty okay good no much you're throwing in here where are my shoes the right under the chair set off the alarm for no reason now we just need to wait for my mom to get ready it was kaeleen kendrys my aunt so all the kiddos didn't sleep at all it's currently 3:16 in the morning and we've been awake all day long and we all straighten her hair I straightened everybody's hair I straighten my own hair Emily's hair kendrys hair and Haley's hair because we were bored and we did take stalks and we Wow and we might not film align the hotel room because we're gonna be sharing a hotel room so we don't wanna get the same footage or else you guys don't want to watch it so will mostly film outside and why would we be in the hotel room except that night and we made food last night if you come late Mackay mac and cheese with ABAQUS snack really but you got haven't eaten ramen noodles that were in here that was there only one thing left of ramen noodles and you created where'd they go this will be all but yeah so I'm wearing my all-white MND SI v zakone I'm wearing these like green blue Lululemon leggings and then this grey NYC jacket and my kidding came back such as like I'll show you so what's in our backpack for traveling okay so this is my backpack this is black for Draven kangjun I don't know how to say it and then using this backpack that was going to challenge the mystery tour don't pick the wrong door so right in this pocket I have my ear pods harder and some headphones to go on my phone just in case my ear pods die and this pocket I only have one thing I just have my charger connected to my phone I don't have enough space in my backpack so I mean inside a suitcase and also I forgot clothes and I didn't feel like opening again so I just have stuff in here so I have some shoes I have some shorts to come back in one have to teach options for shorts they're both black Lululemon shorts just different styles so I have shorts to come back in and then I wore my sweatshirt again a tube top I have two skirts they go with these two surprisingly they're both cute though and then I got a hairbrush I have some socks and I have some bathing suits so that's what I have in here these are just some extra outfits I'm going to war one of them today when we get to the hotel because well we can't get checked in too late for 4 o'clock they're like at 10:00 yeah and in my big pocket I just have the things that we need I just have a hairbrush we're gonna bring lots of hair brushes I brought the iPad and the charger because we obviously can't go without the charger I got a straightening iron because I also want to straighten her hair there and I have the rest of the two bags of dynamite that are in there and I've already like almost all eaten but I just have it for the car ride you need breakfast but the correct only in our our progeny a breakfast at the airport and we're gonna get chick-fil-a man star bucks I always get Starbucks it was good to play even though we've only been here at the Reno DB con so yeah let me leave because we're just waiting for the parents to get ready because we've been riding for the past like four hours how are you gonna feel awesome if you don't get the window seat hope we do way back for our way there we are at the back of the plane because last time when we came back from LA the first time we went to VidCon we oh they're making coffee we got the very very back of the airplane which was not so good daddy daddy what's going on with your coffee thing it's like going I think so it's making lots of noises so here's everybody doing her makeup Mama's doing her makeup there in the room and those are you ready to go oh let me turn off the light in my room at the end I put my laptop here because I won't bring this gel any of me without planning we are marching look I know and we never planned that this outfit the only thing is black and she has inside look Emily chilly so gorgeous I love LED hi guys we are in the airport finally it was really fast it's only an hour and daddy laughs already and now yeah they never slept last night I tried Jelani and Caelian candy they went today shaking she won she fell already where is closed they went to the check-in because I could I do the online but an injury was unexpected he wasn't going to come but he ended up coming so they didn't have time to do all their tickets or they haven't finish it yeah so we are here with all the luggage and they win their pillar so we're in their port and I just got my chick-fil-a cuz the usual whenever come into the airport I got any chicken biscuit and then I got hashbrowns and I got your police all cynical they're so good and checked in I love these things okay Ryan you can have some I am Sharon Oh God is never like six oh good kofi time that male is having what speaking in cheese at night me – sure – here is really happening try not listening to sleep in there you didn't get it and sure because you've got to play yeah okay guys so we're in the plane yeah we're the last row see it's the bathrooms right there and a great flight it's five hours into the loss we're all together which is Gucci and I always get the window seat since my favorite seat so we're not watching movies and stuff there's a TV waiting for the over Allison tire I need 69 degrees so feels so good here no like Florida and I say horribly literally all shorts I want to G okay one jacket Amelia slap all the way here because they didn't last mine and I think there is gonna be like 45 minutes to the hotel no no wow we have a huge room with the living room look how cute oh we can buy a snack the conventional center is right there oh good we have a lot of towers I think that you oh wow we have shampoo conditioner and Body Wash I mean your big container as good they knew that there was gonna be lots of people yes okay so we're putting everything away I listen to – no this is for our parents you to underwear so good and this is my main clothes yeah so I keep my clothes one part here and the other one here just the same way that I've green because I don't feel like take everything what they backpack no I have my purse yes let me turn off this we don't need this we are so happy with the room it actually is huge he's better Jelani than the embassy suite that we came last time hundred percent better look we can have brave Fox here look how cute I don't know kendry palmela rubella comic at home we have the fridge I have to do FaceTime to Rafael to show me okay let me find my phone okay to go down to the first floor and get food and then we're gonna go up to the sixth Y to the pool on so yeah we have our bathing suit on and yeah we're gonna go there's no launch time in the sixth floor where the pool is and is for our selves nobody's here look how cute and we're having Caesar salad pizza Aleta mm oh hello PA a panda Yahoo yummy okay guys so we just got back home town after the pool the parents are sleeping Haley took a shower we all changed and we're going to be going to the gym honest explore I want to get food what they don't want yet get food and then I actually got these vans and these socks for a challenge and this was supposed to be the outfit so I'm just need scrunchies to be the whole outfit so now let's go to the gym okay guys so we're hungry well I'm hungry and I want just like cookie pizza tangy found Pizza Hut and there's a pizza hut in our lobby so you can like order it and like have it delivered to your room but our parents are sleeping right now you can't actually if I wake her up she's gonna be so mad we're just gonna feel old mad but it's a mile this to order or we can go downstairs and get it down that way yeah we're so wrong about that but it's not but I we need money it's six dollars so okay I would ask my mom but like she's sleeping and if I wait you're up she's gonna be so mad oh hey honey are we doing it out soon enough okay I'll pay you back when oh wait like in a week oh my gosh no my get back to Florida Alison are you sure we're gonna do it yes okay and if you say now I know I'm literally gonna okay so Kenji is letting us borrow those 20 dollars and we're gonna order this cookie pizza thingy sound like your group okay so that's like I'll tell you the numbers no don't pick it up yet Russell sorry 714 huh 782 707 five are you sure you don't have to do it once you pick up the phone because after you make it I'm gonna ring it I'm I don't think you did that right probably you oh wait here there's a thing for it hi can i order a ultimate Hershey's chocolate chip cookie to like our room oh can we like pick it up okay yeah okay thank you so we have to go pick it up in ten minutes because they can't do whatever live here what time is it yes come with us what can't you drink at all do you need it right now yeah Laura give us five minutes just go back to sleep this is hard to close right there we'll see you guys when we're gonna go pick up we bought a cookie pizza we bought it okay so now we're gonna go downstairs because it is um no it's 356 and it was like ten minutes ago that we called so we are gonna go downstairs now and get our cookie pizza thingy I'm gonna get water for the parents because everything water people know we have 15 there's 15 minutes left is that this girl okay let's go downstairs I'm taking the tripod off of this see now where the elevator at all party and you Jamie's mommy okay so yeah we're here now because elevator goes super fast yeah we're gonna pick it up and we're need some water friend of moms and bye bye my way okay guys so we got the cookie Peaks under this yep we thought it Kenji left us no he wouldn't because they don't even have a key well he's not here so where is he we I won't water so what we're gonna go order oh there you are if it looks i forget the first way since it's mom later okay no I'm getting water let's go let's go upstairs now and show everybody everybody except for me because I'm already ready but they'd have to get ready than watching dinner so everybody we I don't know my a pair dominant but what can trees gonna get to and I'm pretty sure the rest of us are gone okay guys we're ready to go we took we don't know where but we are ready Jelani I mean we took a nap because we were so tired they did something wrong but you never asked for permission okay but you guys didn't pay yes why would you have to ask like you did oh you were sleeping and you would hungry yeah and we don't want you if we woke you up you were in your house no yeah because I'm a monster yes well everybody went wake up on their sleep it's like that so here is my outfit you should go she's hot at that place that the same shoes that I always used a giant laptop and this long thin and I use unchain her out for like 10 times already but her outfit yeah I look how cute Emily looks in her romper from justice and this is from Jersey – she looks so cute we are done town this made in LA for the first time [Laughter] noisy and difficulty on a scientific Emily this is my job now you have your lips silver what you wanna see your lips train your lips this is what this one I really like okay thank you like this one is kill oh you know what look this backpack it's like this it's little let me see one more time I light a rainbow but so we are finally bad I'm gonna say goodnight but we have to pull all this water in the bottle bunch of snacks I got the flamin hot cheeto it's a very big bag and I also got a blue Gatorade and a blue satin itchin ice-cream and Alison got the cheddar chex mix and we got water stay tuned on sister forever because tomorrow me mom can't say no to Alison I thought it's so cold in here like it's freezing but we are going to go to sleep soon well it's only 10:00 but in our time it's like 2:00 in the morning well it's 10:31 right now so in our time in Florida it's 131 so yeah I'm not tired because at this time out I'll be taking a shower to be honest like I got this sweatshirt a and B back you really wanna take off this bra line does it take so undermine I don't know but I'm cold I'm cold so I don't know what we're doing tomorrow because tomorrow is like the first day of VidCon but it's like only registration day do you guys tomorrow

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