Julia Earp Wins $350,000 Playing the BIG SPIN

Hello and welcome to the North Carolina Education Lottery’s BIG SPIN LIVE event here in Raleigh! Let’s give it up! (Audience: Wooo!) Yes! I’m Valonda Calloway, your host today and I’m joined by Julia from Wilmington. Yeah! (Audience: Wooo!) Julia, you are guaranteed to walk away today with at least $100,000, but you could win $500,000 when you spin the BIG SPIN prize wheel! Audience: Wooo! How exciting is that? Julia: I’m excited! I can’t say nothing else! (laughs) Okay, so for you folks at home, I want to remind you that Julia matched a SPIN PRIZE when she played the BIG SPIN scratch-off Then she visited NCbigspin.com where she found out she won a chance to come here live on this show! So who was the first person you told? Julia: My friend Jamie. Jamie’s here today. Julia: Yes. Alright, Jamie is ride or die. I love that! So, a few things before we spin. You’ll notice that the wheel will start at $500,000. Now in order for the spin to be valid, the wheel has to go around three times, Julia. Not two, not two and a half. Three times. And at the bottom of the wheel there are three lights and when that third light goes green, we know it’s a valid spin. So are you ready? Julia: I’m ready! Do you need to warm up the arm at all? Do any you know, exercises? Julia: I’m not doing squats! No, no squats, okay! (Audience: laughter) Julia from Wilmington is ready to win some money. So everybody here in the studio, I want you to count with me! You ready? Here we go in five! Four! Three! Two! One! Spin that wheel! (Audience: cheers) Good job! Good job! Stand right here! We are joined today by our auditor from Thomas and Gibbs who will confirm the prize. That was a great spin, Julia! It was a great spin. You got it around three times, very easily. (Audience: Wooo!) Wow, how many times did it go around? (laughs) We definitely hit the three times around. It’s slowing down. Everybody’s excited. Oh my gosh! Is your heart racing like mine is? Julia can barely speak. She’s so excited. Oh my gosh. Let’s see. What’s about to happen? Oh, there’s $500,000, but it could come around again. Don’t worry. Oh, there it is again! Oh, oh, oh! Three hundred…fifty… (Audience: Wooo!) $350,000! Here is your check, Julia! Congratulations! $350,000. Yes! So Julia you have a big family. Are you going to help them out? Julia: Oh, yeah! Julia: I already have. I’m going to do it again. Ok, you’ve got a bunch of grandchildren? Julia: I have eight grandsons. Eight grandsons! So you’ve got your best friend here. How excited are you? Best friend: Oh, I can’t stand this! (laughs) Going to have a nice meal tonight? Do anything special? Julia: Oh, yes! We’re having a nice steak. A very nice steak. Nice places here in Raleigh–plenty of nice places here in Raleigh to enjoy them. Well congratulations! Have a great time, love on those grandkids, and we are so excited for you! (Audience: Wooo!) Thanks to everyone who came out today and to those of you watching at home. I’m Valonda Calloway and I hope to see you at the next BIG SPIN LIVE event! Woo!

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