Kenneth E Hagin – Supernatural Knowledge and Wisdom – The Spirit of Knowing & Seeing

you could open your Bibles again tonight where we were at last night anybody know where that was that's in the 12th chapter of first Corinthians as I said to you the Spirit of God has been saying and our holding those meetings over and over again the spirit of knowing and the spirit of seeing will be in manifestation and a greater measure than what you've ever seen before Alleluia well I knew when he said that of course that he's talking about the revelation gifts the word of wisdom word of knowledge and discerning of spirits and so it seemed good to the Holy Ghost praise God that we should renew our thinking at this particular time along these line 4 to 1 in the 12th chapter first Corinthians 8th verse 4 to 1 is given by the spirit the word of wisdom to another the word of knowledge by the same spirit in order further down in the list to another discerning of spirits we were noticing last night are looking up biblical illustrations where the word of knowledge was manifested well the Holy Ghost is the same today as he always was he'll manifest himself today just like he always did amen if we will expect him and if we will covet these things the word that God said to desire spiritual gifts covet earnestly the best gifts amen hallelujah we noticed of course from second Kings a sixth chapter that the word of knowledge was manifested to warn a king of an enemy's plan of destruction we noticed from first Kings 19 chapter the word of Lord would word of knowledge was manifested to enlighten and encourage a discouraged servant alive do you remember we left off with 2nd Kings a 5th chapter in the 26th verse where the word of knowledge was manifested to expose a hypocrite gaze I Elijah service you remember ran after naman and lied to him and and he said my spirit went with you my heart or in other words my spirit went with you when the man turned again sometimes the word of knowledge that is that way I pastored for 12 years sometimes I'd get up to preach and suddenly I found myself in the spirit over in another town I saw members of my church I saw what they did I saw how they had sinned God didn't do that you know so to condemn them but try to restore them if they want to be restored can you say Amen well thank God for the Holy Ghost but then again notice now from we'll pick up where we left off last night see we covered that ground so I'll not go over to get but in the fourth chapter of John's Gospel you remember the fourth chapter of the Gospel according to Saint John and you remember here that Jesus asked this woman of Samaria you know for drink amen and so he said Jesus said in the thirteenth verse jesus answered and said unto her whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again talking about the water that she came to draw but I notice but whosoever drinketh the water of life with the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life the woman said unto him give me this water that I thirst not neither come hither to draw jesus saith under go call thy husband and come hither the woman answered and said I have no husband jesus said unto her thou has well said I have no husband for thou has had five husbands and he whom thou hast is not thy husband now just cause you lived with somebody don't make him your husband he said you've had five hundred begot a man now but he's not your husband amen the woman said that nevertheless sir I perceive that thou art a prophet our fathers worshiped in this mountain and he say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship jesus said their woman believe me the hour cometh when he shall neither worship neither in this mountain nor yet hearing some worship the father you worship you know not what we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews but the hour cometh and now is when true worship worshipers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth for God seeketh such to worship Him God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth but the woman said to them I know I know that Messiah cometh which is called Christ when he has come he will tell us all things Jesus says on the I that speak under the town II well you know of course that woman went and got folks and children coming you know this man told me you know well that was the word or not how did he know she had five husbands how do you know she's living with a man now that's not her husband but divine revelation amen now notice that in this case the word of knowledge was manifested to convince a sinner of a need of a savior I've had that to happen number time but naturally when when you begin to think the most outstanding experiences come to mind you know for instance if use in a healing service and and you had somebody healed of terminal cancer and somebody healed it was a bed fast and somebody healed of a headache when would you attended that and that's there the cancer and the crippled of the bed fast person would pop to your mind I was preaching in the first full square Church in Lubbock Texas in January of 1958 in the old church they built a new church afterwards and and the floor was like this floor here slanted and so we'd already preached and given an altar call and the congregation standing some of the singers I had no singers with me traveled alone but some of the singers were singing an invitation him to invite sinners to come to the altar to be saved Beck's fighters come back home well there were three sections of seats in this overtone and this section over here rot in the back pewter round against the back wall there was a man standing up now he looked exceptionally tall because I could said the floor slanted up that way and that made him but he was or was about six foot four inches tall and he had on cowboy boots and that made him a couple inches taller and I didn't know it never been to the meeting before hadn't been in the meeting I hadn't seen him but Sunday suddenly suddenly suddenly that's the way the Holy Ghost moved suddenly the Spirit of God moved on there came on me I don't know more knew what I was going to do with anything in the world but I just obeyed the spirit I stopped them from singing and I said to the Minutemen run chowder on the back pew stand against them run right next to the I'll step out in the aisle don't know we're all standing you see and I said that point of he said you're talking about me preach there yeah I said you step out meow he stepped out now I know more knew what I was gonna do I know more knew what I was going to say I just knew the Lord said do it I'm talking about the spirit knowing hallelujah I just knew the Lord said to do it well what am I going to say to him I don't know but I've said they've heard these words coming out of my mouth now I'm going tonight with you but I don't want to go I'm just going to please you I want you to know what I don't believe a thing that's going on down there at that church and that sound of laying hands young people and then were falling out he's a hypnotizing them and God's not in it I said you spoke these words do you work before he came to church tonight while I'm still talking he ran down the altar ran down the aisle slid into the altar that's how I knew he had on cowboy boots he's he's sleepy in feet-first and his feet are on this side of the article he's sitting on the floor and his feet are on this side of the altar and I could see a non cowboy boot but you know he's sitting there in the floor speaking in other tongues God no doubt saved him running down the aisle and baptize him with the Holy Ghost when he hit the offer well thank God thank God for the spirit of knowing like I said that always operated in my life and minister of time as baptized with the Holy Ghost in a measure not all the time but thought the spirits and what the Holy Ghost I want the Lord Jesus Christ the head of the church through the oligos is saying the spirit of knowing the spirit of seeing a man shall be in manifestation in a greater measure in a greater measure in a greater measure the increase in Lord a man that what you have seen here – for praise God for evermore now then also notice this in 1st Samuel of the tenth chapter 21st through the 23rd verse you remember now Allah saw was elected king of Israel he was humbled to begin with and he hid himself but here in first King or first time of the tenth chapter 21st through the 23rd they inquired of the Lord and the Lord told him where he was Karl Ord knows where everybody is the word of knowledge was used to discover a man in hiding number of years ago at church I was pastoring I was teaching on the gifts of the Spirit and I used this illustration here and so some of the folks came and said to me brother hanging 23 years ago family here in our church now they were not in the church 23 years ago they were not Christian none of the family was but now then the mother and dad is in the church brother and sister in the church they've been saying feel though but the youngest girl the youngest child of the family 16 year old girl was in with a gang they had gangs then just like to have gangs now and the law was about to crack down on this gang and she disappeared well the law thought that they killed her because promised he'd squeal on the rest of them just being a 16 year old they drugged the city lake looking for her body and they didn't find her body but they just 23 years almost a quarter of a century had come and gone and so they just you know called her dead but but somewhere another and mother said I just don't believe it somewhere another her heart her spirit told her she's still alive well folks are discouraged even her own family old I'm discouraged said you know she's alive twenty three years period we have heard from her but now our folks said some of the ladies had a prayer group that my wife and I met with also every week said don't God know whether she's a yeah said God knows everything he don't let me know everything are you either but would it be alright for us to pray that God would show us well he would be giving you a word of knowledge whether she's dead or alive well I really didn't know to tell you the truth about it there's a lot of things I used to didn't know there's a lot of things I still don't know amen but here's how we learn praise God and so I said well I don't guess it hurt to pray so they just pray about it so we made prayer about it and then the Spirit of God came on one of the ladies and she began to speak with tongues and another one of the ladies interpreted it and at the same time had a vision and saw it and she saw where a house had been the foundation but still they it was gone where they moved away a bird but there was a garage separate from it and above this garage quite a large garage and above this wasn't what we call the garage apartment and she saw this woman in that garage apartment chained she could move around in the department alright but she can't get out and then I looked behind the apart the garage apartment was a body of water a Bible right and then she began to prophesy that in 30 days time the family would receive a letter from her well now that was some wonder winds afternoon they were praying and of course some of these ladies went home told their husbands and a couple of them was deacons their wives was there and one of the Deacons called me off said brother Hagin you ought to put a stop to that and I said what do you mean well everybody knows she's dead I said I don't know she's dead but I never did even more is that she ever existed happen off for Yero 23 years ago you have everybody knows she's dead and I said oh you know she's dead well no but that's just general consensus and knowledge I said what do you mean put a stop to it well get up and tell the people that it's not so I said you know that would be stupid now first of all if this had come through any other woman of the church I might suspect it might be suspect I might wonder but this particular woman you know you just don't doubt anything she said and then besides that I said all we got to do is just wait 30 days and then we all know we're there so or not and then I said if it does happen if we get up and say something and oppose it and so on then it does happen then the congregation is going to find out what unscriptural and unspiritual deacons they have which are 99 percent of the time they do and so he said the beacon Center I guess you arrived we better wait under yeah so the other deacon call me off and said the same thing and I said the same thing to him he said I guess you were right yeah we better we did you know that the thirtieth day that woman's that woman disappeared her daddy went to the post office and there was a letter there he never thought he'd just put in his coat pocket went home and that night they were sitting around the fire pray he and his wife the mother in the day they were making their home with a married daughter because they were older and so they suddenly the daughter they're making the home but said that were given to me today oh yeah I forgot there's a letter there in my coat pocket she got the letter to open up and started a shout the lady had just simply the daughter that had disappeared and been gone for 23 years just simply wrote a letter to mr. and mrs. Frank so-and-so and the city general delivery and in the letter said dear Mom and Dad I don't know whether you get this letter or not I don't know whether you're still alive or not and I don't know you still live there but if you get this letter if you write me I'll come home to visit you and so of course they wrote her and she came home to visit him and her testimony was this that one of the older men knew that the gang was going to kill her and so he took her and ran with her and went to New Orleans first they live there for a while and then went over to Houston now she said I knew enough on him to send him to electric chair and so he kept me more or less when he went to work kid chain now to stay I couldn't get out eventually he's quite a bit older an older man she just 16 when they left when he took her but they had a boy was born and then a girl now at the time that she came home the boy was 17 I believe the girl was 14 and the boy was playing football my high school football team and all of the football team was supposed to be at one of the Baptist churches they were honoring them and of course they've never been to church he didn't allow them fact he always carried a gun and he threatened them with that gun but this this young men said that I have to go I'm on the football team first string and he had grown up it was quite a bit bigger than his dad did that is a little short felon he's a big guy and so they got into a row and that boy took that gun away miss that didn't so didn't that bio after she saw that and she said he just changed overnight his dad address after you had this running with his son and his daddy said to her you know you ought to contact your past 23 years nearly a quarter-century is gone you ought to contact them so she wrote they came they came to church on Sunday morning when I gave know to call the lady and the boy came to the altar was born again praise God well God knew exactly where the see live the word of knowledge can be used or can be manifested to discover a man in hiding or something someone RR that's lost or something you don't know where they are well I'm gonna pray well okay that just trust God and see what he does he may see fit to and he may not the manifestation of the Spirit is given as the spirit world are you listening to me but thank God is manifest now the word of knowledge is manifested today to indicate a man in need or a person in need we already referred to it to my chapter of Acts the Lord said to Ananias in a vision and sometimes the word of knowledge manifested in a vision and then eyes I'm here Lord arise and go to the street called straight and inquire such-and-such a house for saul of tarsus for behold he prayeth and the scene a man named Ananias coming in putting his hand on him that he might receive his sight I said hallelujah glory to God well Hannah nice entered in the seventeenth verse said and put his hands on him said brother Saul this the Lord even Jesus appeared to the end of width I came as has sent me that I might have received thy sight and be filled with the Holy Ghost and so very often the word of knowledge is manifested to to indicate a person in need are their need my wife will tell you we passed another 12 years and we may not have very seldom that I have the manifestation some people think because it isn't manifested publicly that these things are not in manifestation but very seldom did I have the word of knowledge manifested in church services but sometimes as much as three times a week I would tell her so and the soul will be here one of our members in a few minutes and here's what they're gonna ask me or here's what they're coming far or here's what their need is and here's what I'm gonna tell her praise God forevermore yes the word of knowledge can be manifested to help people Amen Alleluia and indicate those who are in need and even what their needs are amen I was conducting the meeting several years ago when Omaha Nebraska for dr. Roy Hicks then our next meetings in Salem Oregon now my wife and I had a little 26 foot travel trailer that we pulled behind our car that we lived in liked it so much better than those days and didn't have as many motels and so on we got today and so I'm decided just to break up that long trip from Omaha to to say Glamorgan that would stop over in Tribune Kansas and preach for a few nights a friend well not just a little church in a small town simply a God Church and so there was one other full gospel church there just an independent pentacle teacher and and they came I didn't see that I met the pastor in his wife Court and I didn't see their church or where they live anything they just came in to every service except Sunday morning that they would go to their own DeWitt what their but ten days and over one weekend they had signed a motor self don't check the rest of time they came and cooperated with the Assembly of God Church and so the last night we closed on a Wednesday night and then I've got Thursday and Friday and Saturday you know to get over to save them organ and so the the winds in that service is over and we stand and down around the front talking to people shake hand the folks and this pastor of the independent Pentecostal church pastor's wife said to me with tears brother Hagin may I speak to you I said surely go ahead and just well she said this is private because she people are all right so we just stepped to one side over by the piano and she began to cry a little bit more and she said when I first got saved and when she said that suddenly she was gonna ask me a question saying gonna the Spirit of God moved on me and I knew she by the word not I knew exactly what happened to her six years before I knew exactly what happened and so on so I stopped her before she ever told me that wait a minute sister wait just meant wait a minute wait a minute now you could go ahead and tell me what your problem is and what happened as you said when I first got saved six years ago and I could give you an answer from the Word of God and made me by inspiration of the Spirit but then the devil would tell you well my brother Hagin knew because you told him but I said stop and think just a little bit if I could tell you supernaturally what your problem is then you know God loves you he's moving in a super mom Bridgend oral drug goddess ving garage on the Decatur foucault upon Eredar sutala ATF a hora de su gana Mangala the Spirit of God would desire to manifest himself in this day to help those who are in trouble to deliver those who are bound and bring victory in every life that's what the Holy Ghost is saying it's done supernaturally for he's a supernatural God supernatural Church equipped with supernatural abilities [Applause] so we can laugh at the devil and put him on the run [Applause] and so I said now if I miss his sister just speak up and say you missed it I'm human I could miss it I have missed it whatever I said the Holy Ghost don't miss it I certainly don't but remember the Holy Ghost is manifest themselves through imperfect channels it isn't that the Holy Ghost mr. this is that we missed it amen so if I miss it just speak up and tell me you missed that you're wrong because I'm human I could miss it but I said just a few months after you first got saved about six years ago you told the lie and the devil's been tormenting you ever since then telling you that you have committed an unpardonable sin no that's not the unpardonable sin oh she said nothing about Pentecostal Full Gospel tongue talking preacher's wife says oh she said you must be a mind reader or a fortune-teller that's exactly what happened I said no I'm not reading your mind or telling your fortune either my mind don't have a thing of the world do with I got it all out of my spirit that's where the Holy Ghost did now is it that strange at Pentecost of people that could would believe that a fortune-teller a mind reader could tell them something but poor old God couldn't I don't tell you that God can top anything the devil can be now she's standing right there in front of me and I got my eyes wide open and while I'm talking instead of seeing her I saw the pasta I began to describe their pastas I'm talking about the spirit of knowing and seeing they operate together many times and so I saw the pasta I began to describe it and I said there's a front bedroom here and oftentimes you get under such oppression and depression from this whole pressure of the enemy until you shut yourself up in that front bedroom and one time you stayed three weeks and there pull the chains your head hurt yourself I mean the life you knew can't stand the light you've been in that room several times for a week but one time three weeks oh I know you're a fortune teller now that's exactly what happened no I'm not telling you fortune I'm telling you know what the Holy Ghost said activist wasn't telling Paul fortune in the 21st chapter acts when he took his girdle and bound his own hands and feet and said thus saith the Holy Ghost cemented on that this girdle be bound by the Jews in Jerusalem and delivered under the Gentiles he's telling what the Holy Ghost said amen amen [Applause] what she said that's exactly right well I said you see God has moved in a supernatural way to let you know hallelujah that he cares now here's the answer I gave her the answer according to the word and of course this anointing of the Spirit thank God from the spirit of seeing and knowing amen now in the fifth chapter of Acts you remember the story of Ananias and Sapphira his wife remember they had all things common the people were selling their houses and selling their lands or whatever and bringing the money and land into parcels feet now notice that God didn't tell them to do that they just did it on their own and then secondly notice if that it would have been all right rather nice and sapphire to come said well we've sold our property and we give an a half of it but instead of that they lied about and said we're giving all of it amen you know the story don't you and a Peter axed and a nice you know if that's what you sold it for yeah that's it he fell down dead same thing happened Sapphira you see the word of knowledge was manifested to reveal corruption in the church I remember one church I pastor Jim Lee of God Church and I went to a special fall Bible Conference well I I made the first night not only over 15 miles of it so I stayed home drove over there just 15 mile started on a Monday night and then it's goes through Tuesday and Wednesday and so Tuesday morning I drove back over and I knew they'd take about an hour with preliminaries I wanted to hear the main speaker in a nationally known Bible speaker I'd heard him this first night to open the session and so I got there you know just a few moments before that one o'clock because they started at 10:00 and it turned to service to him about 11:00 and so in the daytime you see this is a conference a convention and just ministers their wives and nighttime everybody's invited to come so so the you know what's it for I'm sitting on the back pew accent just slipped in about time to turn to service to this nationally known evangelist or speaker rather teacher as well as Lambeth and I'm sitting there and it's not the voice behind me said adulterer I turn around look back there I thought there God what's going on here and I sat there for a while got into him and the Spirit of God said the doctor and I thought and the third time I said to the Holy Ghost Lord the Holy Ghost said he's living in adultery murder knowledge yet well I said to the press better oh no now this man's he's international speaker so and I said well all I know he just what I heard few days after a coma he said you know what what you're exactly right you're exactly right well I wasn't right the Holy Ghost was right but you see when the Holy Ghost is in full manifestation like he was here corruption won't be able to exist in the church Amen I remember the last church I pastor down in East Texas was it Assembly of God Church I went to a feminine meeting well several early ministers again we got there just about time for the main speaker we wanted to hear him and so we went in and sat down because you know the church put it on the back pew the press but second brother Longford said but the Hagin you had brother Bigham and brother Paramore and another brother said come on down here and set on front they some front pews here it's not this plenty of room here and so uh you know we hated you crepe it off down there so we set back there living in sand in the duct rain nobody don't know it he sent down the early days of our movement if he was living in sin the Holy Ghost would reveal it you didn't get by with it but we're not where we used to be so come on down here you're safe I believe bless God in these days we're gonna get back [Applause] we're going to get back bless God because he said there'll be an increase of the spirit of knowing and seeing [Applause] hallelujah an increase an increase Holy Ghost keep saying to me buddy one more hurdle one more hurdle and you were there glory to God ever I say motorola car to take say more a whole decapitate the PACU no more secretive may morrow total MF eh thank God thank God thank God for the Holy Ghost I'm talking about the spirit of knowing and the spirit of seeing and the Lord is saying through the spirit that the spirit of knowing and the spirit of seein will be in a greater manifestation in these days I'm looking for it not only should we look for it but as Paul said in the 14th chapter four of kirkuk first Corinthians Paul said covet covet earnestly the best gifts well the best gift of all of them all nine of them is the word of wisdom has to do with seeing and knowing desire spiritual gifts are these things we should covet these things and so he's telling us what he wants to do and it's up to us bless God whether or not we desire them or whether or not we commit to them hallelujah and it's now come to pass praise God now the word of knowledge can mightily be used in effectual prayer I manifested an effectual prayer either for God's servants in distress or for those in need of spiritual help hallelujah hallelujah I gave you some illustrations in prayer along that line this morning for that's concerned could give you many many more thank God for the word of knowledge thank God for the spirit of knowing seeing and as we pointed out to you word anonymous could be manifested to recover lost persons as in the case with young saw our property I know I was we started healing school here 1979 and the very first week we had healing school they was a dear lady charismatic Presbyterian lady who had now been filled with the Holy Ghost being with other tongues received our Word of Faith magazine and her only son had two daughters and one son all of them grown boys 27 years old in college now he'd graduated from college before study self left but had gone back to studying law and so it was discovered that he had a growth on limbs and they're ordinary you know regular doctor sent him to a specialist they took a mops and found out it was a malignant the very worst kind and fast-growing kind they wanted to immediately remove his limb for it spread over his body well he didn't just accept that he went to another clinic actually was back east first John Hopkins Hospital came to Houston to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital they ran the same tests said the same thing nor to remove his limb immediately no I said you'd be dead then you'll be dead in ninety days maybe thirty anywhere from 30 to 90 days went further west to another cancer clinic they said the same thing donaga do and you'll be dead 30 to 90 days and so he called his mothers and mother said my brother Hank is starting healing school they came the very first week we had healing school got over this SDC one I met him said no he's not a Christian now you understand this he's not even a Christian but he's sitting there with his Bible I taught all the week I don't have a hands on him on Friday because he I wanted him to hear the word you know and get the word in it and so on Friday then I'm laying hands on folks and he didn't come up and his mother said to him well aren't you good no he said I'm not going down there said why I said I'm already he said how do you know y'all he said didn't you hear the man I read it right here myself when I read it right here myself when you prayed but even receive new haven't I already prayed and but he bound receive so I have it he meant you know he's still alive today that's 1979 didn't lose his limb breeze God not on to that but every once in a while he would send us an offering now then sometime after then he sent us a $500 offering and said send us a Christmas card my wife and I and a $500 offering said this is special for healing school to keep it at going to help others now you see in the process of time now he went back to the doctors they couldn't find any trace evidence period well they said sometimes he'd go into remission you know so they kept him coming back and after a period of time they said no he's coming back in the more it said so he called his mother you know and said well they give me a clean bill of health don't come back anymore you're all right Jesus is my healer he said well his mother said she said to him well don't you forget that is your healing yeah and he said not only that but he's my Savior too Oh God he had become a saint when I started to tell you this he sent this $500 check when we get on to Christmas cards and so I'm going through them after Christmas see trying to find that check for healing scooter made out to the minister and I can't find it and I thought dear Lord reckon I that away with some of the card because you get so many you couldn't possibly keep them and I looked in my desk at home and my study that I looked in my desk over here in administration I went to I don't know how many times and just human like you are you know as a last resort will go to prayer amen something like the stories tell you know you tell those guys are youngsters Pat and Mike jokes Pat Mike you know got shipwrecked they are here in this little lifeboat you know run out of water and run out of everything looks like they're going to die so Pat said to my we ought to do something religious he's thinking about praying Mike said yeah I'll just take up an offer or to do something religious and you know when you get down against it you know I mean he's gonna cost me $500 my wife said well you just have to put the $500 in this out gonna cost me $500 but you'll get desperate and it's gonna cost you five hundred dollars so I'm sitting in my desk over there Knopf it's not said Lord you know whether I filled out a way or not I don't I can't remember oh you know where it is if it's here now just tell me on the inside of me just as plain said it's in that drawer right there you overlooked it it's in this folder that Christmas card I I just opened the door been there and one go into God I mean that's worth five hundred dollars to me amen my wife said you just have to put it in yourself No thank God thank God thank God more than once I guess through the years it had to be thousands of times we added them all up I'm asked the Lord were certain things wouldn't he always tells me always praise God did not know that but the word of knowledge can be manifested and sometimes he is to reveal the causes of sickness or demon possession you see sometimes to help people you got to get back to the cause or you're listening to me now amen and it's a lot I could say along that line give you many illustration but I'll not take the time just let me say this a revelation of the word or knowledge the revelation that the word of knowledge brings is never future by it the church may be purified the distressed comforted this st. gladdened lost property or persons rediscovered the enemy defeated and the Lord Jesus Christ glorified hallelujah now real quickly and Whittle closed in connection with that is not only the word or knowledge but the word of wisdom hallelujah the word of wisdom is a supernatural revelation by the spirit of divine purpose in the mind of God and the will of God unfolding his plans and purposes concerning things places people individuals communities or Nations the word of wisdom black the word of knowledge may be manifested through an audible voice it may be manifested through an angelic visitation it may be manifested through a dream or a vision it may be manifested through the spiritual gifts of prophecy or tongues with interpretation the word of knowledge is a revelation of past happenings or of things existing or events having taken place in the present but word of wisdom is a revelation of the purpose of God concerning people or things or events in the future are looking to the future I said to you that John exiled on the island of Patmos the Lord Jesus appeared Jim this is a vision and said to him gave him the present conditions of the seven churches in Asia Minor that was the word of knowledge but then he gave him a word to wisdom the plan and purpose for each church and what to do amen gee they work together very often where to knowledge sometimes will work together with gifts of healings and and and you know I say we separate them like we do the fingers on a hand to identify them but they work together very often amen hallelujah I remember I was conducting a meeting in Houston Texas 1963 I was eight weeks in one church there and so I called a week of Prayer a special prayer we went on with other service and all that but this special and I said don't come unless you're gonna pray at least an hour I thought that would thin them out instead of that the crowd got bigger and I said we're not gonna have any singing I might make an announcement if necessary but in otherwise no speaking we're just gonna pray well in one night I'm kneeling on the platform here praying and I've been praying in the spirit for about an hour and a half Oh not that long No 45 minutes I'd say and so I had been praying about three different things really I was praying about my sister who was the oldest one of us at that time fifty years of age discovered that she had cancer I was praying about her I was praying about our finances and it's praying about to see we just in the beginning of the ministry scene we were operating out of our garage and been well we need more space and office space and need help and helpers three men one man had come to be there in Houston businessman and said to me brother Hagin I'm speaking for mention the other two men we three businessmen and he took me and showed me a suite of offices and he said now we three businessmen we arendt these officers we will pay the you know Lee said we will pay it all and then we'll furnish it with all the equipment you need and then we'll hire two secretaries we will pay their salaries you're not out of dime if you move your headquarters in your offices to Houston another man came to me and said because he worked for a local company and in the end the day you know we've increased since then we had those reel-to-reel tapes no they said neat you know but he had the latest electronic equipment if you let me I reproduce your tape furnished Furniture frontage everything will cost you a dime and I'll reproduce the tape sorry I had began to have these tapes you know reproduce well I'm praying about that is that the will of God sure does sound good it sounds like it's an answer to a practice I've been praying to some things you pray about over a period of time to talk to God about it and so I as we say prayed through and I began to sing in tongues and a laugh in the spirit still meeting there and I don't know something outlines don't know how come it do but it's old wise and right there in front of me stood Jesus I saw him just as plain as I see that man got my eyes wide open I saw him just as plain to see that man sitting up there in that chair now there was an angel that stood behind Jesus probably a probably a couple of feet behind him and probably 20 inches over to his side now Jesus began to talk to me about what I was praying about first he talked to me about my sister he said now between what I will do and the doctors will do sometimes you gotta realize that God works for doctors he said Jesus said to me between what I will do and the doctors will do I'm gonna give her five more years then memory told when I say I'm gonna give has a kind of 15 more years and he gave her an opportunity praise God to develop faith and live longer which she didn't take advantage of but anyway I've got that answer and then he gave me an answer about my father now then he said to me every time I look up you see maybe if that ain't angel he'd open his mouth like it's gonna say something and when I do that I look back when he'd open his mouth like no six I might look back to Jesus and he wouldn't say anything and so when Jesus got through talking to me and he just talked about the two things he didn't talk about this third thing that I've been praying about I said to him who is that fella now you understand we were a little old building and you know the platform there and I and then then they you know by being on the platform it's not very far up here to the ceiling probably maybe maybe 10 or 12 feet after II don't know but that angels head was right up against that he must have been at least 9 for 10 feet tall many of them are some of them it just looked like a man about sizes me some of them have mange some of them don't and so so I said the Jesus who is that fella pointing to the angel he said that's your angel I said my angel yeah that's your angel my yeah that's your angel I was good to know he's as big as he was now Jesus always answered me with a word he knows I was ticked over the word he said didn't you ever read in my word when they brought little children to me for me to bless them and so on and some of the disciples thought you know well just put him away called Jesus tired he's been minute Jesus said I said suffer little children coming to mean forbidden not far of such as the Kingdom ever and on one other one of the Gospel writers said that Jesus made this statement he said for their angel is ever before my father's face didn't it didn't it well you don't lose you ain't you'll just cause you grow up now there's nothing that says you do nothing says you don't but she stopped to think about some of you folks need that angel verse 9 he didn't he's a kid mind you yeah I said well what does he want because every time I look at him and open his mouth like don't talk to him what does he want Jesus said to me he has a message to you for you from Almighty God well now you know me and I'm a stickler for the word sometimes you know we think we are don't know how stupid we are I've said well now you know the Bible didn't say for his minister led by image was there the Spirit of God said that by the holy God beside that you're talking to me why couldn't you give me the message you think Jesus got disturbed me he smiled so sweetly he said to me didn't you ever read in my word and the Acts of the Apostles when Peter was in jail in the churches print that angel came and took peter out of prison didn't you ever read in my word after Philip had that great citywide revival no doubt dollar Samaria then the names of the Lord told him to go down in the way of Gaza he said didn't that angel give him direction and he went down now you know and the Ethiopian eunuch came along and got converted remember that he said didn't you ever read in my word when Paul was on board the ship on the way to Rome to appeal his case before Caesar and the storm arose and then thrown all of the merchandise overboard and all hope that they should be saved was gone remember that 27th chapter of Acts and suddenly suddenly there we are again Paul stood forth in the midst and said an angel an angel an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve has stood by me this night and said fear not Paul told him what to do and every man's life will be saved jesus said to me didn't the angel give Paul Direction didn't he have a word for him from God didn't the angel give Philip Direction didn't have any didn't he have a message from God for him I said Oh Lord forgive me I thought on being a stickler for the word and missed the thing forgive me forgive me so I looked to the angel and the angel said I am sent from the presence of Almighty God to tell you not mention these three men's name for he said their motives are not right ulterior motives and they'll get your Minister into their hands and mortal control it but I want you to control your own ministry and then second they do not let so-and-so in called his name reproduce your tape tapes because his motives are not right amen in the angel went on to say don't do that now now then he gives me a word to which them in three months time actually between three and four months if you figured out you have so many thousands of dollars he told me how many actually when he came I had about 15 cents over but he gave me the round figure you'll have so many thousands of dollars I want you to set up your own office and I'll direct it through you hallelujah thank God for the word of wisdom thank God for the spirit of knowing thank God for the spirit of seeing how they praise God forever more now this look real quickly a few biblical illustrations where the knowledge was manifest to warn and to guide people concerning future judgment apparel like in the days of Noah amen locked the wise men it's given are manifested to reveal God's plan to those he's going to use like in the life of Joseph I'm not going to detail about it it's a manifested to assure a servant of God of His divine commission like Paul in Moses Amen it's manifested to assure of a common deliverance in the time of calamity like Paul amen on board that ship it may be employed to warn an individual of approaching danger and to deliver them it may be manifested to McNown or confirm a missionary call or a call to the ministry the Holy Ghost said separate enemy Barnabas and Saul for the work for on to I have called them amen I know a lady missionary going to be with the Lord today but this is her testimony when I she's speaking at a Bible School she had been seven years as a missionary in India had two or three converts and said near nothing have much I'm not going back any more more be an evangelist she's speaking this Bible school she finished speaking one of the students stood up again to speak in the tongue well the one who took over the pulpit waiting for an interpretation there's no interpretation trying to this returned missionary because she had overcome much overcome it seemed like she regained composure came to the portrait said that doesn't need any interpretation that young lady was speaking the dialect where I've been for the last seven years and here's what the Lord said I called you and I want you to go back there I have a work for you to do that certainly were to wisdom concerning God's plan and purpose wasn't it thank God she went back to establish an orphanage and did some other things for God amen I heard her speak then when she's 67 years old she's going back again after them it may be manifested to a prize of blessing or of a judgment to come it may be manifested to reveal the future after all don't you know that Jesus said about the Holy Ghost the sixteenth chapter of John's Gospel and the spirit of truth is come he shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak and he went on to say he shall take the things of mine and show it to you and he will show you things to come thank God he will show you things to come amen amen amen now we started you know Rhema Bible Training Center 1974 September graduated 75 the first graduating class of 58 we use the Sheridan Road assembly facilities for the first two years in the former 74 I was having a seminar there I didn't have several a year because what you know and invite the public come in you know and help support school and keep thing going and I was teaching on the woman question that's where we got the book there one money question I had notes I don't think anybody else had it but I got him from dad Nelson PC Nelson and so uh so well I was awakened at 5:45 in the morning during that seminar one morning I said straight up in bed just like somebody'd poke me in the ribs and then I heard this voice a crunch is coming I need him in a recession get ready for it if you do what I tell you to do it won't affect you like it does others anyone only told me I never wanted my son-in-law was office man I didn't go over the office sometimes three and four months in time but he said you dismissed so many employees today I think of a 17 and he told me some other things to do and we did it praise God and everything worked out well never has been a recession that came again the Lord said to me on one occasion a recession coming not a depression but a recession get ready for in more recent time we've had some mild recessions the Lord never said anything to me so I said to him Lord you didn't say anything he said the reason I didn't it won't affect you there never has been a recession that came that I didn't know it ahead of time and you can prepare for it I believe that's one reason we've never been in trouble now you know there's time you know when they have them flow come and that you finances not as much as the one before but we've never had to put out a panic call we're going under if you don't help us you know that amen the Holy Ghost art of being everything we're doing the spirit are seeing and knowing or to happen praise God even more than it does he'll show you things to come reveal the future because the word the wisdom you see that revelation it brings his looking to the future pointing to the future hallelujah it may give personal guidance in a particular direction in special circumstances just like agamous took Paul's girdle bound his own hand feet said that's it though that goes man that only this girdle be bound to the Jews in Jerusalem and delivered under the Gentiles well now they fell on his neck besought him not to go he said I'm not only ready to be bound for Christ I'm ready to die for it amen some folks think he missed God God is showing him not to don't know God just preparing him for what's ahead because when he did get in jail don't you remember the Bible said Jesus himself appeared to him now if he missed it he totally missed it but Jesus appeared to him and stood by his side and said fear not Paul thou must bear my name before the Kings and before Caesar hallelujah that's God's way of getting into how what he got there otherwise but he witnessed didn't he you read it next he witnessed both to King Agrippa and Felix and finally got to Caesar amen thank God from the spirit stand up everybody stand up thank God for the spirit of knowing and the spirit of seeing into in a greater manifestation shall it come hallelujah he has endeavored I heard the spirit say he talking about the head of the church through the spirit has endeavored in times past too many who were present to manifest himself in such ways some were fearful and they did not even some just didn't know until they did not give you some were just not conscious of spiritual things as they ought to and they're further living – carnal a life or world at life come out from among them and be ye separate consecrate and dedicate yourself unto me say of the Lord for our use only those people who are clean and who have submitted themselves unto me and my plan and my will sanctify yourselves and present yourself a holy tabernacle and I will manifest myself unto thee and I will manifest myself in thee and the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you and he shall be my witnesses and you'll be able to witness not just with a vocal witness with your tongue from a natural standpoint but you'll be able to witness with the supernatural for he will confirm his word with signs following standing standing standing right on the verge of an outbreak of the power of God standing right on the verge of an outpouring of the Spirit of God such a move as no man here present has ever seen standing in the very presence and being in the very midst where God is moving what I give bragging a stagger today creates turn our bloodied ah cretin ensue Kadapa F renege ad come good nomicon stokka but missing the whole thing just like Ananias and Sapphira right in the midst or we could say the middle of the greatest move of God that had ever come to this earth but they missed it they missed it because they were so karma they were so driven by the flesh intimated by the flesh consecration dedication and almost unknown element in the body of Christ today consecration dedication consecrating all unto Him dedicating yourself unto him so the Spirit will manifest himself unto thee and through thee and the work of God shall be accomplished and the the work of God shall the plan of God shall be fulfilled and the Church of God shall be increased and the glory of God shall be in manifestation you'll be able to lift your voice in laughter and praise for you can see the devil is on the run and the victory is won [Applause] speaking by the spirit not just speaking words out of your own mind or thinking but speaking by the spirit words that are inspired by the Spirit of God words that well up from within you out of your spirit given to you by the Holy Spirit those words spoken boldly bring forth great happenings speaking by the spirit and so the glory of God shall come into manifestation and some will see it like a cloud that hangs over the hedges of the people others may not see anything but they sense the mighty move of his spirit speaking by his Spirit yield in your tongue unto the Holy Ghost but you see taking time to pray in the spirit taking time to pray in other tongues will get you tuned up will edify you and get your tongue hooked up to your spirit so that when he who dwells in your spirit can give you a trance then you take over then he takes over and you speak out what he says not what you think speak out what he wants hallelujah hallelujah and so the spirit of seen and the spirit of knowing in a greater manifestation shall come but all of these all nine of these management all of these work of that one and self same spirit and at the same time the inspirational gifts men's women speaking by the spirit by prophesy inspire doctors but tongues and interpretation shall bring forth marvelous statements and bring to pass and bring into being in this sense around haha where men can see and know the operation of the Spirit of God the manifestation of the Spirit of God and the demonstration of the Spirit of God so rejoice ye and be glad [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] hahaha [Applause] hallelujah now some I've begun to use and you've grown back now repent and respond to the spirit and you move forward and you'll see greater things son because they missed it thought well I don't know just admit that I'm human and I can miss it and move on with the Spirit of God no one ever stopped driving an automobile because they ran up over the curb and it first started but they keep at it until they can drive adequately so you keep at it that's gone just keep at it hallelujah remember accustomed a Beatle could dock at the tank that the manga dog needed or a constant and it'll be amazing what will happen and it'll be amazing how your Minister will increase and it'll be amazing what a great blessing you will be moving moving forward not back in it hallelujah hallelujah I want everybody to laugh at the devil [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now [Applause] why are we laugh at the devil what are we laughing about he said it's not gonna happen [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hallelujah hallelujah praise His Holy Name forever amen [Applause] now in these holy goats meetings were conducted in the daytime teaching on prayer and praying teaching prayer by precept and then by example praying as I said over the last 18 months prayer to God keeps saying over and over again he's word to keep coming out of my mouth the spirit of knowing and seeing shouting a greater manifestation another way to be manifest in a greater way than what you've seen here before and then the Spirit of God keeps saying it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass at last [Applause] not only is she saying that she'll come to pack talking about that spirit of knowing and revelry but he's also saying I interpret that to mean it she'll come to for other things that he said hallelu and there's some things that just now must come to pass she'll come to pass at last it shall come to pass it shall come to pass thank God it's coming to pass come in the back [Applause] it shook up the pass come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass [Applause] summer summer summer ha ha Sam ha ha ha Mahalo ha Mahalo Mahalo ha it shall come to pass it [Applause] it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass [Applause] it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it – it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it comes to pass it should come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass they summon captain it took up in the pack it shall come to pass did you come to pass [Applause] shaaka it's okay it shall come to pass he shall come to pass he shall come to pass it shall come to pass at last it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass he shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass here so come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass did shall come to pass at last it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass it shall come to pass at last Oh God Wow totally the god [Applause] [Laughter] shamanaka Thea [Applause] some Aloka to you [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] yeah Danika will come it'll come it'll come it'll come Shama oh look at some of all of that summer who look at Shama Holika Holika Holika Holika Holika Holika father Kenneth Enoch Adam Adam Gavin see the traveler melon Chiquita from mechanicals and everyday let you keep every day super co-prophet there's a call coming from Abbey [Laughter] thank you thank you [Applause] Oh rid of God Schama Colton [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] hallelujah glory to God hallelujah where are you Keith come down and wrap this up hallelujah hallelujah glory to God [Applause] Larry if you're not too drunk why wrap it up think you can [Applause] [Applause] hallelujah brother hands come up here and wrap this up [Applause] [Applause] brother Thompson come down and wrap it up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hallelujah brother Billy Joe come down into office [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well you started it wrapping up [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] come on Tommy rapidly let's see if I can find somebody down here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] god it shall come to pass [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] yeah come to fetch yeah [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] raegene how about you wrapping this up you're not too drunk thank you good [Applause] yeah you are we wind it up go ahead silicon the winder there I'm looking for some money too [Applause] well somebody has [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] about you rappin [Applause] well glory to God [Applause] [Laughter] anybody won't get saved [Applause] [Applause] let's you want to wrap it up I already got hallelujah [Applause] about you rocketing up Lynette somebody needs to wrap it up [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey [Applause] [Applause] saying shut Molly [Applause] [Applause] Oh okay I will get it to say just one dose of the Holy Ghost [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] amen did it go ahead and dismiss him tell him come back tomorrow yeah what he said anyway if you want to go we'll be back here tomorrow morning 10:30 and tomorrow night – hey man I guess they needed us to go I don't know but you can hang around I guess if you want to – I don't care do what you want to do how they do [Applause]

42 thoughts on “Kenneth E Hagin – Supernatural Knowledge and Wisdom – The Spirit of Knowing & Seeing”

  1. The spirit of knowing and seeing will be in great shall come to pass in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  2. I"ve read all his books since 1985. what he said is true. It has been many times in my life I heard audible voices saying or telling me that something is about to happen and something I need to do. Thank God I always obey and the results are always right. Just need to practice the sensitivity by building a close fellowship with God, waiting on Him, reading bible, listening and being obedient. We have to live a holy life. One of my experiences was when the spirit asked me to pray which I did not know why I needed because I was working in the office at the time. But I obeyed and prayed in the office toilet 3x and suddently I heard a loud boom far away from my office building. A bomb exploded in Australian Embassy in Jakarta. My son, was 2,5 years old was on the way back home from kindy and accompanied by my sister and was about to pass the street where the embassy bldg was. Because of my prayer he asked my sister to stop by to buy him a drink at the food stall in a building that some blocks away from the embassy, right before the bomb exploded. They both were safe. I dont have a speaking in tongue gift yet but have listened His voice. Thank God He works amazingly in our life.

  3. Thank you xx Blessings and Love <>< – Calling all believers to join us on a journey in Spirit and Truth to the very throne room of God xx Spirit and Truth Worshipers Unite!

  4. oh i love you Jesus Christ ..s there is tears all pouring downs my eyes to see the Holy spirit working .God revealed my angel to me some few days ago and this message just made me to understand that it was my angel oh am so happy .Glory to God

  5. Act 2:15 -17 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

  6. Oh how we need a great awakening in our Churches today! Thank you Lord Jesus for this great vessel and Man of God you sent us and is now in Heaven with you…What a great move of the Holy Spirit!!!

  7. Blessings on Resurrection Passover Sunday BELOVED in Christ Jesus ! May you and your whole house be saved healed and set free! In Jesus name It shall come to pass! By the shed Blood of The Lamb of God ! Glory to God!

  8. … Have you ever had a person that you disagree with about some of their Biblical doctrines but yet still you had deep respect for? . . Well, here he is, Pastor, Teacher, Prophet and one person who has been misunderstood by so many of his contemporaries. Kenneth E Hagin!!. . . I have been studying his book " The Gift of Prophecy" the second edition Ninth Printing 2002
    (ISBN 0-89276-015-x)
    Copyright © 1985 RHEMA Bible Church .


    we need ''TELUGU ''HOLY BIBLES for free distribution to poor and needy and who took the baptism newly in our surrounding villages in India

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