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there comes a time when to paraphrase Popeye you have had all you can stands and you can't stands no more hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Holland here we're going to see a victim that just takes and takes and takes until he can't take anymore he's gonna teach us some important lessons about verbal judo about using your defensive fence and maintaining your distance and about knowing how to control an aggressive person quickly and definitively so these guys are having some kind of an argument the guy in the black shirts being aggressive and the guy in the light shirt isn't and then he gets head-butted for it right there but he's still keeping his cool you see him trying to keep that guy off him or whatever but the guy's not having it and so he slaps him in the face again and our guy in the light-colored shirt is still staying supercooled here and and the other guys getting real aggressive well guy in the light shirt decided to try to take down there gets him taken down gets some help from a bystander and they're gonna hold him there and thankfully this one's over it's go back and learn some lessons out of this when there's some important ones first one here is this idea of staying there with your hands down at your side you see this guy's getting aggressive I strongly recommend you don't let aggressive people into your space that close that's the way you're gonna get head-butted like this guy's about to instead when there's an aggressive person around make sure you use that defensive fence and get a hand up otherwise you're gonna get punched in the face like this or head-butted like this or something like that so that's where those attacks happen from you got to control your ego for that back that guy off and get your defensive fence up there's a link in the description to what a defensive fence is on the active self-protection extra Channel so we see the guy here after that he finally as does that as well you see him finally get something of a defensive fence up here just with his right hand but that's certainly better than nothing and as he's trying to keep this guy off him so he doesn't headbutt him again and that's what we mean when we talk about using a defensive fence however he only uses it with one hand here because he only uses it with one hand the guys are gonna reach up and slap him you gotta have both sides covered that's what the defensive fence is for is providing protection for your head and neck against at a surprise attack like this he didn't and therefore he caught a slap across the face now this guy clears he clearly is a practitioner he's got great emotional fitness because he stays nice and cool and doesn't want to fight this guy but now he's decided obviously we know where it's going he's decided at this point that he's gonna go that he's gonna actually defend himself against this guy and you got to make those decisions in a split second and have the skills to back it up and so he does here as he gets head control you can see him he takes his left leg yeah you know turns his hips and he's gonna use some kind of a capture and outside capture on the arm and the leg there now I don't know you know I've ran this by a bunch of Judo guys and you know the some called it one thing some called it another I'm just gonna call it a Kemosabe it couldn't be just a wrestling throw and go from there but at any rate head and neck control captured the leg they're captured the outside arm and then took him down don't know if he meant to take him down there or if the guy holding onto him made him fall down but it was effective because he maintained the head and arm control maintained that and got a bystander or a friend in the fight so communicating well with your friends to keep him from gouging your eyes out or whatever also important so the guy kept his cool here had some skills needs to learn that defensive fence so that the guy doesn't get those opportunities to begin with and you can cover your rasp you

46 thoughts on “Judo Skills Stop the Threat | Active Self Protection”

  1. If you cross my bubble, I will break a bone from your skeleton
    ( no more legs or arms) . If life
    Threaten I will use your own weapon
    To kill you. And brand you on my body.
    As a trophy…….

  2. What has this world become? where we need to self protect, people are so Devil, feels like wanna leave this Earth soon…….

  3. In all honesty being that close of distance with a Judoka is the most dangerous spot you could be, soon as dude came in the guy should’ve taken him down

  4. I hate the fight-as-a-last-resort mentality. If someone is in your space it means they are within striking distance. Unseen blows can cause serious damage or death. So why the hell should you take headbuts and slaps before deciding to defend yourself? If you're threatened just attack first and make sure you come off better. Worry about the inevitable legal shit later. In the UK obviously it's a crime to fight back.

  5. Black shirt weighs about 135lbs soaking wet 😂 black shirts lucky the other kid was also a feather weight who let him Get away with that slap

  6. He let himself be hit way too many times. He waited to be headbutt AND slapped before he finally defends himself.
    Jot to mention he let the guy get up in his face like 3 times.
    If the guy assaulting him wasnt such a skinny faggot, the kid in the jacket would have been out cold on the floor…

  7. By putting up a hand to ward this guy off is going to start the fracas anyhow, so this should give the the good guy some time to decide what course of action he's going to follow. An aggressor is going to react in some manner to a defensive move – so think what the next move on your part is going to be.

  8. Hi! Im new to this channel. Why asking for cash to get subscribed? Its something about monetization? The videos didnt get you enough money?

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