27 thoughts on “Josh Waitzkin — How to Cram 2 Months of Learning into 1 Day | The Tim Ferriss Show”

  1. This is one I might get transcribed and take with me and highlight like a mad man. This is pure gold!!!

  2. I've read his book, it was great. I've listened to his previous interviews with Tim, and it was good but I felt like I was too far beyond to understand everything. Now this one… I'm older and hopefully wiser and all I hear is a bunch of nothing and jargon. No value. Do you guys agree or not?

  3. That's a Lift E-foil that he's riding. It's such a new concept that probably half the audience has no idea how he's flying over the water and what the undercarriage of the board looks like.

  4. Wow what a bogus seller. Tim asked, and interviewed bringing up super specific and relevant questions. But this guy josh, just looked mysterious all the time and said something in variation of inside, yourself, I, myself, individual, individualized and inside couple of more times. Such an imitator. Success and learning my ass.

  5. Great questions from Tim, though felt like Josh gave out more generalized or broader answer rather than being a bit more specific.

  6. i could listen to Josh for hours … would kill to get a session or two with him … more Josh in longer form please Tim 🙂 And holy crap … he's writing !

  7. This is so jam-packed with insights I had to re-watch 6 times 😉 Tim, thank you for preparing so well and asking amazing questions! This is your gift to the world!

  8. I feel like the title of this video should be "How a Genius Crams 2 Months of Learning into 1 Day." For us muggles, it would be more like, "How to Cram 2 Months of Learning into 2 months."

  9. I will loose my year at the university if I fail a test that is due in 5 days, I hope this advice helps me

  10. Hey Tim, long time listener of the podcast and supporter of the TF brand, quick question. I eat OMAD and have been doing so for 3-4 years, however, no matter what I eat now it seems, I'm getting a terrible reaction (the worst brain fogs), at first I thought it's the coconut oil, then kiwi, then brown sugar/squash (I'm on a gluten free diet) so literally have no idea. What do you think I should do?
    Any input from you or your viewers may help. I am definitely looking to start an elimination diet…

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