Julia Bacha – Making an Impact | Master Class 2014

There was an independent media audit
that Adelman PR is are you familiar with this public relations is one of the
biggest public relations firms in the world
and they looked at the media impact of the film Buddhist and they talked about
how the story of what happened in that village shifted from before and after
the film was released so before the film was released the media coverage of what
had happened in the village revolved around a context of law in order so that
Israel had a problem with riots in in the West Bank that needed to be put down
so that peace could be restored after the film came out the narrative of what
happened in the village became a story of nonviolent resistance where women
were the leadership in Israelis and Palestinians were working together to
save the village so it really dramatically shifted they element talked
about how we had 98 percent message penetration which they said that as a PR
company even most like ad campaigns that invest millions and millions of dollars
cannot get that level of message penetration and that for me you know if
I am going to leave you with anything it’s a passion for the power of
documentary film that I think is a story of how you know a small film this is a
five hundred thousand dollar budget production that was made you know by
independent filmmakers very much sort of and I think in the in the belief that
there are stories out there that our and industry media is not telling us and it
was very concrete proof this was an independent audit that they wanted to do
because one of their members saw one of the screenings of the film and kind of
wanted to look at that once you saw how much media coverage the film was getting
and and and that was a good example of of what is possible with when you
actually want to sort of go out there and tell your story and that there there
are ways of actually shifting conversations even when they are so
divisive as is the case of Israel Palestine

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