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Today I’m going to show about kids computer
game. Kids computer apps is really amazing for ur
baby who like to play game at android phone. So what is good thing of this game? This game good thing is if u give to ur child
this game for play so that they can learn ABCD, A to Z word writing, 123, 1 to 20 word
writing etc. many thing. But u know maximum child play time wasting
game and from that they can’t learn anything but this game give ur child something for
learning. So let’s see how to use this apps. 1st download
this apps from Google play store and download link u can find in this video description. Then open this game then click play. Here u can see many thing. I just showing u something with example then
i hope u can able understand to ur child how to use this game and how he or she will learn
something from this game. Ok 1st one is. ABC i just click on ABC then here u can see
A to Z button a computer. Now think ur child learning ABC so i think
ur child already know what is A and what is B and what is C bla bla bla. then tell ur
child just press a button u can see here word that is a for apple then tell ur child press
b then u can see b for ball try this all step by step. Now i showing u 2nd option here u can see
A_PLE so click on this, in this option u can find out some word with dash so tell ur child
fill the dash. This option is for something advance if ur
child know many basic word then ur child can do this correctly or u can skip this option
at this moment and try another option. Ok another option is Letter click on this
option here u can see some word that is very common thing so every word will be show on
computer screen and in the keyboard u can see four bottom for press what is right. I am pressing for u some example. Ok another option is 123. This is really amazing. Think ur child writing 1-20 in English so
he or she can write 1 2 but sometime he or she cant write with correctly so this this
option will help ur child. Example, if ur child want to write in English
15 then just press on the keyboard 15 here u can see fifteen spelling. Ok now next option is number suppose ur child
now can write 1-20 in English so he or she can improve 1-20 spelling by this option. Like here u can see a word that is will show
randomly now in this screen word press button from keyboard correctly just it. Next option is count here u can see something
on screen and then count down how many thing on screen then just press on the keyboard
with correct number. Ok next option is ON1. Open this and u can see some word with multiple
dash and fill all dash with correctly. Ok now next option is something really nice
for color knowledge. Here ur child can see some common thing and
can know that common thing is actually which colors. And if ur child like drawing then i think
he or she will like this option. Okay this is all about kids computer game
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