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Before starting I want to request please share this video with a new mother busy homemaker and a working mother who wants to keep their kids away from mobile or t.v. Namaste welcome to food hashtag life and in todays video i am going to share how you can give your child early learning at home in spite of your busy schedule but for that we need proper planning and organization. so in this video i am going to share how you can organize toy cabinet and moreover how to organize leaning toys activities today’s education system is changing, it is following few domains cognitive fine motor and psycho motor i have organized these baskets according to this taxonomy. let’s see how we can organize a learning toy cabinet. in this cabinet i have organized all of my daughter’s learning toys activities. on the first shelf i have arranged books, craft items and family games. on the second shelf i have organized according to weekly basket activity. these three baskets have divided according to days- Monday to Saturday. I have made these baskets at home. it is a very easy diy i will upload a diy video very soon. on the door i have kept one chore chart. you can find similar age appropriate chore chart on google. we always encourage her to do these chores to develop a sense of responsibility within her. and i have organized learning basket activity according to this chart. on this door i have kept a list of questions to ask my daughter how was the school today on the first shelf i have kept books always encourage your child to read books. whenever you get a chance always gift a book. try to tell them bed time stories to develop their imagination ability. on this right section i have arranged family games. when on weekends we do not go out then we play these family games together. i will try to put products links in the description box below if you wish you can check them. and these type of games helps to increase your kids concentration level. and in this basket i have kept similar types of Sunday activities. whenever we get free time we play them around. in this bag i have kept few craft supplies. and in this bag i have kept fishing games related parts fishes, fishing rods etc. i have kept more craft supplies in those corner baskets. these are few craft related book from where we get ideas to make crafts, as you can see cars trains we have made this rocket together. these are all fun activities for kids. through it kids can learn very fast. always try to organize your craft supplies in a single place so that when ever you get time you can easily pull out the basket and start play without wandering and searching, basically with a stress free mind. in this box i have kept kids safe scissor and in this pencil bag i have kept pencil eraser and sharpener on the second shelf i have kept three basket divided according to day. Monday / Wednesday Tuesday / Friday and Thursday and Saturday this basket system always help them to increase their interest and they do not get bored easily. they will be very much interested in all the activities. now lets how i have organized Monday / Wednesday basket. i have kept one writing practice book and one alphabet book one counting activity book. one color identification book with musical toy. musical toys helps to increase your kids sense and imagination power. and one set of puzzle here i want to give you a tip to store puzzle. puzzle boxes are very space consuming. so if you have a small space problem then take out all puzzle and put them in a zip lock pouch by this way if you arrange the puzzle it will help you to save lot of space. one lacing board or card activity it develops fine motor skill or hand-eyes coordination and prepare them to develop early writing skill. along with them i keep scissor and paper cutting activity in Tuesday / Friday basket i use to keep rajma or kidney beans for sensory activity one set of puzzle one alphabet book, kids love colorful books here i have kept one rhymes books with musical tool. one numbering book which will help them to trace and to encourage early writing. and in this last Thursday / Saturday basket here also i have kept similar activities like puzzle puzzles help to develop eye and hand coordination increase concentration increase thought process and memory power. in this bag i have kept magnetic toys or magnetic numbers few magnetic sticks to help them forming words and shapes. also keep interesting or your kids favorite activities for an example we love this ocean hunt book here with the help of this torch you can find ocean creatures or animals. so here is a complete list according to that you can organize your toy basket. so by this way if you follow a learning basket system method you can give your kids an early leaning without stress. in this drawer i have organized all coloring and painting stuff as you can see here she has all her coloring and painting books. crayons are there, kids love coloring we need to encourage them by this way they develop their concentration and imagination power. here i have kept all painting related stuff like painting brush paints try to keep a mat along with paints so if kids do painting the floor or surface won’t spoil easily. after playing and done with activities when it comes for clean up without confusion we never miss any activity you can give quality learning to your kids. and clean up is very easy just because of this basket system. there are few more activity which can include in your regular play like play dough. kids love play dough it has been said that when kids play with play dough it helps to release their stress and they develop their imaginative power another one playing with cars if you let them play with cars on this type of roads you can teach them road safety. another one id cutting fruits through them their wrist gets strong and they can have a real life experience. and if we are talking about technology if you want to give them tablets you can download many useful learning apps from play store. they are useful for phonetics learning but try your level best to keep them away from tablets or mobiles we even can not imagine how dangerous this blue light is. writing boards help kids to learn how to hold pencils it keeps their interest alive. i will put links for all these products shown in this video if you are interested you can check them there. you can leave your questions in the comment section below. if you like the video give it a thumps up and share with your loved ones. 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