100 thoughts on “Judge throws book at 4-time DWI convict, son of prominent local jeweler”

  1. There should only be 1 DUI/DWI charge and they should get life before they take a life. Why in the hell do people get so many DUI/DWI's?

  2. The Man of a Dozen Faces ! Yeah , I’m sure he’s gonna get all the help he needs , from Dad and the Texas Dept of Corrections !
    Go do your time and sober up before you KILL SOMEONE !

  3. 5 times DUI. I know a guy that got his license suspended for 2 years and still hasn't been able to use his car and is paying over 8K worth of fines for only his 2nd DUI. Same thing that goes on with the drug epidemic of opioids, treatment for white folks, crack cocaine u go straight to jail…but hey there is no privilege for white folks

  4. This alcoholic needs to be put In prison for a long, long time. No sympathy….he needs rehab and to be kept off the streets. Good for the judge because that’s the only thing that will keep him away from alcohol.

  5. It’s about time this spoiled brat is held accountable. I am just glad he didn’t kill someone by driving drunk.

  6. DWI has the highest recidivism rates in the USA. Not murderers, not sex offenders (as politicians would have you believe) they are the lowest recidivism. Its DWI. The facts are there. Look it up. Too many of them do it over and over with little consequences until they kill someone.

  7. He should be covered in honey and thrown in a bears den on live TV. Every first time offender should have to watch and be told this is what happens to you next time.

  8. This dudes a scumbag and should be in jail for DWI but the government shouldn’t be able to tell you you can’t drink booze

  9. drunk drivers tend to survive and almost always killing others in the accidents. glad the judge throws the book at him.

  10. A travesty of justice. He should never had ended up in jail. He is a good kid, with a good dad. Let him go. Accidents are what good insurance is for !! The judge should be disbarred. Too cute for jail, this errant judge should have taken that into consideration. He had a bad day is all fools !

  11. So, I'm an alcoholic in recovery. Been sober since 2013. I'm not a 'counter'… I'm not worried about how long I haven't been drinking. I'm not drinking today and that's enough. But I am a lifelong Seattle Seahawks fan and I stayed sober the year we won the SuperBowl. And I won't lie, that was one of the hardest days of my life.
    I'm sorry this Green clown has to sober up in jail. But some guys [including some I've been in treatment with] can't do it any other way. And Green sure does look like that's the case. Insofar as his 4 DUI's go, in my home state he would have been locked up if he wrecked his car. They can be somewhat lenient if the offender doesn't hurt anyone [or worse] or cause property damage, but the instant somebody crosses that line, GAME OVER. And that's as it should be.
    I'm about to make myself wildly unpopular, however. Drunk driving laws are today's sanctioned witch hunt. Where I live a first-time offense with no property damage can cost you up to $15,000 once court costs, mandatory treatment, and other assorted paperwork is accounted for… BEFORE attorney's fees. So let me ask any of you… can YOU afford to lose a third of your pay [avg. US income in 2010 census was $51K] for having one beer too many? And let me note to everyone that the DUI threshold is set so that just one beer is literally too many… You can blow a .08 breathalyzer test on one beer if tested within 30 minutes of consumption. And let's not forget all the people who are making a living off of state mandated penalties. It costs something like $1.75 to run an ignition lock for one day, but private companies rent you said ignition lock for between $200 – $300 per month. In my opinion, if it's a state mandated punishment, that punishment should be performed and administered by the state, NOT by some fly by night 'blow n' go' shop.

  12. He should not go to prison. The judge should of gave him a whole year of weekend lock up and probation for 10 years also ordered to wear a alcohol detection ankle bracelet for the whole probation time, loss of driving privileges etc… . All of his crimes were alcohol related. The judge is a idiot an completely got this case wrong.

  13. This guy got off lucky.. Repeat DWI offenders in Texas have been given LIFE sentences even with no fatalities.. 6 years is light for a 4th offense..

  14. The son of a prominent jeweler, and the previous district attorney recommended probation even after multiple offenses – that attorney should be investigated, likely she was given or the wife was given a significant diamond ring

  15. This is really a failure of the justice system. Because this guy is white and has money, he got off with a slap on the wrist on four previous DUIs. Maybe, just maybe if he had gotten a 30 day sentence the first time, that might have prevented all the other times.

  16. My Ex wife needs same treatment she has had 4 DUI’s in 2 years here in California and they still haven’t made her serve any time.

  17. I noticed a few comments about Tennessee. In TN, it can be tiered and severe. However, depending on who you are, who your family is, your job and how much money you and your family has, you can drive drunk for years and years, especially in a small town.

    A cop's son wrecked time and time again. He rammed his dad in his cop car once, he rammed his brother's matching Mustange once, he ran over and killed a bicyclist in Overton Park for flipping him the bird, he fell out of his new Corvette between Selmer and Stantonville while vomiting tequila and sent himself and a trucker to the Elvis Presley trauma center, he was arrested in multiple cities for DUI and drug possession and even made the national news for being hit by a car while drunk (he was walking home from jail) when he was supposed to be in jail for driving drunk but the deputies released him because he was acting so obnoxious. He got mad and rammed the family Cadillac into The House Of Blue Lights (a shack on the outskirts of Selmer which sold illegal whiskey and dope). He stole Floyd Mangrum's cop car ( he got out and left it running), took it on a joyride and drove it through the woods and a cemetary in Bethel Springs. He took dad's keys and stole all the drugs from the police evidence locker and had a huge party at the Hunting Lodge. He was so stoned he wrecked his mom's new convertible Riviera 7 times trying to back it out of a parking spot at The Projects (he hit two cars a total of 7 times). When that same mom got a new SS Monte Carlo, he was trying to light a roach on hemostats with a cigarette lighter and hit a deer in Jone's Bottom (totalled the car). That's the short list.

    He spent three months in Shelby Farms jail for killing the bicycle guy. He got one year house arrest for DUI, drugs and theft for crimes in Jackson, TN. Other than that, it was either overnight in jail or the cops brought him home.

    He's dead now. We think it was a drug deal gone bad. He was tossed from a roof in Nashville.

    I know all too well, he was my older brother.

    That was mostly in the 80s. Selmer, TN, McNairy County.

  18. First few times sounds like daddy do was buddy buddy with the da ,maybe someone should look into th da s bank account

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