K-State Department of Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs

I just can’t imagine doing the work I do today without having had that type of background or preparation. Hi, I’m Brian Buckwald and I’m a graduate of the Kansas State Academic Advising Program. My name is Mike Finnegan, I’m an Instructor with the School of Leadership Studies. I’m Traciann Petite. I’m a proud graduate of Kansas State University of three degrees. My name is Kristin Wright, and I am a school Counselor in Clay Center, Kansas. Hi, my name is Naima Brown, I’m a recent graduate of the College Student Affairs Master’s program at Kansas State University. I had a good experience on a college campus, and so then I asked myself the question, how can I stay on a college campus, but not have to go to class? And then that started to really open up the doors to say, what would it look like to be an educator, what would it look like to be a practitioner. I had my Elementary Education degree in 1990, quick element instruction with a certificate in Yala, in 2004, and I just finished up my Special Education Degree last Summer. I specifically start out an experience in the mid-west and Kansas State University gave me a great feeling to come here, talking with faculty. As a prospective student, it really led me to want to pursue my Master’s work here. It was such a beautiful and welcoming campus in that, I knew that that’s where I should have started off at. Probably one thing that scared me the most about K-State was its size, and so when I went there and learned that they treated me just as well as my small school that I came from, I felt great. Hi, my name is Traci Haworth, and I am the Autism Resource Teacher at Eisenhower Middle School. My name is Pedro, I am a past graduate from the College of Education. I am currently in the Master’s program for Special Education at Kansas State University. I’m pursuing my Master’s in School Counseling. I have just felt really blessed to be able to go to Kansas State University and then I just never expected years ago to be here. Working with other students in persuading a Ph.D was engaging, and it was great to have that support group, other students in the classroom that you can lean on to help you get through that curriculum. Just going through those classes and thinking, yeah, this is, this is where I belong. I got a lot of opportunities to learn a lot from different people from different institutions, and with different backgrounds, and so that really helped me as a professional be prepared to help students in any kind of a way. These individuals that I’m working with, will be professional along side with me when I graduate. I think, one of the lasting legacies of this program and being a part of it has just been this continue on network of colleagues. One thing that I really appreciated was the personal connection that formed between myself and the faculty. I felt like they know exactly who I was. They were very eager to give us the knowledge, to share the knowledge with us, and to in some ways hold our hands to the process. I think of Dr. Teagarden, he has such a great sense of humor, and for me, that something that’s important. Dr. Fry has been doing great with technology and help me through the research class. Dr. Carol, she really went out of her way at times to make sure that it was a comfortable and safe space. How are words to describe my experience at K-State, family, that is the first thing that comes to mind. Home, a very personal experience. Purposeful.
Very rewarding.

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