[Applause] what's up YouTube it's another day here at all in skate park in Canada and the boys are sending it we've got the brothers trying backflips we got a bunch of other people trying backflips so let's just get straight into it and you know just go full sand or would you want to yeah for sure he just tried it back for just before I fill my phone and this how it went so as you can see the boys are going full send and now we can get some first ever back east for some kids today so thumbs up for the kids and let's see the next attempts we normally wearing a helmet I just came out it arrived but everyone's full setting it so I think it's time to film who's up first remember full commitment full sand boy you got this whoa Becky lazy boy you're right yeah get get into foam I want to see full like I wanted you to spin it fully to foam and then just come straight over and stomp it you send the front slit right now he's got one trying to pump it and he's got it nailed in the bag right now watch out full Sandman what are you doing you're the best rider here you gonna do it I got my homie trying back he's here whoa you're right you're right but you're breathing in you're on come over geez you're tough as nails okay you're right yeah you're hot you'll be right a peek so you might need to Isis your net chin step up you're right if you walk on it you got it Oh champion you put your full sent it I'm proud of props damn dude that's it that was way better you gotta concentrate on holding that scoot on your foot boy yep Wow see what I mean about leaning you flip like we go yes I see oh you're right you went wait you in why earlier though like say in between no you you went too late before and now you're going way too early come come here and watch the footage back I I know I can tell ye the way you smacked your noggin I'm glad you're okay though so now we've done too late and too early now we just go in between those please okay I'm glad you're alright so on that note let's go break for lunch because I don't these kids killing themselves with no energy man that was I'm glad that kids all right Tammy it is snowing so odd I think I think I think Oh once you serve a feeling that's good alrighty we'll finish lunch let's see if Duncan can redeem himself all right sounds good not too early not too late here we go yeah yes that's good that's the first step yeah no chilling yes dude that was it now just commit hey just come in you've done a back flip have a look at this come in yo oh dude you go that's it I want you to what you gonna do is your body will follow your face so make sure you look back the only reason you didn't fully do it just a nice because you looks forward and it stops you okay but I want you to come over here and look at it wave it first of all well done you committed oh you're right that's okay yep done done boy knows it he's stoked to what first back he done and dusted brother done perfect brother yep done breathe easy oh dude that was the best one you've done so far oh yeah boy for the father funny going down oh that's a guy you still did the front flips oh that's so good you gonna get this boy yeah don't that boss man front boy that's it yes house good dude oh are you going you're right oh the whole ready the whole ready boy oh you're right what's wrong you know you're not let's see it's all good straight you're a good brother yep oh you're right this is the one yo-yo there it is that's when we can't we got one sick dude she a mad dog when the feast first-ever fast my front flip yep that's it yes see now you back that's it now you chillin that's right okay she chillin you doing it you back now so just concentrate you can do it every time just like that and then eventually you're gonna get that both feet well done oh good bang that's good yeah I told you you're charging today yeah hold on shut in itself is legendary don't pre-stress that flavor yeah come on boy yo yo oh you're right no way be okay dude you're not just gonna commit remember just go to the phone pit try five times and then you're ready to come back alright everybody's hero feelin all right yo these kids are going full Sun right now it's good to see them send it but I like worried about him so bad by they're all good it runs not injured so we're all sweet little Duncan I'm ready for you brother oh there it is there's the doping flu that's good that me chica try again Oh what you hit your chest just breathe beauty's Chester do you land it hurt Oh your art hey maybe just sit down sit down and lay back for me let it lay down lay down that's it there you go hands up there you go just breathe slowly there you go just calm down there you gonna calm down you all right it hurts but your eyes good boy hey did you press back you know two umbrella Hey eight eight eight eight eight that was sickening yeah oh my Tesco so my camera died and well is dead I was filming my phone and Duncan absolutely bodied himself like forward himself in half like a sandwich check it out oh you're right oh dude you went way too early yeah you should have just killed all my toys you're right though hey yeah okay maybe this week we're gonna drink drink some water you'll be sweet all right this chill door he's all right he's out having a drink of water but um I think now Logan features gonna try a double flare 540 let's check it out yeah those it what 540 double plays Jordan wait wait Rowan my man throwing here just turned into like a puppet man it looked like a drop ventriloquist puppet hey you alright though I'm gonna show the YouTube right now check out this clip of Rowan attempting his second backflip ever man I'm glad you're all right check it out I got one thing the stock of the year I'm gonna give you a sticker but I also got one more thing you weren't it it's nothing special but I guess I've worn it and I've sweat in it it might be a bit stinky but I'm sure you are too so well done man that's good shows courage to be able to do that to the foam pit after – yeah all righty now it is time to go pick up Jordan Clark and he's gonna be in the rest of my videos from the end of this week so should be pretty interesting cos obviously he's not injured I don't think and he's wanting to send a triple flare so fingers crossed I can film that well let's go pick him up and CEOs film you're among lean hey gone brother been traveling for 21 hours playing brew yeah it's a heavier screwed over yeah boy what's up YouTube it's the next day it is the day of the little meet-and-greet with me and Jordan sly this bunch of kids here putting this little guy hi you might remember him who's in my I lost his video but um pretty much today I'm gonna preach this video here we're gonna film a whole new video today if Jordans riding and he's shredding and I'm gonna give him to ride the lighter scooter in the world see what he can do on it see how easy he can trick it and see if it's scooter stands up to it and like stays together and doesn't Bend doesn't break like everyone expects it to basically just through bit but I hope you enjoyed this video the kids absolutely sent it so make sure you expect that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video and subscribe obviously if you haven't already but I'll see you my next video I wish it right here well let's end it with a trip from Jordan you


  1. It's weird to say throw ur head back..cause I'm a gymnast and my coach yells at us for throwing our head back wards😂😂😂😂

  2. 12:23 he flexed his whole leg beside his head omg I hope he is okay tough as nails

  3. 11:20 I slipped no you went to early 5 seconds later I slipped, Ryan in his mind NO YOU WENT TO EARLY!

  4. encouraging kids to hurt them self. asian kid almost broke his shin. one kid landed on Handel bars in his chest, could have broken ribs, clearly winded. The fact this dude can only say " are you ok?" over and over again to these kids. instead of putting down the fucking camera running over to them and making sure they are actually ok. not to mention the one kid who fucking slammed his head into the fucking ramp. drink some water, you dont have a concussion !!!! wtf dude. your a horrible influence. where is the onsite medic team for this shit. you know these kids can legit become crippled or even paralyzed and this dude is ok with that shit. just like " drink water, your spin will be fine." wtf

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