KALVI – Tamil short film about literacy

25 thoughts on “KALVI – Tamil short film about literacy”

  1. thanks for your post pradheep…i just wanted to show the level of kids i dont wanna go to the suggestion part as its all left to the viewrs to feel the difference alone and the pain can give the change…so i left it blank..anyways will learn from your comment too…thank u

  2. last'ah antha pasanga videos podratthuku bathila Stills potruntha semaiya irunthrukkum,, approm home work'la irunthum viduthala, work out aagala πŸ™ , but cinematography and concept sema, and touching πŸ™‚

  3. theme,camera,angles & music – all r elegantly well done with minimalistic approach! good show. I need to meet the team πŸ™‚

  4. excellent effort… and really good visual treat…. the boy expression is appreciable.. But one thing i need to ask…!!! you just shown as it is…. every one knows this up and down and you also shown the same..there is nothing in showing a apple as apple….so show us the way to resolve and that way should really practical, that is what we all expect. Think different and you will be differentiated…..

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