Kennedale TX Real Estate Market Data Update | September 2019

Hello this is Keela McGraw with Front
Real Estate and I am here to present a market update for the city of Kennedale
Texas. This update will cover the month of September. So as you can see in the
month of September of 2019 there are nine new listings this number is down
and you will notice a trend on all of these on the top row that the numbers
are down compared to this time last year. So 14 in 2018 new listings and only 9
right now. And as far as active listings there were 16 active listings in
September in Kennedale. That number is also down from 38 in September of 2018.
And then last but not least closed sales. There were 12 close sales in the month
of September. That numbers down also from 15 in September 2018. So overall the
market has slowed some in Kennedale. If you own a home it would be a great idea
to go ahead and put that house on the market and I’m going to tell you why
here in a second. Price per square foot. The average price per square foot in
September of 2019 was $126. That number is up from September 2018
with $116 per square foot. You’ll also notice here the average sales price
for a home in Kennedale in September was $296,000 versus $298,000 So that number is
down. Now what these two numbers kind of tell me is that the price per square
foot was lower in 2018 of September but the average sales price was higher. So
that’s going to tell me that the homes that sold probably had smaller square
footage on average versus these homes with the higher price per square foot
but a lower sales price and to do that math all you have to do is do a little
division. Average days on market. This number is quite startling. In September
2018 107 days average days on market that the homes are staying on the market.
September 2019 35 days. So huge shift from this time last year of how long the
homes were staying on the market in Kennedale. Here we have the months of
inventory and the muscle of inventory kind of tells
if it’s a buyers market or if it’s a seller’s market. Well in Kennedale in
September it’s still a seller’s market with 1.3 months of inventory of homes
and that basically tells us that it would take 1.3 months for every
home in Kennedale to sell. Anything lower than four months of inventory is
considered a seller’s market. Anything between four to seven months is
considered a neutral or balanced market and anything more than seven months of
inventory is considered a buyers market. So we haven’t seen that in a while
even in Kennedale Texas. So home owners great time to put your house on
the market. Average days on market thirty-five days that gives you plenty
of time to find that next home and I can help you do that. Now if you are
considering putting your home on the market or if your home is already on the
market and it’s staying on the market for longer than 35 days there are some things that you should consider. The
price, the location, the professional presentation of your home and the
condition. So homeowners, not the folks that have their home on
the market right now but if you are a homeowner and you are thinking about
putting your home on the market maybe a year from now maybe two
years from now start doing some things to your home to improve it now so that
you are not inundated with a lot of repairs or things to get your house by
already so some things that you may want to consider doing. The two top areas of
your home that can improve the price or the value of your home are the kitchens
and bathrooms. So it’d be a great time to do some updates you can do it while
you’re still living there and enjoy those updates as well. Also you may want
to consider you can’t do much about your location but you can do some outdoor or
some exterior improvements just to make your home pop a little bit more in the
neighborhood. And then we want to talk about the price. So the price adjustment
is something that usually people who have their home on the market don’t want
to talk about and hopefully your real estate agent has talked about a plan
before you even placed your home on the market of when we would consider a price
reduction that should be the last resort and that’s after a couple of
things just didn’t work out. And then last but not least is the professional
presentation that is your Realtor’s job to present your home in its best light
to get help you get it ready so that it is ready to attract those buyers so that
you can find in helping a new family live in your home. If you have any
questions about any of this I am here. I am a resource I want to help
you. Last but not least I do have a home that is listed in Kennedale it’s in the
Brookstone Estates and the address is 1080 Estates Drive. We just had an open
house had about eight families come through gave us some great feedback and
I would love for you to give us some more feedback or purchase it. So again
this is Keela McGraw with Front Real Estate with a market update and thanks
for tuning in.

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