26 thoughts on “Kiai Master vs MMA”

  1. Existem sim verdadeiros mestres em artes marciais, aqui no Brasil tem vários, em karate, aikido, jiujitsu, taekwondo etc, mas esse ai é um charlatão, um farsante das artes marciais…

  2. Master Meets Amateur … Amateur Mauls Master … Master learns first lesson the only way .. respect to you both …

  3. i wana learn mma… but i wana do it bas rutten style… only slaps .. no punches, being raised in a indian family.. my mom slapps me till this day and im 31… slapping style mma for indians!

  4. That guy got failed to activate his chi because he has been trying to use it in real combat. His chi is only useful on the dream world.

  5. Master of stupidity! could knock out hundred of people without touching hahahahahahahahah, and he knew that cheating, still accept the fight
    He redefine "stupid"

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