Kids in India are Learning with Google Earth & Local Guides

India has about 40% of its population who are very young so that would be around 400 million so these children are in schools in various grades so we need to make sure they’re all learning the world report says that by 2020 India will have the youngest population we need to make sure that’s an educated qualified population that we have ILP stands for India Literacy Project ILP is basically enabling children to get access enrollment retention to schools which is the fundamental right through the government system that’s what ILP does work with the community work with the government make sure the schools are all functioning and children are learning well in these schools you see Google Earth turned out to be a great tool for us to teach there was a recent survey that was done nationally and it was found that 42% of the children could show on a map the state where they lived what the teachers loved about this is this is the most interactive class they have because they put it up there and then if it’s a Taj Mahal the kid is able to walk through Taj Mahal and all the kids go wow [Music] my name is Dorothy and I’m studying architecture currently and I’m a local guide here in Delhi I think it’s great being able to connect people share what we are feeling what we are experiencing moving through these spaces and other people are able to experience it monuments are the remnants of who we are and how we thought and how we lived so I think it’s really important for future young generations to know how it all started [Music] a lot of the students asking me after the class also mom I want to go to that place so kindly please sit with me and teach me how to go there loud with smart classrooms we are young jolly learning this seeing that fun videos is very interesting the Cleopatra Baroness lapel Karina and I love particles remember free there in Allah neither epi not even they use her school is about building a curiosity for learning and a love for learning that will last a lifetime [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Awesome video guys. Iam proud to be local guide. Thoamba kushi aytu. Thoamba Dhanayeavadagallu😇😇😇😇

  2. After seeing the video , I am very proud to be a local guide . thankful to google that only using our mobile we can help everyone…love to being a part of this comunity…greeting from India..

  3. Local guides मै हूँ इसकी बजेसे नये नये जगह जोड रहा हूँ

  4. From Next month.. My contribution as local guide will be accountable.. at least one new place per month..

  5. I'm feeling very proud to be a Local Guide Level- 7. And I want to help more 'N' more people by clicking more photos across India and also providing more accurate information about places & things.

    Greetings from Jharkhand, India.

  6. Level 7 local guide from Ahmedabad, india….

    It is not possible to show Google Local guide Badge at everywhere…?
    As we show it on our map profile it also be shown at every Google product…

    What you think guys….?

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us and thanks for the same thing to make me realize that local guides are doing great work

  8. Hello Google Map!!!

    I am Level 7 Local Guide in google Map. I find Google map as the most helpful app among all Applications on this planete.
    I always Add photos relavent to respective Place, Editing correct informations, Add Place, Give Answers to Questions. But Sometimes it went pending since long time. How it happens?

  9. I am from madhyapradesh, Singrauli district… I went to see few govt schools.. Very pathetic situation here… In extreme heat (40 to 45 degree) no fan in the schools… And there dilapidated old building for running school….children go there mainly for food provided there… Some good teachers I found there… But they cry about the irresponsibility of the govt in providing basic amenities for this future of madhyapradesh Citizens. I feel jealousy over Thailand govt and Delhi govt… Who are really caring the future generation….

  10. Wow!! Fantastic job.. Thanks to Google Earth Maps guides doing wellness and I am also sharing what I can.

  11. காசிஸ்ரீ முனைவர் நா.ரா.கி. காளைராசன் Krishnan says:

    Thanks to Google Earth for helping the kids in India to learn more with Google Earth. I have performed Patha Yathra from Rameswaram to Kasi (Varanasi) in 2014 and in 2015.

    Further, I have performed Pathya Yathara for Six Murugan Temples in 2016 and in 2017.

    I am sharing all photos taken by me on my way in Google Map. Thankyou Google Map and Google Earth.

  12. My blood group is O+ ……and my work is providing help to lot of people of the earth……… I am local guide from Punjab (India)

  13. Oh WOW! This video seems to be totally shot/based off of Chennai. Amazing! Proud to be a Local Guide from Chennai!

  14. Wow.. Seeing Google Local Guides Team in my native state, Tamilnadu is making me feel proud being a Local Guide.. Thanks for this awesome video. Happy Local Guiding. 🙂

  15. Hi Team Local Guides, It will be great if you can provide 360 cameras after reaching certain level in Google Local Guides system. On many occasion I wish I had a 360 camera. A simple easy single shot can give kids like this or any other place a wholesome view. Its hard clicking 30 pictures at a touristy places without cutting few heads in panorama 🙂

  16. imagery project will certainly help children learn faster and retain in their memory for a very long time. Congratulations.

  17. very good effort by Google Earth. I am willing to share. I will add more and more information of the places i visit. hari om

  18. India helps other in their need .and India is the greatest country. the ceo of google is also Indian.with out indian intelligence the world is nothing

  19. Can you please feature
    This. I am from chennai a local guide of level 7 and want to create a community with proper communication and help each other to work properly and make map more easy. Thank you.

  20. I m also a logal guide and now at level 10
    Plse support prome my youtube channel plse

  21. Hi, My Name Is Niraj Pathak I Am Google Local Guide @ Level 7. With Master Fact Finder And Master Reviewer.

  22. It's a matter of pride to be a part of google local guide community. I love to explore new places and helping people.
    A happy 9 level local guide from india. 😊

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