KhoeKhoegowab Lesson No:1

good afternoon viewers I am just now the doses I'm from Olivia and today I'm going to present you cocoa co-op this is my first lesson my name is Gabriel crisp I'm 23 years old and I'm a teacher by profession in Namibia at a school called bonkers prawn primary school today I'm here to explain to you my language it's a very unique language spoken by Namibians the queer queer Namibian which you make use of for click sounds it's a special language that which had four click sounds the end then today I'm going to introduce to you the four click sounds in my language the first click is the first click is the second click is second click is the third click is the third click is and the last click is and in once if I used it all click sounds I can form a sentence and it sounds like this theme that means let's go to Danes in him vodka in boom Rocca simple too much

50 thoughts on “KhoeKhoegowab Lesson No:1”

  1. I get pissed when they say its Nama Language, Nama Means Foreign in KhoeKhoegowab the Language is a native Damara Language. Get it right. You can easily Spot a Nama buy their Last Name,
    Their Last Name have no meaning in Khoe-Khoegowab but they are claiming it, pronouncing everything Wrong and most of the times dont know a Meaning of the word because they are Foreigners

  2. How early can children learn these 4 sounds? I doubt that I could EVER pronounce 3 of them… Wonder if Trevor Noah can!

  3. Welsh is an easy language to learn because it's full of short words like Llanfairpwllgwyngylchgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch!

  4. My favorite movie as a kid was The Gods Must Be Crazy and I always thought the !Xoo language was made up and they inserted the ! sounds in post.

  5. You are great, but your language is impossible to learn 😂. Greetings from Italy. We have only / which means "no". 🤗🤗🤗

  6. I can try:
    / ("ts" with tongue sticking)
    ! (strong "tong" sound)
    # (strong "ta" snapping sound)
    // (snapping side of tongue: My difficult one).

    When forming a sentence, OMG. It's hard.

  7. It's an amazing language))) I've watched this video many times because I'm delighted with this strange sounds. In my country we use the first one "/ " to show that we are disappointed or angry. But other 3 are harder.
    So fabulous to see that we are different, that the world is so wide :))

  8. Those sounds are pretty hard to distinguish, for beginners. Thanks for the lesson. It was informative and clear.

  9. Damn it! If I practice this daily it will take me months to master this.. I must learn how to speak this before I die. It's only easy if you are not from those significant parts of Africa. The name of the channel is merely a marketing strategy, how many people will be deterred if the name was "Difficult Languages"? lol

  10. This language is amazing! So interesting that they grew up with this and can easily pronounce everything yet I cannot even come close to matching their skills. Learning any language that isn't your own is tough. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

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