Kayla’s Second Chance Education Story

Most of the people that are incarcerated,
and I know because I’ve been there a few times, are just doing the same thing over and over
again because they don’t know anything different. I was given an opportunity and I took it. And there’s going to be a lot more people
that will take it. It’s done amazing things for me; the program
has done amazing things for me. I’ve always been ashamed of my past and after
brushing up with the tools that I needed to brush up with at TCC, while I was incarcerated,
I was able to walk out of there and just stroll right in like a normal person. And I felt just like I belonged there. I mean I did an on-the-spot interview and
it just went from there and it’s not stopped since. Go and enroll in school. I mean, you can take that with you forever
and it never goes away.

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