Kids Education Yes holds annual meeting, reflects on state of education in GFPS

education yes also known as key held their annual meeting this past week for present and future supporters of public education and Great Falls for the last year key is really deciding that we don’t feel like we really understand what the mood of the community is key is an advocacy group that looks at how public education can be supported in the community this past year key conducted a community survey to access the feelings toward public education he found that 91% are pro education but they also came to understand that the community does not recognize the funding needs of public education system including levy bonds when we look at the cuts that have occurred over the last ten years we are seeing a tremendous impact on students on teachers and on businesses and the key group is looking to really share those stories with the community and help people to become more aware of what youth cuts really are doing everyone who attended the meeting was asked to write a story of the successes and failures they’ve seen in public education including how the cuts affected students

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