K-6 Math in the News: Pokémon Go and Teaching Mathematics

Are you a teacher who likes to play Pokemon
Go? Or are you simply looking for ideas to use
in your classroom that may incorporate the game? G’day I’m Dr Peter Price Professor Pete’s
Classroom. Welcome to mathematics in the news for another
week. So what is Pokemon go? Well it’s the latest iteration of the Pokemon
game, Pokemon simply stands for “Pocket Monsters” where people search at the monsters
and kill them. In this latest iteration for the apple iPhone
it uses the camera of the iPhone and the GPS contained in it, so players can move around
in the real world and see video of their surroundings with monsters overlaid on top and then they
searched them and kill them. It’s been incredibly popular, in fact it’s
broken the record at the apple iTunes store for the app with the most downloads in the
first week of release in the stores history. In social news in a Sydney suburb residence
around a local park were upset that lots and lots of people coming to their suburb to search
out monsters and they even started using water bombs and counselors wanted Pokemon to change
their game to remove the “Poke stop” I think it’s called that attracted people there in
the first place. In the White House a reporter was called that
for using the Pokemon go game during a briefing and in Brisbane players of the game were warned
not to engage in illegal activities in the real world because, that will get them in real
trouble while their heads are down engaged in a game in the virtual world. But what about education? Can you use Pokemon go in the classroom? Does it have any relevance to students learning? Well it turns out that it does and Google
effectors indexed 15.8 million pages to match the term Pokemon go education. So you may like to have a look and see what’s
there basically there are ideas across the curriculum and there are claimed social benefits,
such as getting students to see the real world in a new light. At this point I’d like to make three points:
first of all children and teens absolutely love playing computer games, they’re just incredibly
popular, second of all jobs in the IT field absolute booming because computers are taking
over more and more functions that we used to do without computers there are so many
jobs available in that market and third of all, you would not get a job in programming
or coding without a really strong foundation in mathematical understanding. So this is a real way to connect your students
current interest in game playing with future plans for a career in the field of IT and
maybe even programming the next popular game. So it’s a way for us to answer the perennial
question “when am I ever going to use this math again?” If you enjoyed this video please subscribe
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forward to talking to again in a future video.

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