Jun teaches my brother how to sharpen knives

Jun's gonna teach my brother how to sharpen his knives What you got him? I guess you gotta soak the sharpening stone, three minutes. That's a lot of knives Mum gave me them So which one do you use? Basically I use this one and that one This is pretty.. Some of these other ones..
It's kinda oh my gosh look at all those chips on it!
Yeah… Some of these are really thin This will take about a while to fix and sharpen all knives and stuff, and you're gonna have to leave soon, right? So maybe we can do this next time? Okay.
So which one do you use more? I mean use… often? Umm..besides that one? Well, I can just show you how to do it.. yeah so..I think I've used this
one before, it's got a little bit of thickness to it Sure, so you gonna try this one then?
Or with something hard?
Yeah, we can do that. Japanese sharpening stone.
This is not focusing on anything You need a more expensive camera And this side is rougher I think Shouldn't it say?
Yeah, it should say somewhere
Yeah, man I can't read that box Okay, it's rougher.
So you start with the rough side first. Yeah, it's not that complicated. And there's generally like a two ways to sharpen; One is very easy This way. Just back and forth, or side, like this. So you can use whichever that's easier for you to do And the.. angle is very important, so.. generally..uhm 15 degrees is the ideal angle So if you like put like a two dimes in between-, yeah -then that'll be the angle you want- Okay -like, like this Well, I don't have any dimes but I'll trust ya on that And just go back and forth and uhm use the whole surface instead of just like one because then it would not be flat after
Okay It'd wear unevenly.
Yeah, and just hold it, I don't know, however you want as I hold It's not that hard really Once you get used to it and after you do it for a little while, then touch it with your finger like this then you can feel that If this is the edge that it's like this.
Okay. You feel this part. Right. And then now when you do the other side you get rid of this part. Okay. To make it sharp and pointy. So I sharpen the end if you want to stab somebody right? The tip..Yeah, what's your question?
How would you sharpen the tip if you want to stab somebody? 'Actually this part.. This part normally you don't just go like this..like a little bit , kind of like this. So it's really close. Okay. And you can see all these stones 15 degrees or something Uhm you can just sorry hold it and go You don't have to do both ways, both ways. Am I the only one who doesn't think this is that complicated? Ooh who looks like you're super good at everything. Let's see you do it.
Rowing on a wet stone. It's really easy. He's really good at stuff but he doesn't do anything. You're all talk. He knows how to do everything. He just does it. Oh I forgot to mention one more thing You can.. So I gotta keep wetting it?
Uhm no uh that's too (???) You can, you actually have to press it kind of hard. Okay. Yeah, when the stone is already coming up. So I'm doing it hard enough. Okay. How long does he have to do it? Uhm until he can feel the edge. curved you know like this?
Until the edge curves up? And so I cut through the stone would that be good. Luna! Come here! Rachel? Yeah.
We'll do this one, so you can get the (inaudible) It's chipped, this will take a while, but we don't have time
Woah look at how bad that edge is Yeap so, it's All right, I'm going to stop recording Just assume this keeps happening for the next half an hour. Alright. There you go.
Now you can do the paper test I didn't have much time so I didn't do it completely, but it's mostly restored.
Okay. So, the paper test right So now . So you don't karate chop?
You can if you want. Like..
Woah that is sharp woah better than before.
Now you can cut a little paper you want And it's good for stabbing again! Better watch out Daniel
You don't try to steal the rest of my nuggets All right good job everyone! One two three break woohoo! You didn't give me enough time So this is what you spent your Christmas money on last year? What is it for? Uhm, inverted. Why? Supposedly, there's therapeutic effects for your back.
And also, it's fun Can you guess where this is going to slide in at?
Oh my God the angle's still a little off. You gonna do both at the same time. Now we got to tighten it, right? No?
Take em all off.
Did you do it backwards.
It's backwards Woo it's all done! How high are you? What? How high are you?
No, you show me how it works. I do yoga every day.
So nothing to strap in to that?
Strap in? You're going upside down Why would you buy that??
You know..
God.. That's working those ankles.
Super comfortable.
Beautiful! Are you slightly shorter because it's doesn't really matter I'm 5"5 5 you're 5"5 stand up.
Oh my God. I'm a girl what I am I even the average height in America
You midget!
How do you gonna get your feet under this?
Get your feet in there just from the side, don't go that way gee whiz Now you're going to put your feet up against that
My ankles?
Yeah like raise your feet so that No, not your arms your feet. Let's move your foot. You're not doing this right, your feet should be cushioning up against that Well maybe she's gotta move that down
No it doesn't move down Well all right doesn't matter, just go back. Oh my God.
Yeah, that's fine as it is you know.
Well I hope I don't fall out There's a chance.
Don't worry I'm trained in First-Aid and CPR. Rachel, Rachel, put your arms down by your side I don't wanna No, trust me and then slowly one and then the other one Oh hang on, I can uhm
I feel like a ballerina Here you can't go past 15 degrees I don't know my arms are just so heavy They're not you're just lengthening out here. I'm helping you here by the way so that's 15 degrees horizontal You want to go further? It says I'm only supposed to go up to 85, but it goes all the way
Okay 85? how about let's do what it's supposed to do All right, raise your arms up Yep, put them down. Is that as far as you go? Yeah.
You don't have much mass in the upper body.
No I don't I have noodle arms. Okay, I'm gonna fall out. Oh my God.
You're not going to fall out
Oh there we go That's what I told you to do before
Oh, God your hair is caught in the machine All right, that's 85 This is 85?
Yeah does it feel pretty bad? You should do this when you have a headache. Uhh I don't know if you want extra blood in your head when you have a headache. When I do yoga that's for headaches part of them are turning yourself upside down. If I want to go absolutely vertical.
I have to like push myself Just doing the hands doesn't put me all the way down.
That was not uncomfortable No that's not too bad
Now my sinuses are stuffed up
*sneeze* And I need to sneeze
Lock on as *meow* Is that what it means? Lock on auto focus Back on
And you slowly go back Oh what the heck…alright Why? He's a vampire, do you feel relaxed? Not right now coz I didn't haven't done it in a while. Now it just feels like there's a lot of blood in my head. Yeah, that, that happens You need to build up your upside-down tolerance in that case you ever get kidnapped and someone hangs you by your feet with a rope Andrew! Come here! What?
You gotta turn upside down.
We need your help! How tall are you? 5 foot 9?
I'm 3 foot 6. You're 3 foot 6? Put your put your here. Oh just force it that's fine Got anything in your pocket sir? Please remove any items inside your pocket or they'll all fall out Alright hands down like this
Ride operators are not responsible for lost items
Slowly and controlledly Put your head down.
It's like synchronized swimming.
Okay, so I just use the bars here?
You're just trying to raise your center of Mass It's all you're doing
Ah How far back does it go?
It's gonna go all the way, how far do you want it to? 15 degrees you can't go past 15 degrees.
What's 15 degrees?
Past vertical Come on, you can go back even further you're not even there you go now you're Now you're slightly upside down. That's 15 degrees Now you're gonna go upside down. Don't snap that thing down too fast.
Why what'll happen? It's not good for it What would happen? Gotta take a deep breath this you could die Here we go for the Roller coaster How come it doesn't go back further? Your center of mass is off Whoa! So when it goes that far back down. You can't get back up. No, Daniel is pushing you. You didn't even get the full relaxation of it you gotta let it decompress your spine. Jun! Like all the tension that you're using to pull in your abs. Jun! You got it hun.
I can't get back up.
Relax that spine, relax that spine. It is relaxed. Stop yelling at me.
Do you feel tingly? Now my face feels tingly. Andrew's just gonna pass out. Ahh it goes further.
Yep. The hilarious thing is that I can just lock it like that and he can't get back Okay we're good We're good? We're good. It's also a nice excuse for torture. You gonna go.
Hi sir, please remove all items from your pockets. Do you want us to hold that for you?
Oh it's okay. You sure? We gladly take wallets Your foot goes underneath that. You gotta put your feet on..Yeah. There we go! So uh.. your foot you can raise it up like that to not be caught in there, so lean all the way back, hands by your sides You gotta keep your hands there, lean all the way back over even your head and then slowly raise one arm up and over and then the other arm up and over You're going to raise your center of Mass which will You're more than six foot one This thing only goes up to six feet so this is actually a lot of effort now So that's 15 degrees past the..
His legs are too long.
What's the purpose of doing this? It decompresses your spine for therapeutic benefits. Your spine? Can you do this by yourself?
Yes, I can, you can't
If you're under six-foot This feels actually nice.
Hang on, we can go further Wait, he doesn't have his harness on. You see guys this is how you're supposed to do it
Can we go up? Why isn't it going down? That wasn't even completely reverse
Oh okay. How was it? I feel better. Nice. I feel like a straight man now. You feel like a straight man now? Is that what you just said? Yeah, lousy joke.

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  2. That thing Jun was trying to describe is called a burr. When you sharpen on one side for awhile, you can feel the burr actually folded over to the other side of the blade edge. That's why back in the day to ensure barbers had a perfect shaving razor, after sharpening they would strop the blade with a strip of leather to do a really fine final polishing.

  3. Who is Asian but totally cant use the sharpening stone and has decided to buy the automatic one? 😳😳😳

  4. Just now I realized how pleasant the low voice speaking of the Japanese is in contrast to loud Americans.
    More and more reasons to move to Japan.

  5. 15 degrees on the knife sharpening …… 15 degrees on the yoga machine ……. math is easy kids, easy.

    8 out of 10 for this vid…… that's 80% ….. see … easy


  6. I think that Jun person is a bit too much knowledgeable for this anime. Other people look like normal but this character is too good. There would be no such thing as a real life jun.

    Wait, what do you mean this is real life!?

  7. You know your apart of the family when your included in the family shit talking

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