Keegan Hallmark nominated for Horizon Award

– As you get going, I want to see what your observations are. Talk with your group. Write down your observations. I always tell them, “We don’t memorize science. “We do science.” So science is meant to be messy. Science is going to look different. It’s not like, take this, put it down on a piece of paper, and say, “This is what’s happening.” It’s, “Let’s go see if we can
find out what’s going on.” We don’t know the answers. So let’s go get messy and figure
out what we’re going to do. – I think a lot of kids
feel like science is hard, and they can’t do science. But Keegan has made it so
attainable and enjoyable that I think kids get the
confidence that they need. Keegan doesn’t just tell
them about the curriculum. He lets them experience it. And so that experience
and that engagement, they have to figure a lot of
things out for themselves, which puts a lot of that pressure on them. But they love it, because they’re actually doing, and they’re not just listening. They’re not just taking notes. They are doing, and that’s really how we all
learn the most effectively. – Hi, Ty! I often tell kids that this
classroom is our classroom. My name’s on the door, but this is our classroom. Hi, Kate. We build the rules together. We build how we’re going to things. And even in the lesson sequences, oftentimes, they’re
saying, “What is logical?” “What’s gonna come next?” We’ve explored this. We’re trying to tie in where we’re going with this big picture. But what do you think? Where do you think we should go with this? Because this is our room. – He’s really positive, and he builds really good
connections with his students. And he’s just a good teacher. He gets the material and
teaches it really well in different formats. – Mr. Hallmark is really
one of my favorite teachers. He’s not that teacher who’s super strict, but he’s strict to the point
where you get your stuff done. He’s also one of the funny teachers. Every day, he always has a
joke or a pun on the board. And in the morning, he always comes in with
a really good attitude and just positivity. – My win days are the small things, where a kid comes up says, “Hey, you made a difference for me.” It means a lot to me. It’s very humbling is
probably the experience that I would say, to be told that, “Mr. Hallmark, we’re so excited “to have you in class this year,” that’s a good day. And I think that just shows the amount of relationships
that you’re able to build and how important that
it is for any teacher to go above and beyond in
the relationship aspect, because that’s what goes
miles with the kids. It’s not what you’re teaching and how much the engagement
level is of the activity. It’s how much they know
that you care about them.

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