Kids on Campus – Educational Summer Camps at Bucks County Community College

Hi, I’m Rick Snyder the Summer Programs Coordinator of the kids on campus program here at Bucks County Community College. I’ve been doing this for a little over thirty years. Kids on Campus is a series of camps and seminars and workshops in a variety of subjects that i think are of high interest to students. Because we have the facilities here on campus our kids are exposed to the latest technology. We’re kinda lucky because we have Tyler State Park as our neighbor and we are allowed to utilize the park. Every one of our workshops is a weekly based program and there are approximately one-hundred and fifty-something programs going over an eight week period that you can pretty much pick and choose your weeks and it gives you flexibility. There’s a number of programs that you’ll see in our brochure and will help you decide where your child will like to be. We try to bring up the latest in the
curricular areas; sciences, the arts, as well as theater and sports. We run a jazz workshop, we run a digital music workshop, we run a recorder workshop for the little guys. The biggest thing going on right now of course is the S.T.E.M curriculum which is the science and technology, engineering and math program. Our instructors are all certified teachers, our camp assistants are all eighteen years old or older and they are involved in education program at their school. Our camps begin at 8:30am for drop off and it runs til 3:30pm. If you need before care or after care, the YMCA sponsors that right here on the campus, so you can drop-off as early as 7:00am and pick up as late as 6:00pm. We have a lunch program here so you can purchase a 5 day or a 4 day bracelet and that will include all your drinks and entrees. Kids on campus is a fully inclusive program. Kids feel pretty good and walk away saying “You know what? I had a pretty good time.” It’s the combination of great instructors, great assistants, a faculty that really helps each other and the fact that the College comes together as a community to make sure we can offer this program we lovingly call “Kids on Campus”.

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