Kid playing with toys Lego Duplo Number Train

What you want today? What toy you want today? What is your pick of the week? This one. That one? That looks cool! What is it? It’s a Lego Choo Choo Train. A lego Choo Choo train? Why do you want this? Because I like it. Is it fun? Does it look fun? Okay ready to go home and play with it? Uh Huh. Okay let’s go. this LEGO DUPLO learn to count ages one
and a half to 5. 31 pieces. Are you ready to open this? Are you excited? Yea? What is this? It’s a Lego. Lego what? Lego Choo Choo Train. Can you count these numbers for me. Show me. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Where’s 10? Good boy, and how old are you? 3. Okay let’s open and see what’s inside okay Oh what’s that? It’s all the legos All the legos? Okay. What else does it come with? There’s a letter on it really? uh huh What else is in there? Let’s open it I see a yellow thing What yellow thing? I see a white thing. Okay take it out. I think it’s a dog. Oh really? open it, let’s see. I’m trying to get the dog. It’s dog! Oh yea you’re right, it is a dog! What else is in there, let’s take it all out. Did it come with instruction? What number is that? L. Turn it this way. 1. 1 yea I don’t know what’s this number? Let me see what number is that do you know? 5 Okay, let’s see what else is inside. Oh instruction? Uh huh It’s a cover. A cover? This is just for the other lego. Let’s see if it comes with instruction. Is there anything else inside? What else is inside? What’s that piece? a wheel. More wheels? Let’s open to see if there’s instruction so we could put the pieces together. okay Oh the last one. Okay what’s the last piece? No instruction? I guess we would just use to cover as a guide we just have to use the cover at the
guide if there’s no instruction for the lego duplo number train okay there’s more okay what do you think we need first. How are you going to put this train together? Connnect it. You want to connect it? Oh wow What are you making? I’m making a choo choo train we have enough so you want to make this choo choo train right here? What do we need first? What piece is this? A wheel Let’s find that now which one we need now? we need the red thing. okay let’s open and find the red thing. Let me help you open it. Open it. It’s in this one Do you know where the pieces go? That one goes right there. Can you find that green top? Put that one top can you do it? Oh it can’t connect like this. Turn it around Where which way? Turn this around Like this. Then you need this red thing right here. Can you find it, do we have it? Now put it I found this too How to connect this thing turnaround like this and this goes right here put this on Put we need to put the man in there first Okay put him inside he need to sit down can you put him down? do you need help? You got it? Now can you put that on top of the train? okay what else. What number is that. Number 1. Let’s go find 1 I like this train. I’m glad you like it Open the dog next? Just like the cover? Are you having fun so far? Is this fun? Let’s finish the train. So I have number 1. Then what else? 2 . Can we find number 2? where is number 2? What about this one? Is this 2? Is this number 2? Yea. What’s after number 2? three Can we find 3? Where’s 3? 2 3, what’s next? 4 okay where’s 4? what’s after four 5. Where is 5 we don’t have 5. Are you sure? What about this one? What is this? 5. Is this 5? here is 5 what’s after 5? 6. Yea let’s find 6 What’s after 6 What’s this number? If you turn this around this is number 9. 9! is that the same? Is it 7? What’s after 7? 8 Let’s go find 8 so we have 1 can you count for me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 now we’re missing number 10. Where’s 10? 10. How do we build that 10? so we need the bottom piece? What’s color is the bottom piece? green can we find that green? so we got the number, can you put the 10 on top okay which way. Which way you think. Try to match it with the box oh this way. Yea like that Put this on top too. Is that right? Let me see It’s almost right Am I right now? Can you put it more in the middle? Put it goes right here? Oh is that not the middle? You just can’t see it but it’s the middle what’s on top of the 10 what’s on top of the 10 these. Can we find those pieces? found it is this the same? Yea that’s exactly the same This is not the same, yea not the same color. You can use any piece you like I like green and blue okay There you go, it looks the same it goes on top here? Sure you can put it on top if you like There you go. You are done Oh what about this piece right here? Do we have that piece on top of 7 8 9? There you go That’s wrong I am right now? Yea you are done Let’s push your choo choo train around. Can you push it around uh huh weeeee. Was that fun? Was that fun for you? Do you like the train so far? Uh huh So what do you think of this toy? It’s nice You like it? Can you push your train around? It’s going to go here later. Can you push it around so it could go there? It’s fast The train is so fast See you next time

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