Key Historical Concepts in Holocaust Education: Race Doctrine

Nazi racial ideology was a supposedly scientific theory that divided the human race into separate races,
by hierarchical order. Based on Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection, this ideology relied on common theories prevalent in Europe since the 19th century. Darwin theorized that attributes in various animal species or specimens make them better adapted for survival. The Nazis, like other contemporary racists, applied Darwin’s theory to humans dividing them into separate races: The “master race,” including Germans and Scandinavians; and “lower races,” including the Slavs – Poles, Russians and Czechs. Jews were perceived as an “anti-race” to the superior Aryan race, thus excluded from this hierarchy. Nazi ideology claimed that the master race was destined to control Europe, while keeping the lower races in servitude. According to this worldview, the Aryan master race, termed “culture creators,” had good and pure qualities, the lower races were termed “culture bearers,” whilst the Jews were “culture destroyers.” The characteristics and abilities of any race were seen as inherent and hereditary, thus racial purity had to be preserved
by preventing the mixing of Aryans with lower races or with the Jewish anti-race. Such a mix would destroy the master race and bring about the destruction of humanity.

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  1. Aryans are only found in Hindu India. Germans were no Aryans. Nazi Germans were thieves who stole an Indian ethnic-religious identity.

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