Kids Colors Learning Toy SPIDERMAN Toys Robot and HULK Robot Toys

Go Spiderman Wow Spiderman toy robot and Hulk toy robot who’s gonna win boom? Hey Dino pals, this is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise we have today There’s a blue door orange door green door purple door red door Spiderman gets to go first. Spiderman, what color do you like? I like this orange door Let’s open up the orange door. Open Sesame Spiderman open the door. Let’s get the toy Whoa, we got a blue spiderweb This blue spiderweb is for this awesome spiderman. Well, spider-man looks super super cool And this is where the blue spiderweb goes Look boys and girls there’s zombies Awesome job Spider-man roll back got a toy. No, it’s huh robots. Turn. He’s so awesome. Oh to open up a door Hulk light scream Open Sesame Wow, there’s a green toy just like home super awesome And this little Hulk has a really big Hulk and it’s just as big as the robot Now it’s spiderman robots turn spiderman robot there’s still a blue door orange door purple door and red door What color do you like? I like blue. One, two three Open Sesame Well, what toy did spider-man get This Captain America is awesomely special because he got his awesome Captain America eraser His racer is blue with red tires, and he’s going super fast Helicopter propeller let’s go captain Oh, there’s dr. Doom. There’s bad guys. Don’t worry Captain America’s here. One, two, three go super awesome Now it’s Hulk’s turn again, huh? What color do you like? My friend? Spider-man is red. So I’ll choose this red door. Wow we got a Hulk fidget spinner green just like Hulk one two three spin Well Hulk is using the frigate spinner – now it’s spider-man robots. Turn again. What color do you like spider-man? I Like this orange color one, two three Open Sesame Well, what toy did spiderman get Super cool spider. I got a special red fidget spinner with super awesome lights. One, two, three go For awesome. This is super cool Just like spider-man go Spidermann Wow, spider-man is using the fidget spinner super awesome Spiderman robot and Hulk robot both got a lot of awesome surprise toys and they’re still the purple door left. What toy is behind the purple door one, two three Open Sesame Wow Captain America fidget spinner. So awesome. Let’s give this fidget spinner a super spin. That’s so cool boys and girls. spinner it Captain America so fun time for spider-man and hello surprise toys Which door do you want to open spider-man? Let’s see I like the green door 1 2 3 Open Sesame Wow, we got a red spiderman egg surprise Wow This is a red spider-man egg 1 2 3 open Because he drives the awesome spiderman car. Wow, so awesome The spider-man car looks so cool It’s red and blue and even has helicopter wings Wow, it can fly and go really fast. Look out boys and girls It’s the bad guy. Rhino and Joker. Don’t worry. We have spiderman Let’s go spiderman Awesome, spiderman you’re the best now you get to open a door and get a spider-man egg surprise Let’s go to the blue door Well, we got a green spiderman egg Wow, this is awesome 1 2 3 open Well, we got another spider-man Spiderman has really big green shoes. Gets to wear the super awesome Jungle web launcher, let’s wear it. And here’s the blue spiderweb. We can put it right here And look there’s the bad guy Doctor Octopus. Let’s go spider-man one, two, three go awesome job boys and girls Spider-man what door do you wanna bet? I like purple. Let’s open up the purple door for spider-man Open Sesame Cool we got a purple spider-man any surprise one two, three, okay Awesome. We got another spider-man superhero. This is Spider Gwen. She’s so cool She a spider girl with the white spider suit and she works with spider-man to stop the bad guys Well, she got venom so cool he wears a black spider suit He’s got a long tongue and sharp teeth. Oh Now you get to open up the door to I like Red Open Sesame Well, he got another spider-man toy cool. This is black cat. She’s cool And she’s friends with spiderman. There’s only one more orange door left one two three open Well, we got another spider-man so cool. This is scarlet spider Now let’s open up this one it’s an awesome Hulk toy surprise egg Cool we got a little Optimus Prime. He’s so cool Optimus Prime is the leader of the transformer team. He can transform into a big red truck He’s super cool, and he is really really strong He’s friends with hot rod and he always stops the bad guys like Megatron go Optimus And then we have this super cute Disney Princesses, okay We got two Disney toys we got Disney Elsa and her cute friend. Oh this is baby, Elsa and a little snowball Carrot nose cute Ice cream she can make it snow. Wow, that’s so cold Spiderman toys next There’s Spiderman and there is his sidekick spider Quinn, here we go one two three open We got two spiderman toys. The first one is this spider-man bad guy venom Wow, it is wearing a black suit. He’s got really sharp teeth, Chuck you Venom is a bad guys. Sometimes he’ll team up with spider-man – Scarlet Spider Man Scarlet Spider Man is red with the blue t-shirt and he’s part of the spider-man team together The spider-man team is super strong black. This is an Iron Man surprise egg Ironman is the teacher of spider-man. What toy we get again? Wow We got a super cool Hulk toy. This is Green Hulk He’s super strong and he’s doing a Hulk slam because he is the amazing avenger Hulk. No, let’s open up this one. It’s a super cool Batman rocker Guys Who did we get This is so fun Well, we got the amazing flash. Flash is a Justice League superhero He’s red and yellow with lightning bolts because flash can run super fast And this is a flash rocker so he can spin super fast. Watch this one, two three spins Wow so fun now, let’s open another surprise toy. How about this one? Well, super cute. It’s pretty cat. This is surprise Well, we got a pink little kitty. This pink Kitty Here’s her little tail. She has purple strips? And she’s holding a yummy yummy cupcake. This is a purple cupcake I wonder what flavor it is, and this kitty is a keychain well and this toy Wow, you get a lot of dr. Seuss’s toys Here we go super fun, we’ve got this red little fox this fox has a really big nose Do you like to read the dr. Seuss books? They’re super funny, huh? Now let’s open up this one. It’s the gardens of galaxy Super you can even get Gamora Drax and Star-lord to so fun. They’re part of the adventures team. Let’s open this up Awesome we did it boys and girls. We got Groot. I am Groot. Ah It’s a super cool tree It has branches and leaves that can grow and he’s really strong and he has a friend. That’s a raccoon Who also really likes to play video games you like to play video games just like Groot. I am Groot haha Next let’s open up this surprise toy Cool. I see Simba Mickey and Minnie and Buzz Lightyear. This is a Disney collection Super fun which toy we got. Whoa, we got be nice Super cute. He’s a big white giant robot. He’s awesome. He’s up with Hiro You can put your keys on the Toy The best we got Hulk buster he loves so so cool He’s red and gold and this is the suit that Iron Man wears when he wears it He’s just as strong as the amazing Hulk Who do you think is stronger Hulk or Hulk buster? I think they’re both super strong. Let’s go to vendors we have Superheroes one two three focus We got Joker and Harley Quinn Harley Quinn’s nickname is Harley. This is Joker. He’s wearing a purple suit and he’s got green hair Harley is wearing a clown suit. That’s red and black and she’s got a Batman but don’t worry today. We have Hulk and spider-man They will stop the Joker. Thanks for watching. Dino pals. You guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club

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