Kid Geography Expert Nate Seltzer Is Back!

– Hey Nate, how are ya? – Good. – It’s good to see you again. Okay. Say, “It’s good to see
you again too, Ellen.” – It’s good to see
you again too, Ellen. – Oh thanks. That’s so sweet of you to say. So you beat Andy in
the game you played. How’d that feel? – Good. – Yeah, I bet. You posted it on Instagram. When you said, “You
like my trophy?” – Mm hmm. – Yeah, that’s right. You were rubbing it in his face. Look at that. So we gave you some cheese balls
the last time you were here. Did you eat all of them? – We gave most of
them to our friends. – Oh that’s nice of you, because
we gave you a lot of them. You didn’t keep
any for yourself? – I did, I kept one of
them and licked it clean. – OK. Let’s talk about this. You made something for me,
because I gave you some LEGOs. And you made this. This is amazing. So this is my set. This is the Ellen show. – Uh huh. – Right? Let’s face this way so
everyone can see it. So where am I? Right here? Do I have a helmet on? – Right there. – OK. Tell me why I’m
wearing a helmet. – Because you went to
the race car store. – How come? – I don’t know. I just wanted to make it. – So I went to the
race car store, didn’t have time to
take the helmet off before I started the program? – Yes. – And this is the audience? – Uh huh. – That’s great. Who am I talking to? – Me. – Oh this is you. – We couldn’t find hair. – OK. OK. That’s fantastic. That’s so good. That’s really good. You really did make this? – Mm hmm. – It’s really good,
you’re very talented. OK so let’s show everybody
what you’re really really… You’re, this is impressive. So I’m going to show you… This is a grid of a city. And you’re going to tell me what
city and what state this is. – Los Angeles. – This is Los Angeles. You know that everybody,
when you look at that grid. Alright. And, What is this? – Candy. – What is this? – Kandy. – Kandy, where’s that? – Sri Lanka. – Yes. – And, it kind of
looks like underpants. Get it? Look. Get it? Now do ya? Now do ya? – Sure. I do. So that’s Sri Lanka, right? And then this is? – Chicago. – This is Chicago. How do you know these things? How can you tell that’s Chicago? Because I actually peeked. – What? – I peeked. – Oh. [LAUGHTER] – Well that’s, that’s really
great that you’re being honest. But, the whole point
is that you see.. OK, I’m going to
go way down here. What’s this? – Maputo. – Where is that? – Mozambique. – I mean come on. OK? Where is this? – Transylvania. – Where’s that? – Romania. – Ah. Oh, God. Where is this? – Sofia. – Sofia? – Bulgaria. – Yes. – Where’s this? – Wellington. – Wellington. – In New Zealand. How do you know
this is Wellington? – Because it has
a W, right there. – Well, that gives it away. Alright. Where is this? – Canberra. – Yeah, in Australia. – Yes. – How do you know that? – Because… – Oh that right there, OK. And this is? – Cordoba. – Spain, yes. And this is? – Harrisburg. – Pennsylvania. – Uh huh. – Yep. And this is? – Walla Walla, Washington. – Walla Walla, Washington. And where is this? – Springfield, Illinois. – And how do you know
it’s Springfield? – Because there’s a dragon. – You’re amazing. All right. You’re incredible. You’re just so smart. I got you a gift. Look what I got. – LEGOs! – Look at all that! – LEGOs!

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