50 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson about Universities, Education and personal Growth”

  1. After 8 years in college, I've been telling people to go to trade school also. College is a waste of money unless you need it for professional programs in medicine or law.

  2. I agree with Jordan Peterson 99% of the time, but the bankruptcy rules are setup that way for a very specific reason – obviously a HUGE number of students would abuse it to death. The COUNTRY would go (more?) bankrupt, because we'd obviously "insure" those loans. It's the largest unsecured loan most people will ever have, there's a lot of people who would love to do 8 years of school and then file. Based on the average student loan debt as of 2018, if only 6.1% of students filed for bankruptcy, the country would lose $10 BILLION dollars, if 21% of student filed, that's 1% of the entire federal budget.

  3. Telling people to send their children to trade school is dangerous. While it’s appropriate for many people, a liberal arts education is INTEGRAL to creating a knowledgeable and empathetic society. Also, education solely through the internet is also dangerous because too many people aren’t capable of disseminating between truth and lies. What we need to do is make college cheaper and be vigilant about free speech.

  4. College just like the first 12 years of school is used to indoctrinate young minds and force young people into debt slavery. Its that simple.

  5. People who say "you can just educate yourself online" never seem to account for (1) literally no one ever does that, and (2) if you tried, you'd likely come out with a terrible, half-baked 'education'.

  6. If universities are obsolete or causing more harm than good, then I think HR policies in most big companies are just as bad, demanding a lot of experience on top of a degree or some such.

  7. Part of going to school is being on time, getting along with others and taking directions. You can't get that from an online education.

  8. Good I'm not a student of this man! Although he's smart and talkative but he comes across as so difficult to satisfy as a teacher.

  9. If kids were exposed to Petersen lectures rather than the socialist propaganda they get from school teachers they might grow up to be great human beings rather than the weak, feeble minded and feckless individuals our education system seems to churn out currently.

  10. 19:05mins "If u have a memory greater than 18months old and there is still an emotional reaction to it, you haven't freed yourself from its grasp."

  11. As junior student of economics I can attest to this. I wouldn't virtually never hire any of my peers, if a position too. I think there is a slim chance I'll do anything with my degree and I feel the majority of the time my classes are wasting my time. That being said I'm too deep and you need a degree to virtually do anything. My biggest fear in life is that I will work at Costco my entire life doing the same thing everyday.

  12. No you can't educate yourself. Publications are not public. You still need to pay for new information or be part of the team to see it.

  13. People who are applying for universities especially not planning on going to the top 20 should really pay attention to this. This is like so relevant sometimes universities can be more harm than good but you still need to find a way to learn to be intelligent and powerful and make a living.

  14. colleges and universities are simply a scam and a debt trap. period. you can learn literally everything they teach you practically for free

  15. Air makes you old too, Peterson. Question for Peterson, if slaves looked outward in the world what would they say. Nice blog btw

  16. Self-examination is impossible. That is why changing others is even harder. It's impossible, even judges are skewed bc they are from the outside looking in.

  17. Mean no disrespect for Jordan Peterson or this wonderful podcast but man… Jordan Peterson sounds like Kermit the Frog if he becomes a professor at Harvard.

  18. 8:57 – As an engineering student: "Nah, it's just as bad." Especially in Central Europe. Take Germany. 60-90% of engineering students fail and professors say "It's normal". The hell is that normal?! It's like owning a restaurant and having 60-90% of your food undercooked, rotten or burned and saying "oh, the customers just don't understand the art of my food" – BS.

    Also ended up learning all my engineering stuff from YouTube or books written in the pre-WW I era and post WW II era. Because the modern books are just a sorry excuse for literature.

  19. The tax structure of each state has changed to place the burden of tuition in public universities on the students. Much of the support of public universities used to be paid for with taxes. And…adjunct professors who get no tenure and no benefits teach at least half the course nowadays. This is a Republican design, and it's intentional.

  20. You are an evil psychiatrist who wants nothing but money and recognition. My wisdom tells me that a good/helpful person doesnt want to make personal gain over the pain of others. Stop profiteering and start helping you jew

  21. So get a degree get a business loan then pay student loans with business loan then declare bankruptcy lol

  22. The University's are infiltrated. They are leftist propaganda tools to make soft heads marxists people who will destroy democracy and free trade. These same left clowns will push us towards the big brother government and state capitalism that will enslave us all. Thank you retarded self mutulating careless indoctrinated dummies.

  23. I have a masters in a science and couldn't find a job right out of grad school. Worked as a laborer to pay off my student loans for four years. Finally got work as a part time adjunct faculty member using my degree: $758/month with no benefits 🙂 Now I tell people to go to trade school.

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