Josiah Hawley Video Log 4: A Very Hawley Education

Off to a rough start had a blowout on the trailer tire, but fortunately it was right as we were turning into the residential area First part of the process today is we’re gonna break out the old driveway and replace it with a new one. One thing that’s really cool about our our company is that it’s a family business. Welcome to Hawley Concrete. (singing) God, bless America… I get to work with all my brothers. I have recruited all my kids at one point or another every summer. I think they all worked for me. I mean I was probably going to the job, you know at two or three. As soon as I could walk and and run my dad would let me “check out” the job site. I’ve been working concrete ever since I was 12 years old I worked every summer. At 6 or 7, working with my dad was more like Son, can you go grab that tool for me? You know, and maybe he’d let me help him hold the concrete chute So he’d be right next to me coaching me, showing me. The earliest memory I have three or four Just just walking around and being with dad and giving him, you know some stakes that he can drive into the ground. Or just grabbing a little shovel You know throw it in some dirt and sand – just little things he’d have us do to help out. Even my daughter Who’s a PA. She actually worked for me too one summer. She knows how to run the Bobcat. As a kid doing construction was fun because it was like an excuse to get out of the house So we got to go do something. We got to go with dad. You know, be with dad, hang with dad. The jobs were always different places. It’s a different house or it’s a different neighborhood And so we always tried to be in different areas with dad working with dad. And and so that was always fun. It’s one of those Things I didn’t really plan on in life. I did it one summer in college and when I got out of school, it was like May and the weather was beautiful and I liked being outside and Really couldn’t fancy myself being cooped up in an office when the weather was really nice Went to work for a construction company in Kansas and got married shortly Thereafter ended moving to Fort Smith.Went to work for a company here Ventured out and started my own business. Had some lean times establish the business and now Now we can’t hardly keep up. So after we tear out the old driveway We’re going to come in with some boards and we’re gonna actually lay the groundwork so we can pour new concrete. Most challenging part is dealing with the temperature dealing with you know in the winter You have to deal with a really cold and the summer you have to do with a really hot and there’s not much you can do. Most of the time it’s pretty fun some days. It’s It’s awful but not because of them just because of the work conditions we’re in. When I work with my brothers. There’s just this openness that occurs like if it’s a really hot day, you know, they might be a little frustrated because of the heat. You’ll kind of sense that but then all of a sudden they’ll just like see somebody doing something and they just want to make them laugh So they’ll start like messing with somebody. Movie quotes are a big thing. We all laugh and joke around with each other We all know different types of movies and we’ll just quote different stuff make each other laugh. We’re just stoked to see one another and to be able to like work with one another like we used to do years ago and We always have a really good time. “The office.” That’s one we do all the time. You know, there’s the classic–Michael. “That’s what she said!” Obviously everyone knows that. I like to throw out Toby a lot. throw him under the bus,. “You know Toby. He works for corporate. So he’s not really a part of our family. Also, he’s divorced so he’s not really a part of his family.” Stuff like that. And it’s just constant. It’s all day.

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  1. Yep, this is the way I grew up, along with most farm boys/girls, helping dad/mom make a living on the farm or in their business. 🙂

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