K-State Department of Educational Leadership

Rapid changes in technology combined with an influx of baby boomers leaving the workforce have created challenges for those charged with educating our nation’s children and adults. The department of Educational Leadership is committed to helping meet these challenges by preparing high quality educational leaders for school districts, universities and colleges, and organizations in our communities. This commitment helps make our masters and doctoral degree programs among the best in the nation, according to the US news and world report. The reputation of Kansas State University is something that I think is held very high here in the Mid West and across the nation. Whether you serve children or adults, an advanced degree from K-State can help prepare you for the next level of leadership in your organization. I just thought it was a natural step for me to do this Educational Leadership Program because of my future goals. Designed for K-12 educators, the masters and doctoral programs in Educational Leadership helped develop high quality district building and classroom leaders who can meet the challenges of education in the 21st century. For professionals who educate or train adults in the workforce, higher education or a variety of community organizations, a masters or doctoral degree in adult and continuing education can help you be better equipped to meet the changing needs of this diverse population. With rich practitioner experience and national reputations in their specialty areas, our faculty meets learners where they are, helping them grow both personally and professionally. I enjoy the intellectual stimulation, I enjoy the people, I enjoy the faculty. You will be exposed to incredible leadership within the college of education. With the newly developed online program, adults education masters students are immersed in a globalized society. Graduates served in a Meredith positions in K-12 schools, state level positions, military, business and industry and nonprofit sectors. Regardless of where you’re located the department of educational leadership graduate programs can help you achieve your goals and advance your career. Degree programs are available. In Manhattan.
In athe. Here at Fortleavenworth.
In your school district.
And online. I was able to experience classroom at Portland North, many classes down here at K-State Olathe as well as online courses for the first time and my favorite was the hybrid course which incorporated residence courses here in Olathe as well as online environment. The department of educational leadership at Kansas State University is the choice for professional advancement and personal development.

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