Kids and Young Adults Should Grab Education Now!

Too hard to read and only can understand some words in the article. When I was kid, I used to play all the
time and neglected Education. Now I am old I am learning new words now. I want go to college and able to work. But,
I can’t because I must study G.E.D. First ugh. OK, I am going to check my old books
to see if I can learn something. Books had been sitting on the shelves too long because
I never able to understand words and read books. I have to learn and study. I am taking one book
with me to read and going back to my desk. I have to use dictionary all the time and
learn new words. I will practice and practice. My skills is too low. I cannot understand anything. This book is good and maybe easier for me to read this book. Finally, I am learning now. I can understand words better now. Who did stole my book! My books are gone in my shelf! Who? No! No! No! Where is my books! They
are gone! Who did steal my all books? I want learn now! I am stuck! I am going to find out who did
this! I am so mad now! (Woman in Black Shirt) I did steal the books. (Evil Laughter) I
did stand front of her, Shery, I grabbed the book! I am stealing all books because I do not want her to learn!
I want see her suffering with lack of education! Too Bad! Because She chose to play all the time and
ignore teacher. It is her fault! I enjoy making her suffer and will continue do that to her! (Pointing at Woman in Black Shirt) Now I can see you, woman in
black shirt! Now I am angry and want kill her! No! (Scared) Now Shery can see me! (Run)

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