Jordan Peterson: A history lesson for political radicals

well I'll talk to you a little bit now about the concentration camp concentration camps were established there they were established in England Germany Russia China Cambodia and Yugoslavia and in the Soviet Union the estimates these are estimates that were derived by Solzhenitsyn were that 66 million people died in internal repression in the Soviet Union between 1919 and 1959 that's a figure that's ten times as great as the figures that are commonly used to describe the genocide rate in the Holocaust which was more like six million and Solzhenitsyn also estimated but no one knows that a hundred million people died in China during Mao's Cultural Revolution when Mao decided that he was going to wipe out all of Chinese tradition and destroyed much of the much of the ancient artifacts that characterized that tradition in a in a like a riotous catastrophe that lasted more than a decade Solzhenitsyn says the imagination and strength spiritual strength of Shakespeare's evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses because they had no ideology ideology that's what gives evildoing its long sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination that's the social theory which helps to make his outseam good instead of bad in his own eyes and others this was how the agents of the inquisition fortified their wills by invoking Christianity the conquer of foreign lands by extolling the grandeur of their motherland the colonizers by civilization the Nazis by race and the jacobins early and late by equality Brotherhood and the happiness of future generations without evildoers there would have been no archipelago the archipelago the Gulag Archipelago is Solzhenitsyn's metaphor for that for the prison camps like the prison camps that exist now in North Korea in which millions of people are starving and dying for the for the prison camps that littered the entire Soviet Union and those cultures became so pathological that in East Germany for example before the wall fell down and East Germany was arguably one of the more civilized parts of the Soviet state eight one person out of three was a government informer so if you have a family of five people there's a reasonable probability that two of them are going to tell a government agent what you say and think and that was also portrayed as the highest possible moral virtue because it was much better for you to be a admirable citizen of the state than say a loyal daughter and that's what children were taught in school that the family was a defunct unit and that individual relationships were secondary and that all that mattered was adherence to the dogma that constituted the central axioms of the state is a Solzhenitsyn's description of how communist ideological uniformity was enforced in the prison camps an anonymous author is told how executions were carried out at a DAC a camp on the patria River they would take the opposition members with their things out of the camp compound on a prisoner transport at night and outside the compound stood the small house of the third section the condemned men were taken into a room one at a time and there the camp guards sprang on them their mouths were stuffed with something soft and their arms were bound with cords behind their backs then they were led out into the courtyard where harnessed carts were waiting the bound prisoners were piled on the carts from five to seven at a time and driven off to the Gorka the camp cemetery on arrival they were tipped into big pits that had already been prepared and buried alive not out of brutality no it had been ascertained that when dragging and lifting them it was much easier to cope with living people than with corpses the work went on for many nights at Adak and that is how the moral political unity of our party was achieved if you have a rigid belief system and that's what an indie ology is because it's axioms are such that it encompasses all of reality and then there are details left outside that don't seem to fit into that reality well then you ignore them but what if they're embodied what if there are people who are objecting to the way you think well the equivalent to repressing evidence that runs contrary to your theory is the murder of people who object to what you say and those two things are linked much tighter than you would think you know you might think well I would never do something like the Communists did in in in the what the evangelization of my beliefs but the truth of the matter is is that in general people will do such things if they're granted the opportunity and provided with the proper apparatus this is Frankel from his accounts of the concentration camps under Nazi Germany the most ghastly moment of the 24 hours of camp life was the awakening when at a still nocturnal hour the three shrill blows of a whistle torez pitilessly from our exhausted sleep and from the longings in our dreams we then began the tussle with our wet shoes into which we could scarcely force our feet which were sore and swollen with edema and then there were the usual moans and groans about petty troubles such as the snapping of wires which replaced shoelaces one morning I heard someone whom I knew to be brave and dignified cry like a child because he finally had to go out to the snowy marching fields in his bare feet as the shoes were too shrunken for him to wear in those ghastly moments I found a little bit of comfort a small piece of bread which I drew out of my pocket and munched with absorbed delight solzhenitsyn many of the gulag camps contained two classes of prisoners rapists murderers and thieves were very well organized in Russia and the Soviet Union and political prisoners and because the Soviets believed that the reason that people were thieves murderers and rapists was because of the appalling sociological conditions that they grew up into they believed they were socially friendly elements who could still be redeemed so they put them in charge of the camps and so the political prisoners were at the bottom of the hierarchy the prisoners ran the camps with minimal supervision and the camps were often forced labor camps and forced labor meant do something difficult and pointless until you die it didn't mean it meant only secondarily produced something of potential value to the state you saw this with Nazi Germany to the Nazis when they started to lose the Second World War they could have stopped their Holocaust machination and used the people they had imprisoned to build implements to further the war effort which they did to some degree so they could have used them as slaves so this would be the logic take the slaves make the munitions win the war then after you've won the war you can run around and mop everybody up but that isn't what the Nazis did when they started to lose instead of doing what you think would be rational in the pursuit of what was hypothetically their goal they amped up the killing and and took resources away from the war itself and so the conclusion that's reasonable to draw from that is that the killing was the purpose of the war all the rest of it was just window dressing and exactly as a soldier Nixon described in the earlier quotes that I told you is the ideology was only there to allow the people who were fundamentally moded motivated towards genocide and destruction to pretend to themselves that they hadn't become rotten to the absolute core but when push came to shove and they had to show where their allegiances lie they weren't even they weren't even valid followers of the Nazi Party because they put the continued pursuit of death above their own survival even as an ideology and that's how we the only Gd generates and part of the reason for that is that the narrower the box that you stuff yourself into the weaker your character becomes because there's nothing left of you you're just a shell that has demons in it and but you're still the sort of thing that can suffer and so if you cram everything you are into a box a small tight box and you get rid of everything that doesn't fit you get rid of everything in you that makes life bearable and then life becomes unbearable and then if life becomes unbearable well then of course you're motivated to do nothing but to take revenge on it because why wouldn't you if all you were doing was suffering stupidly and meaninglessly how could you positively how could you possibly show a positive face to yourself and to the rest of humanity and cold lower than sixty degrees below zero work days were written off in other words on such days the records showed that the workers had not gone out to work they were often digging canals on the frozen Siberian Prairie by hand there was one canal and I think it was on the Volga River but I can't remember precisely a soldier Stalin killed three hundred thousand people in a single winter digging it by hand and when it was done it was so shallow that no ships could use it the records showed that the workers had not gone out to work but they chased them out anyway and whatever they squeezed out of them on those days was added to the other days thereby raising the percentages and the servile medical section wrote off those who froze to death on such cold days on some other basis and the ones who were left who could no longer walk and were straining every sinew to crawl along in all fours on the way back to camp the convoy simply shot so that they wouldn't escape before they could come back to get them this is from William Blake who rose the art sick the invisible worm that flies in the night in the howling storm have found out that bed of crimson joy and his dark secret love does thy life destroy mrs. Solzhenitsyn fire fire the branches crackling the night wind of late autumn blows the flame of the bonfire back and forth the compound is dark I'm alone at the bonfire and I can bring it still some more carpenter shavings this compound here is a privileged one so privileged that it's almost as if I were out in freedom this is an island of paradise this is the Murphy no shurochka a scientific Institute staffed by engineers staffed with prisoners in its most privileged period no one is overseeing me calling me to a cell chasing me away from the bonfire and even then it is chilly in the penetrating wind but she who has already been standing in the wind for hours her arms straight down her head drooping weeping then growing numb and still and then again she begs piteously citizen chief please forgive me I won't do it again the wind carries her moan to me just as if she were moaning next to my ear the citizen chief at the gatehouse fires up his stove and does not answer this was the gatehouse of the camp next door to us from which workers came into our compound to lay water pipes and repair the old ramshackle seminary building across from me beyond the artfully intertwined many stranded barbed wire barricade and two steps away from the gatehouse beneath a bright Lantern stood the punished girl head hanging the wind tugging at her gray work skirt her feet growing numb from the cold and a thin scarf over her head it had been warm during the day when they had been digging a ditch on our territory and another girl slipping down into a ravine had crawled her way to the flat Aquino Highway and escaped a guard had bungled and Moscow city buses ran right along the highway when they caught on it was too late to catch her they raised the alarm a mean dark major arrived and shouted that if they failed to catch the girl the entire camp would be deprived of visits and parcels for a whole month because of her escape and the women Brigid tears went into a rage and they were all shouting one of them in particular who kept viciously rolling her eyes oh I hope they catch her the bitch I hope they take scissors and clip clip take off all her hair in front of the lineup this wasn't something she had thought up herself this is the way they punished women in the GU leg but the girl who was now standing outside the gatehouse in the cold had sighed and said instead at least she can have a good time out freedom for all of us the jailer overheard what she said and now she was being punished everyone else had been taken off to the camp but she had been set outside there to stand at attention in front of the gatehouse this had been at 6 p.m. and it was now 11 p.m. she tried to shift from one foot to another but the guard struck out his head and shouted stand at attention whore or it will be worse for you and now she was not moving only weeping forgive me citizen chief let me into the camp I won't do it anymore but even in the camp no one was about to say to her all right idiot come on in the reason they were keeping her out there so long was that the next day was Sunday and and she would not be needed for work such a straw blonde naive UNAC aide uneducated slip of a girl she had been imprisoned for some spool of thread what a dangerous thought you expressed there little sister they want to teach you a lesson for the rest of your life fire fire we fought the war we looked into the bonfires to see what kind of victory it would be the wind wafted a glowing husk from the born fire to that flame and you girl I promise the whole wide world will read about you from Milton this is from Paradise Lost Milton wrote Paradise Lost just before the rise of the nation states and Milton also had the intuition that there was something wrong with rationality and he identified rationality with the mythology of Satan and in the mythology of Satan Satan was represented as the highest angel in God's heavenly kingdom so you can think about that as the highest psychological function who had rebelled against God and that and was then cast into hell and the idea there's an idea that's being expressed by Milton he was he was one of the most he was one of the four most poetic geniuses of the English language Milton and Shakespeare and what Milton was trying to understand was what is the nature of evil and his representation up the dreamlike theories of evil that had been collected around all of Western civilization for thousands of years and his hypothesis was this evil is the force that believes that it's knowledge is complete and that it can do without the transcendent and as soon as it makes that claim it existent lis exists in a place that's indistinguishable from hell and it could get out merely by admitting its error and it will never do that for whence but from the author of all ill could spring so deep a malice to confound the race of mankind in one root and earth with hell to mingle and involve done all despite the Great Creator this is from Richard the third Shakespeare I shall despair there is no creature loves me and if I die no soul will pity me nay wherefore should they since that I myself find in myself no pity to myself Solzhenitsyn describes the reactions and actions of communist party members who were devoured by the system because that often happened that the the prison system the gulag system was very indiscriminating you could land there for good reasons or bad and the bad reasons were probably better because the punishment was more severe if you were imprisoned for your innocence and communist party members often got vacuumed up and this was ontologically and existentially intolerable for them because they committed their whole soul to the ideological dogma and then it's it's tyrannical aspect picked them up and destroyed them like they were worth nothing to say that things were painful for them is to say almost nothing they were incapable of assimilating such a blow such a downfall and from their own people to from their own dear party the typical arrest was you're at home with your family in your bed and it's three o'clock in the morning and the doors kicked down and they take you out of your bed in whatever you happen to be wearing and they tell you to say goodbye to your family and give you like 25 seconds to pack and then you're gone and no one sees you again they take you to the prison they take off all your clothes they shave your head they have you pick out some random clothes from a pile of clothes hopefully they don't fit and then you're tried you confess if you will and you're off to the prison camp to say that things were painful for them is to say almost nothing they were incapable of assimilating such a blow such a downfall and from their own people to from their own dear party and from all appearances for nothing at all after all they had been guilty of nothing as far as the party was concerned nothing at all it was painful to them to such a degree that it was considered taboo among them uncommon to ask what were you imprisoned for how they were the only squeamish generation of prisoners the rest of us with our tongues hanging out couldn't wait to tell the story to every chance newcomer we met and to the whole cell as if it were an anecdote here's the sort of people they were told us Leo's Berg's husband had already been arrested and they had come to carry out a search and arrest her too the search lasted for hours and she spent those four hours sorting out the minutes of the Congress of the bristle and brush industry of which he had been the secretary until the previous day the incomplete state of the minutes troubled her more than her children who she was now leaving forever even the interrogator conducting the search could not resist telling her come on now say farewell to your children here's the sort of people they were a letter from her fifteen-year-old daughter came to yellow zaveta said Cova in the Kazon prison for long-term prisoners mama tell me write to me are you guilty or not I hope you weren't guilty because then I won't join the Komsomol which was the young Communist organization and I won't forgive them because of you but if you're guilty I won't write you anymore and I will hate you and the mother was stricken by remorse in her damp grave like cell with its dim little lamp how could her daughter live without the Komsomol how could she / me be permitted to hate Soviet power better that she should hate me and so she wrote I am guilty enter the Komsomol how could it be anything but hard it was more than the human heart could bear to fall beneath the beloved axe and then to have to justify its wisdom but that's the price a man pays for entrusting his god-given soul to human Dogma even today any Orthodox communist will affirm that set Cova acted correctly even today they cannot be convinced that this is precisely quote the perversion of small forces that the mother perverted her daughter and harmed her soul here's the sort of people they were yt gave sincere testimony against her husband anything to aid the party oh how one could pity them if they at least had come to comprehend their former wretchedness this whole chapter could have been right and quick quite differently if today at least they had forsaken their earlier views but it happened the way mariya Daniel Ann had dreamed it would if I leave here someday I'm going to live as if nothing had taken place loyalty in our view it's just plain Pig headedness those devotees to the theories of development construed loyalty to that development to mean renunciation to any personal development whatsoever as Nikolai adamovich villain Chuck said after serving 17 years we believed in the party and we were not mistaken is this loyalty or pigheadedness no it was not for show and not out of hypocrisy hypocrisy that they argued in the cells in defense of all the government's actions they needed ideological arguments in order to hold on to a sense of their own rightness otherwise insanity was not far off this is from Paradise Lost so in this scene Satan is cast into hell and it's because of his rebellion against the transcendent his idea that he himself is sufficient this is his statement to his crew farewell happy fields where joy forever dwells hail Horrors hail infernal world and thou profoundest hell received thy new possessor one who brings a mind not to be changed by place or time the mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of Hell or hell of heaven what matters where if I be still the same and what I should be all but less than he whom Thunder hath made greater here at least we shall be free the almighty hath not built here for his envy will not drive us hence here we may reign secure and in my choice to reign is worth ambition though in hell better to reign in Hell than serve in heaven the existentialists of the late 19th century attempted to diagnose the pathology of the human personality at a deeper level I believe that anyone else had ever attempted and their fundamental conclusion was that there are destruction by rationality of the evolved systems of meaning that people had previously lived within had undermined the psychological strength of each individual divorced from their own history that led them to be to gravitate towards either nihilism or as a counter position to gravitate towards totalitarianism the whole 20th century played out the pendulum swing between nihilism and totalitarianism and in the background the existentialists and the psychodynamic theorists were putting forward a theory which was that if people lived up to their own possibility and held on to their own experience as if it were true and did not substitute for that ideological and consensual beliefs that it would be possible for each person to find a wellspring of meaning that would be a sufficient replacement for what had been lost historically without having to fall into the pitfalls of nihilism or totalitarianism so you might say well nihilism well that's one thing because mostly that affects you although if you're nihilistic then everyone around you is going to be pulled out as well but totalitarianism is a whole different issue because what we know now is that once things become ideologically totalitarian the next step is mass murder and and it's the next step is mass murder in a manner that makes it appear that the purpose for the ideological rigidity Asian to begin with was the opportunity to participate in mass murder so you know how Hitler died Hitler lost faith in the German people because they were losing the war and so he concluded in the waning stages of World War two that Germany should just be destroyed and fire and everything else that he could possibly consume would go with him and so he died in a bunker underneath Berlin when it was in flames he committed suicide when Europe was in flames and there was a worshipper of the kind of fire that purifies used that mythology of cleansing fire to to enter into a terrible pact with thee with the entire nation that he followed and led and stellen stellen just didn't just kill individuals that he pulled off the streets he killed like all the engineers and all the doctors because he believed they were wreckers they killed all the good farmers they killed six million Ukrainians they moved whole nations of people into Siberia and let them die and there's every every bit of evidence there is suggest that what Stalin was doing was practicing murderous genocide on an ever larger scale and hoping that would culminate in a thermonuclear war and we escaped that just by a thread the existentialist make that claim which i think is a remarkable and powerful claim that the way out of those catastrophic situations is not through political action per se or it's not going to be resolved by one party defeating another or one position defeating another that's a continuation of the same process that produces the problem the existential in the psychodynamic answer to this problem is that it's more a disease of the soul than a disease of the state and that the way to address it is to ensure that you live in a manner that makes you neither nihilistic nor susceptible to ideological possession Solzhenitsyn and other other thinkers like him like Frankel believed that this that society was a macrocosm of the individual not the other way around not that the individual was a sub-element of society believed that the choice that each end jewelle made was potentially so powerful in relationship to pathological behavior or honest or honest and thoughtful behavior that a single individual properly developed could stand up against a charity and win and it seems to me and I thought about this for a very long time that the lesson of the 20th century is that a single individual can stand up against a tyrant and win and each of us are single individuals and the danger of tyranny and the danger of nihilism are not past and so as inheritors of the catastrophic legacy of the 20th century and as inhabitants of the new millennium part of your responsibility is to live your own life and to live it honestly and to pay attention to your own experience and not take the easy way out that ideological systems offer you their destined to transform themselves into rigid and murderous pathologies and you offload your responsibility for thinking and acting to them and then you have to ask yourself well what are they well all the evidence suggests that they're not the sort of thing that you want to have in your head the grades are up we'll see you on Tuesday [Applause]

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  1. I'm utterly surprised and thankful this hasn't been taken down together with JP's channel or related videos. Everyone talks about how screwed up everything is and all but remember….. we must be grateful for what we DO have. Don't make the mistake of underestimating it. Whether it's because money is being put into it or is being generating out of it, we still have a chance of finding truth through these venues everyone's attacking now. Keep a balanced mind set, that is all. 🙂

  2. Informers, not only East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc., in fact all the Soviet controlled or heavily influenced countries!

  3. It is bad that a lot of people need to get their history from Dr. Peterson. American public school teachers should be teaching as Dr. Peterson is. The public school system is in shambles in the United States. This is what Dr. Peterson is really lecturing on in my opinion. Not many teachers will teach the truth. Teaching is agenda driven and the proof is that people want to hear the truth and know when it is taught as does Dr. Jordan Peterson.

  4. Ideology is evil because philosophy never created the only bastion of human freedom in the known world.

  5. Interesting pointing out the pow camps in other countries…

    I’d like to hear you discuss the pow camps in the United States extant today – otherwise known as “reservations”…

  6. One thing I have noticed after watching a Jordan Peterson video, is that the majority of the comments are well written, thoughtful, thankful, and respectful. This speaks to the kind of audience Dr. Peterson is appealing to, and that says a lot about him. What a wonderful man.

  7. That was beautiful a lesson that both sides can learn from whether you’re a tree hugging libtard or a redneck gun-loving cousin-fucking conservative. Jordan Peterson is the Socrates of our time.

  8. Our own oligarchs and financiers built thousands of British-styled 'concentration camps' camps everywhere throughout Europe and especially during the 1930s and right on through the war. We did it here, too. Big States need big ideas, big plans, big wars, and big business.

  9. High Hitler….he took oxycodone, amphetamines, got injections made of animal organs after his Dear Dr. Morel took control of his life….Hitler was a junkie after 1942. See the book high Hitler.

  10. But there were wall street shareholders (like ancestor Bush) who profited hugely from slave labor in Auschwitz…they would not have liked it if their upaid workers had been given other tasks.

  11. Just filed a complaint trough the youtube system , seems that nowedays more and more vidoes get censored eg. no sound, very low soundlevels or just plain deplatformed

  12. Anybody, Peterson, Prager, Trump, the pope if you are a fucking person that believes that egalitarianism or even communism in economical sense of equality is a bigger threat than the corporate fascist state that created massive corruption and poverty needs to devote his brain to science to see where things went fucked.

  13. I like Jordan Peterson but the one area you ALL, like all including him showed what a delusional fucktards fell to is spending too much effort demonizing and countering a dead enemy(communism) if it even fucking existed to its purity. Meanwhile, real shit like imperialist and corporate poverty, massive abortion, global oppression, oh who cares about that! That is part of freedom of market lol what a fucking joke.

  14. How can one explain to the well-meaning mainstreamers that they are not fighting the evil, but siding with ist? Isn't it obvious that where the power is, the oppression cannot come from the opposition?

  15. Kids today need to hear this, it was all but common knowledge growing up in the 70s and 80s and we have forgotten. There are reasons for it and it is because there are those who wish to return to that hell

  16. JP needs a history lesson from David Irving. The BS of death camps is nothing more than fiction fed to us by the same clique who brought us 'Russian collusion'.

  17. Watch from here for context; 6:54 "…you're just a shell that has demons in it." That's why the bible says "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of wickedness in the heavenly places." ~ Ephesians 6: 12

  18. I am a second generation excommunist and what he is talking about is so true. A Civil War is brewing and is coming. It will be brought to you by the radical left because they want you to think just like them. You can't have an idea of your own. I shouldn't worry because I won't live to see it but I do.

  19. Fascinating stuff! Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a hero in the West that wallows in delusion and ignorance, once informed China's leaders that he favoured their system. So under the system he favoured, 100 million were sacrificed for Mao Tse Ding Dong's cultural revolution.

  20. Sad thing is, I not enough people know what his whole point is. His total, overarching point. Ideological possession. And the evil that comes from it. From being so enveloped in a belief, that you would murder to fulfill its desires. Hes teaching people about it so they wont do it. To stay in the middle. Dont succumb to any one belief. Instead just focus on being a good person. Focus on being a better you, and the rest will take care of itself

  21. "Evil is the force that believes its knowledge is complete." This is most true of dogmatic religion. Think of the Great Flood. It first shows up in Gilgamesh, but is not God portrayed as the greatest mass murderer of all? How much murder has been done in the name of God? Peterson is not just railing against political ideologies, but ALL of them. This is what Nietzsche was pointing toward; beyond the mythical struggle between good and evil, fear and slavery, is a place where we find freedom, but the cost is responsibility, as it should be.

  22. I can tell Peterson is deeply affected speaking for long time about the communist horrors. As a person who lived the first 18 years of life in communist Romania – where the situation, in concentration camps terms, was as bad as in USSR in the terror days of 1949-1964, but in the last days of 1989 was not – I can fully understand the inhuman, treacherous, horrific and destructive thing it was.
    Yet there are idiots, and in the Western world no less, glorifying and embracing the socialism, communism, and other isms. And companies ready to jump in bed with China because it is a large market, and with Russia because it has gas. I simply don't get this.

  23. When you believe that you cannot be fooled into murderous ideologies because of how smart and righteous you are, then have already been.

  24. To the nay says. Those that claim Peterson and Solzhenitsyn are wrong. There are many sources that further confirm these claims. The killing fields and the rusting hulks of the gulags are still there. You can see them for yourselves.

  25. I dont want to defend stalin or marxism, but 66 million is a Soljenitcin bullshit. Here is what wikipedia writes "With a high number of excess deaths occurring under his rule, Stalin has been labeled "one of the most notorious figures in history".[854] These deaths occurred as a result of collectivisation, famine, terror campaigns, disease, war and mortality rates in the Gulag. As the majority of excess deaths under Stalin were not direct killings, the exact number of victims of Stalinism is difficult to calculate due to lack of consensus among scholars on which deaths can be attribute to the regime.Official records reveal 799,455 documented executions in the Soviet Union between 1921 and 1953; 681,692 of these were carried out between 1937 and 1938, the years of the Great Purge. However, according to Michael Ellman, the best modern estimate for the number of repression deaths during the Great Purge is 950,000–1.2 million, which includes executions, deaths in detention, or soon after their release.[885] In addition, while archival data shows that 1,053,829 perished in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953,[886] the current historical consensus is that of the 18 million people who passed through the Gulag system from 1930 to 1953, between 1.5 and 1.7 million died as a result of their incarceration.[887] The historian and archival researcher Stephen G. Wheatcroft and Michael Ellman attribute roughly 3 million deaths to the Stalinist regime, including executions and deaths from criminal negligence.[888][889] The estimates of famine deaths have varied from 5.5–6.5 million[890] to 8.7 million.[891] The American historian Timothy D. Snyder in 2011 summarized modern data, made after the opening of the Soviet archives in the 1990s, and concludes that Stalin was directly responsible for 6 million deaths along with three million indirect deaths. He notes that the estimate is far lower than the estimates of 20 million or above which were made before access to the archives. He also compares this number to the estimate of 11–12 million non-combatants killed by the Nazi regime, thereby negating claims that Stalin killed more than Hitler" on Mao, again I dont defend him, he is known to be responsible for between 40-60 million deaths because of failures of his policies, but here is the result of his reign: "In mainland China, Mao is still revered by many members and supporters of the Communist Party and respected by the majority of the general population as the "Founding Father of modern China", credited for giving "the Chinese people dignity and self-respect."[255] Mobo Gao, in his 2008 book The Battle for China's Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution, credits Mao for raising the average life expectancy from 35 in 1949 to 63 by 1975, bringing "unity and stability to a country that had been plagued by civil wars and foreign invasions", and laying the foundation for China to "become the equal of the great global powers".[256] Gao also lauds Mao for carrying out massive land reform, promoting the status of women, improving popular literacy, and positively "transform(ing) Chinese society beyond recognition."[256] Scholars outside of China also credit Mao for boosting literacy (only 20% of the population could read in 1949, compared to 65.5% thirty years later), doubling life expectancy, a near doubling of the population, and developing China's industry and infrastructure, paving the way for its position as a world power. So, history is no a one sided coin. These were brutal dictators, but remember that before them their countries were 100-150 years behind in economic development than western Europe and US, and these guys, with all their brutality made their countries almost equal to the western powers. Of course it was ugly, but if you ask today russians about stalin they will tell you that because of him today they can live like white people. I know, I have many russian friends, thats what they tell me.

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