26 thoughts on “Just A Minute – How to Teach Common Courtesy”

  1. If this happens often I would talk to a towing service and discuss the blocked in issue. Get them to tow the vehicle and keep it until they pay the ransom to get it out. Make it a painful lesson $$$.

  2. Who would dislike this… peaceful protest right? I bet these guy learned more from this event then he would have if he would have received a ticket, which he would have somehow blamed someone else for it. Personal responsibility… personally we should stop giving fines… we should start giving out community service. Instead on a speeding of $100, that person gets so many hours of community service.

  3. I hope YouTube paid you some money the guitar is very nice! Plus a bird :), good lesson sir to that selfish man.

  4. Idiot. You should have used your trusty old nail gun. or your industrial utility knife. After 4 flat and ruined 4 tires, the perpetrator will learn the lesson very, very fast!. No need to waste your time on your chair looking like some mentally deranged man.

  5. Just take the bloats tires off next time…or just loosen the lug nuts and let him ride around on one lug nut til his wheels fall off…. amazing what you can do with a cordless impact lol a few sockets lol

  6. You must of sat in front of some pussy-ass-woman, because a man would have simply run over you. Sure they would have gone to jail, but you would have been dead when your head was crushed by the rear tire and your chest crushed when the car ran over you.

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