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Are you seeing this friends? There’s no space for me.. set up my tent. Well, you know what? I think I need to find another planet. No. Nah. Not working. Hey. What’s this? Well, this is Kepler 452b. Earth’s older cousin. Come on guys, let’s see what it is. Zoom in! Scientists from NASA sent a space telescope
called Kepler.. find Earth-like planets, in space. And guess what? They have just discovered a planet
that is closest to Earth. The planet’s name is Kepler 452b. Which is part of the Kepler 452 system. And do you know why is this
planet so important? Because it has a lot of space for me,
to put up my tent. It is believed that Kepler 452b.. 1.5 billion years older than the Earth. It is 60% bigger.. ..and is believed that it could
support life. Amazing, isn’t it? Do you see that? Well, that is Kepler 452b’s parent star. Just like the earth’s parent star,
the Sun. This star hasn’t been named, yet.. ..but it is quite similar to our Sun. Only a little bigger. It is believed that Kepler 452b.. ..could have a lot of
active volcanoes. Whoops. Also, it takes about 385 days.. ..for this planet to complete 1 revolution
around it’s parent star. Quite close to the time taken by Earth.. complete it’s revolution
around the Sun. Based on Kepler 452b’s orbit,
position and size.. is believed that water.. ..either exists on it or
might have existed. Trivia Time. Gravity on Kepler 452b will be
twice as much.. it is on earth. The distance between Earth and Kepler 452b.. .. is 1400 light years. So what you need to do now.. wait for a spaceship to take
you there.. ..and me too. This is me zooming out. Tune in next time for some more fun facts.

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  1. This seems strange to me. So one minute, they're saying it could support life, making it sound like some kind of new home, and then they go on talking about how inhospitable it is? I mean, two times earth's gravity? Tons of active volcanoes? It doesn't sound like a place worth living on, assuming that were possible as of now. Or does that mean that it might have life on it? I don't know. Have scientists gotten a good look at it yet? Because if not, how can they make these speculations?

  2. Ok kids. The fact is that you won't see that spaceship in your lifetime that can take you to that planet.

  3. I just love it …… I tells me so much about the planet and many other topics. I am one of your subscribers………… I like the song ,zoom in zoomin' out that's what I say throughout

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