July 20, 2019 Part 2 – Peter Duke and Mark Kulacz On Knowledge Management For YouTube

from sanh travel I missed the message there were six miles from Abu Tina and we're gonna talk a little bit about uranium spies we're gonna talk a little bit about the when hub actual tool so first yesterday we were talking about Donald bar right yes Donald bar is the father of the AG William bar and we showed a magazine that was sort of a National Science Foundation reader for getting kids interested in science of the fake some day work in the uranium industry we got pretty technical but okay sorry about that so there's a how and why series you know 50 to 80 books different subjects dinosaurs planets but stuff but there was one written about atomic energy and weapons and it was written by Donald bar of Columbia University and Donald bought the one we know is the head of the National Education Association or very involved in the National Education Association he's also here at the end of his Colombian term he became an assistant dean of engineering by the way that's pretty pretty respectable that's pretty bad that's where the Manhattan Project occurred that's true so he would have access to bringing students into the met into the University where that occurred so your Dean of engineering your native engineering at Columbia and now he was in the OSS in Europe during the Manhattan Project I'm but I'm sure he would have had some resources available or people participated in it who could tell stories and and whatnot it would make a whole lot of sense the great place because he was back there in the 1940's that he's chosen to write this book you know the how and why book for topic energy right exactly so you know we're not we're talking about we have two people in our story that are both standing up when Enron's getting a pass and when Tehran contra is getting a pass Bob Muller bill bar we know that their wives are in a prayer circle together for the last thirty years that's a pretty close connection right and we have Bob Muller's dad being involved with nuclear fuel rods and nuclear fuel services for submarines and we have bill bar writing books trying to get young people interested in working on nuclear submarine exactly what we have a Robert swamp Mueller's father that's Roberts popular the second starting his his job with the Gilbert Tugwell from Englehart and and Phil grow so as there's your there's your mark bridge connection and so on and and potentially uranium precious metals resources that were from South Africa and then his father who was a distributor of products that came out of nuclear fuel services ie Davison chemical that would be Robert Sun we love the first and so there's a nuclear fuel rods for us submarines critical resource so the key big idea here is the bar meal or connection the bar Mueller connection is strong yes just prayer circles you know not just not just standing in front of every major national scandal with whether it be iran-contra pardons or whether it be taking down X nuclear facilities oh and turn here 304 and Pan Am and with the NFL scandal and Rocky Flats I could be Fernald and always find a skill he's not involved so it's not only that it's not only the Muller report now fast forward all the way till now that this pair has been involved in it seems like the clean up on aisle 7 game because it really goes back to this uranium stuff where their real strength where their real business interests lie is in fuel rods it seems to be a nuclear propulsion for either submarines or aircraft carriers or their friends seem to be people involved in a nuclear fuel cycle so I'm not saying uranium just because I'm saying uranium there is the other nation that had the most developed and could act as a proxy the other nation in the world that had the most expertise in rhenium was Russia they're the only other ones that ended up developing a bomb on there all three but mine says get off here I'm turning left learning ways and you're running I think either one will get us there but where we're driving by now in San Travel there's the exit okay everything you happens here real time exactly the minute you need it you see the solder girls sign there you know I'm not lying to you you know this is not a LARP you know you hope sorry if volume just my dad you know you know that if you were going to be bring her in people from another country to work in nuclear sciences you know that the country would be the room would be Russia they're the only other people in 1961 or two when they get when the plants give this land over here where we're gonna be later this afternoon the only country that has expertise when they give the land I'm gonna have to go widen out here around the police officers the only other country and they could be certainly arresting in round one right now when we vote we don't know it we don't know it this could be I won't show their officers pictures or it could be one of de metrio para bitches team right behind as it was a server we don't know where it could be that they're trying to smuggle the server out of the Russian embassy that's a very good very good concept wanted to be part of that yeah yeah so and and the servers that you again the server is trash you know that's not where the intellectual property value is it's in the hard drives and remember Enron had the DNC hard drives of pride our drives yet the DNC blackberries that negotiated the iran-contra deal probably uranium one probably everything in between maybe even before that but megatons to megawatts that's our concern here what we're just saying is this is a portal the sentence on travel is a portal okay it's a portal where you don't need a visa this gets you a round the problem of getting a visa every time you get a visa creates a footprint and as we know with vessel nets Gaia coming into the country off match income coming into the country visa is a time stamp of when that person was where they were they could be secretive back and forth here between DuPont which is about an hour that way and Annapolis Bob Muller Gibson Island about an hour this way that close to whether the possible we're we're hope its beaches where they all met Rehoboth Beach is they're about an hour from the restaurant where we are Rehoboth speech is about an hour away that's where Monica MacLean would meet that's where Julie sweat Nick who also did passports at the State Department remember Doug Ben and Justin Cooper who configures the server but not me they're the ones that say in the WikiLeaks emails can we print out a few more dip passports can we get a few more diplomatic passports every time you give out a diplomatic passport you add to the channel that's adding money to the channel that's another carrier that's another diplomatic pouch every time they travel okay again not only Julie sweat Nick's there every summer again testimony congressional testimony blase Ford is there every summer and then also mark judge we came down and Brett Kavanaugh so this is the Rehoboth Beach crowd and again that Russian girls are right in between right in between two Pont and Bob Muller on Gibson Allen again proximity is not causation but it's interesting because it's a portal it's a portal if you're trying your de pon and you're trying to say hey wait a minute I sold a whole bunch of nuclear submarines wouldn't it be great if I sold them to a whole bunch more people than just one country if I could sell them to a hundred and sixty countries eventually actually that's kind of what I want to do every business is like that in America America's the biggest mark and then you move to China you move to Russia etc okay we got that concept so let's talk sorry I'm we've got a few minutes left here so I'm talking like an option here just 20 minutes to go I wish it was sooner but there was a chopping back there okay so okay I'll pace myself now let's go to the experts let's talk about the hack of Sony you we were kissing yeah I could talk about the Sony hack because we published this stuff so I was working with Chuck Johnson at Got News and Chuck had contacts in law enforcement and the law enforcement guys said that it was an inside job that they were investigating and that they had identified a couple of women there were disgruntled workers that were working in the Sony IT department we published those stories on got news I think we published one of the names and and then President Obama announced on the national and Obama announced that they had confirmation that the North Koreans had hacked Sony right and when we talked to the law enforcement folks about what happened we said what's going to you know what would it what he going to do and they said well we're putting the files in a banker box and we're sending him into storage and we said why are you doing that and they said well because the boss said that it's North Korea if the boss says it's North Korea it's North Korea so Alice Lee an advanced Tory and I believe Amy Pascal was the person yeah it was yeah the scandal took down on an Amy Pascal and it said something about Obama being like yeah you know what I joke I don't remember the details of the emails I just know that we the law enforcement had identified that there were two individuals in the IT department at Sony who had taken the problem lay on a thumb drive which seems which seems to be kind of like the it's probably what gave the stories that you've been talking about when I started following you on YouTube a lot of credibility because it's like this is always the cover it's like it's never right it's never really a hacker right it's always usually an inside job somebody's taking data and they're leaving it and and then they use the hacker as a cover story in order to be able to you know give some credibility to that work work or or or throw throw it's a throw as you call it yeah yeah and this is what a cover service officer does this is not just you you would talk to a guy that you know that's a PA e3 pilot or PA pilot don't know a javo inside could you tell that briefing officer story the guy who yeah I used to be in naval intelligence and he said I showed him George's video and he immunity he's probably watching right now hey and and and he said he immediately got what George is doing because he explained that what briefing officers do in intelligence is that they kind of sort of know what they're looking for but they don't exactly so what they do is they just do a dump of everything that they know that day and then the the operators bow with their different skill sets and pursue you know deep dives trying to figure out whether or not the the hypothesis that seemed presented is correct and what all the corroboration is for all of that stuff and and and so he said yeah he goes I like this George guy he reminds me of everything officer yeah and there's something called it loop which is observe orient observe orient you should do both of those together and then you decide and then you act so when I get piece of data let's say like Oglala aquifer and the fact that that held up the Excel pipeline and the Keystone allowed the Keystone pipeline to cut the corner and catch up I think it's all of a sudden I think of Dick Cheney and Foster Friess getting to the market with their fracking gas that they've helped farmers you know really you know sell or whatever so again it's not like the people in our story aren't on these same lines they we know the Russian girls are in oil and gas some of them some of them are hackers okay and some are obviously meant to because Paul Paul Ericsson mr. Jack Abramoff his second he's always shipping weapons somewhere he brags about it he's along that pipeline selling partnerships we know people people that you know personally got money stolen from them in Hollywood by this guy so again the connections here are very strong to the CIA and this place where we're at we have another place down in near Oxford Maryland where our Vice President plays the organ late at night and other people would meet again who do they bring in they bring in the German that's the head of or excuse me the Russian that's the head of the Russian nuclear industry again if you want to sub out making nuclear fuel rods somewhere else and you want to be the supplier of the nuclear navies of the future you would do that too right you know it's kind of like when you go home your mom's mad at you you say well you know mom if you were if you wanted to play hooky and chase the girls you would have done the same thing not a justification but but understanding the motive of the people involved okay we're gonna leave it right there thanks everybody thanks to my black our dado and AMC expert thank you everyone and thanks to Peter Duke the many multifaceted stories of theater in terms of these big data hacks that happen in Hollywood and another place in states you

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  1. Thanks for posting this. If you're going live in a moving vehicle the reception will always be poor…but, with your father being a pioneer in the field, you already knew that.:)

  2. It it just me, or does Peter look a lot like John O? They even sound alike and have similar mannerisms! I just started reading Mark’s website and really am enjoying all the details I’d missed before. I can hardly wait for the developing Data business you guys are building right in front of our eyes, at lease that’s what it sounds like. Generational Meta Data, we provide detailed research into your family’s connections to uranium!

  3. So that’s how Barr knows Bob so well. He was very surprised when Mueller sent it in an official letter, rather than just call him. That’s how well they know ea other! Their father’s.

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  5. I grew up in Centreville and know where you are. This is amazing the bridge is out in centreville you will have to find a back way in. Amazing — I love this

  6. Exim Bank is a US Govt. corp established to finance US-USSR trade after FDR recognized the USSR. Never did that, but after WWII did finance US product and project exports that were otherwise to expensive to compete against Europe and later Asia. It financed Boeing, etc. airplane export to foreign carriers and US made equipment to foreign big ticket projects. Some of its chairmen had OSS and successor affiliations.

  7. Great researching thread to help you learn and help out: https://twitter.com/CoreysDigs/status/1152659202231455745

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  9. The Heat is on! https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/memorandum-agency-cooperation-attorney-generals-review-intelligence-activities-relating-2016-presidential-campaigns/

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