Judge Holds Betsy DeVos In Contempt, Issues Fine Of $100,000

Late last week, Betsy DeVos, the secretary
of education here in the United States, was held in civil contempt by a federal judge
because her department in the federal government refused to obey a court order from 2018. Here’s the backstory on this. It’s something we have explained in the past,
but I’m going to run through it again really quick. 2018 judge comes out and says, Hey, education
department, you can no longer collect any debts whatsoever from student loan borrowers
who attended Corinthian college cause Corinthian colleges turned out to be a complete scam. They lied to students. They defrauded them. So do not take their money away because they
took out loans to attend a fraudulent college. I’m protecting these groups. Don’t take their money to which the Department
of Education said, Oh yeah, yeah, sure, totally. We’re not going to take their money. And then they proceeded to withhold their,
uh, tax returns to garnish their wages, to issue liens against them because they were
still taking their money. So these students who knew the government
could not take their money for their student loans anymore, filed a lawsuit against Betsy
DeVos. And the Department of Education for violating
the court order. Took it to court last week. The judge says, you know what, students, you’re
right, Betsy DeVos is breaking the law. I am holding her in civil contempt and I am
finding $100,000 open. Don’t worry, folks, the multi-billionaire
Betsy DeVos isn’t going to have to pay that hundred thousand dollars out of her own pocket. She’s not going to have to go sell one of
her 10 yachts to pay for it. Now that money is going to come out of the
federal government itself, our tax dollars, so Betsy DeVos gets held in criminal contempt
or civil contempt scares me and we have to friggin pay for it. How does that work? How is that a punishment for the Department
of Education that’s punishing everybody who pays into taxes? That money should have to come out of Betsy
DeVos’s pockets and you ought to up it by about a thousand percent because she can afford
it. The people, she was scamming the people she
was illegally taking money from, they couldn’t afford those payments, but Betsy DeVos can. As I mentioned, this woman has multiple yachts. Her brother owns the private mercenary group,
Blackwater. Her parents were billionaires. Betsy DeVos has the money in its own fare
to take that money from the Department of Education of federal department that has already
starved for cash to take our tax dollars and pay her fine. That’s not okay. That’s not something that any of us should
be okay with. Yes, it’s great that DeVos got held in contempt
and that somebody in this administration learned that they are not above the law and unfortunately,
like everything else with this administration, it ends up falling back on us. The taxpayers, we’re the ones who ultimately
get screwed in this. Betsy DeVos should be forced to pay that fine
herself. She has the money to do it and she’ll never
ever miss it. But instead, taking $100,000 worth of tax
payer money away from schools, away from school programs and handing it over to the court
because Betsy DeVos decided to break the law.

100 thoughts on “Judge Holds Betsy DeVos In Contempt, Issues Fine Of $100,000”

  1. Anyone who owns a yacht parked in the caymans is too out of touch and lacks the imagination to run any government department.

  2. Im guessing the GOPare perfectly okay, with taxpayers footing the bill for this, and meanwhile those 4 pennies that the taxpayer pays, so that old couple can have heat in the winter, just pisses them off to the point of insanity.

  3. This is why I laugh every time I hear that some own is suing the Trump administration for some evil act. What's the best you can do? And Trump loves it because it distracts our brains and dilutes our resources even more. He pays nothing.

  4. Hey instead of a fine she won't pay and even if she did wouldn't effect her at all… have her forced to do Community Service, say picking up garbage by the Highway for a few hundred hours… have her where an orange jumpsuit ….hey work is supposed to be "good for the soul" much better than just receiving a handout … have her doing manuel labor for a while…. just a thought, eh?

  5. Infuriating selfish wicked woman. Itsey Betsee that’s her.. I feel good about when it’s her time and she is accountable to the Higher Powers..

  6. πŸ˜ŒπŸ›πŸ’₯βœŠπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ€”Rich, and shameless only makes criminal laws, and roles for only backstage betterments of poor peasants.



  7. Another criminal in a criminal bunch of people that declares themself to be the government of the most powerful country in the World. Very depressing.

  8. Farron, while most of your points here are spot on, PLEASE do NOT resort to the limp, weak reasoning for her to pay the fine "because she can afford it". The right wing will jump all over that, and frankly, for good reason. Hell, I'd rather see her go to prison.

  9. And the judge didn't know? Come on ! They mock us. The $100k, or whatever it takes, should reimburse the students who were illegally pressed for loan repayment. But hey ! That's too obvious! Proper justice would be to lock her up also….

  10. The problem with fines is that they are designed to punish normal people. Billionaires and corporations look at $100K as pocket change. Best way to solve this problem is make the fine a function of net worth or net income with a lower limit and no upper limit. Corporate fines necessarily need to be draconian (in excess of 100% of the profits made from the offense) because corporations consider fines a business expense.
    The only other way to deter this kind of bullshit is to abolish the two-tier justice system and actually send rich people and executives to jail.

  11. Wtf?! That makes no sense at all! Why would they issue a fine if it’s not going to hurt who’s going to be punished?!

  12. Just one of the many of the only but the very best of people that should be put away imprisoned in the dungeons of the swamp whatever?

  13. As Pond Scum goes, DeVos and her family are as Scummy as it gets. They are every bad thing that people think/talk about when it comes to the 1%. Betsy DeVos would take the pennies off a dead man's eyes if it came down to that. Truly odious, evil, narcissistic, war-mongering grifters, and ole Dim-wit Donnie must have gone out of his way to choose someone so thoroughly inept to be Secretary of Education, and American children get left holding the bag. Disgusting!

  14. And then Republicans say they don't want to pay taxes to finance healthcare for everyone, what pos. How come I didn't see this on the MSM?

  15. How about criminal charges, where are her civil forfeitures and restitution payments to the department of education and the students and taxpayers she is supposed to be representing? It's time for a class action suit and criminal referrals for these international criminals that came riding in on the Trump train, to take a little bit more, that wasn't theirs, and show the rest of us the laws don't apply to them. We need to show that they are mistaken and we need to do it quickly and with an impact not soon forgotten.

  16. How many people posting here are prepared to get off their arses and protest? Answer, none. The GOP are literally laughing their heads off. They can't believe how easy it was rob Umerica blind and constantly get away with it. All it needs for evil to succeed is for ordinary men to do nothing. Apathy is stronger than it's ever been in Umerica folks. Get out and vote blue in 2020 it's vital you swamp the vote so they can't rig it.

  17. Isn't that double taxation? These people pay their taxes. Paid back loans that were supposed to go away. Sue and win. Then pay more taxes to pay Cruella DeVos' fine. Double taxation is illegal. It's in the tax code.

  18. Should be $100,000 for each instance of disregard for the law. And it must come from her PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT PERIOD. The epitome of the 1% mentality.

  19. I will never quit saying DeVos is the worst thing happening in this country. Trump is a nincompoop and a criminal, but DeVos and her ilk are what Movie Villians wish they could be.

  20. Don't you have something like per diem rate fines? It is a fine that depends on your net income and your life wealth situation. Like for a professional football player who drove around without drivers licence in my country for quite some time. He was sentenced to pay a fine of 90 per diem rates, 90 day rates and had to pay 540 000€ because of his high income.

    Is there something similar in the US?

  21. I'm not an American and I have absolutely never had even the remotest dealings with the American education system or the DoE, but I hate this woman with a passion. It pains me to see such a disgusting moron actively work to destroy education. Am I seeing this wrong or is she basically trying to ensure that the poor remain uneducated and therefore more easily exploitable by the rich… effectively turning her own greed into government policy?

  22. Shouldn't we make fines pro rata to your income. If a fine is rated at 1% of your income then that's fair on everyone, if it was me I'd get a rebate. Or if a fine is over a certain amount of money then a prison sentence would be compulsory for all, but on the good side Betsy, you wouldn't have to pay the fine, that's the fine that you wouldn't pay anyway because you just take it away from children.

  23. This is getting absurd. Where is the GOP chant of personal accountability now? Conveniently absent. Somehow it is the whole education department that has to be accountable for Betsy DeVos's crimes and the US taxpayers that pay the fine even though the the US taxpayers certainly are blameless in this, if not the victim. Yet the one person really responsible for making the decision and carrying it out somehow personally doesn't end up personally accountable. Something is fundamentally wrong here.


  25. https://youtu.be/TFZxGQr9Mcg

    Fire burns in the center and creates an outer ring. Luciferian ritual of placing rocks at the outer edges of the ring determines the human sacrifice for the following year.
    These people are hiding in plain site.

  26. As she systematically kills public education and funnels money into the charter school programs that she has a financial interest concern.

  27. $100 grand to Betsy Devos is a weekend holiday away for her. The be-itch probably won't even pay up the fine received. She'll bill the department of education for her mistake.

  28. Bet trump didn't grab that scarecrow by the pussy she should spend some of that rich whore money on some plastic surgery

  29. πŸ€¬πŸ€¬βš–οΈβš–οΈπŸ”’πŸ”’πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸπŸπŸŠ Prison , Jail kick her out .

  30. I just did the math. I'm solidly middle class; I'm a single guy who works as a professional and has been doing the same job for seven years, so I have savings and I live in relative comfort. Comparing the $100,000 fine to DeVos's net worth, it would be like fining me about $3.50 (Cdn).

    We should all look to the Finnish model when it comes to fines where the fine is scaled to income. Because I don't think $100,000 is going to get her attention.

    Edit: Oof, I wrote this comment before seeing the whole video. She won't even have to pay the $100,000; that's coming out of public funds.

  31. They only do this cuz we the people let him we don't stick together we got to stop looking at color we are rainbow of colors and that's beautiful but they got us thinking yeah this color better than the next and why we sitting up here playing this dumb game with them they getting rich

  32. She's worth hundreds of million $$$ and lives like a god. I'm pretty sure she's laughing at some petty fine. The wicked always win because they cheat, lie, extort, kill, rape and steal while the saints play by the rules and preach love & forgiveness…seems to me that evil always wins and history proves it.

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