Jonthan Hickman's X Men, Birds of Prey, Liefeld's Snake Eyes

I'll answer the question you want answers I think I'm entitled you want the truth you can't handle the truth news is starting to trickle out of 2019 San Diego comic-con expect to see a few more of these segments than normal over the next few days during sdcc today I'm gonna discuss my thoughts on a couple of interviews with Jonathan Hickman in preparation for his x-men reboot also on the docket is Brian Azzarello newly announced birds of prey series it seems the tail is wagging the dog at DC Comics these days Rob Liefeld revealed he's writing and illustrating an upcoming Snake Eyes series from IDW is this good or bad news for the classic Joe character finally I'm gonna briefly discuss some more DC news including series delays surprise surprise Doomsday Clock is on the list with that the less is here to break down all the way this comic industry news comic book calm is reporting Marvel's Jonathan Hickman is plotting a new trajectory for the x-men franchise beginning next week Hickman will take over his lead writer on Marvel's x-men comics line it begins with two miniseries House of X and powers of 10 after that as Hickman told comic book command June a new line of ongoing comics will launch on the eve of San Diego comic-con hickman smoke again about his plans for Marvel's mutants you don't want to do archaeology or nostalgia tropes Hickman tells Entertainment Weekly my job is to do new stuff with it and launch us into a newer age of x-men this is something I've been writing and rewriting in my head since I was a kid I've been in the kitchen for a long time with it I get the ingredients I get what makes a good meal Hickman became a fan favorite writer for the intricate plotting an epic scale he brought to Marvel's Fantastic Four and then Avengers he's bringing the same approach to the x-men I have some general philosophies on what kind of work you should do at Marvel that I try and adhere to I think the story should be big Hickman says anytime you can mine your continuity and the existing continuity of the cop in a way that evokes a response from audiences and not confusion that's powerful and you're crazy not to utilize it when you're writing these books the cardinal rule beyond that is at the end of the day after you've torn up the playroom and scattered all the toys you put everything all back on the shelf don't be an a-hole and leave a mess on the surface this sounds excellent x-men should be one of the pillars of Marvel Comics series mismanagement and creators using the mutant lineup as their mouthpieces for their own political agenda left x-men a shell of their former glory x-men were abuddin 2017 to disastrous results Cullen Bunn Marc Guggenheim and most notoriously Tom Taylor simply don't get what made x-men the most popular comic in the world and envy of the entire industry for years prioritizing social issues and new characters readers never connected with over quality superhero stories featuring x-men's vast array of classic characters resulted in another reboot in 2019 the initial plan was for Hickman to reboot x-men much earlier his arrival at Marvel Comics was delayed x-men Group Editor Jordan white used a postponement as an opportunity to cash grab by rebooting classic series uncanny x-men releasing 10 very low quality issues with three writers weekly to launch an unnecessary x-men event age of x-man was DOA featuring no breakout titles this was all done with the full knowledge the entire x-men line was rebooting a few short months later the events in age of x-men an uncanny x-men were pointless in a waste of customers time and money further tarnishing x-men's reputation among retailers and readers fixing Marvel Comics x-men is a tall order for Jonathan Hickman Matthew Rosenberg just completed his 12 issue run as architect of uncanny x-men he left the series and characters in tatters something that doesn't appear to sit well with Hickman Rosenberg Camie run following the launch of age of x-man was initially promising but by the end he was killing off characters by the issue most notoriously disposing of the original x-men team member havoc off page x-men needs a central creative voice in the worst way Jordan White's management of the x-men franchise is incompetent at best Jonathan Hickman appears to be taking this responsibility very seriously rebooting everything for a third time in two years is unfortunately necessary he needs to reset the whole thing and repair the mess left behind as I understand it Hickman is in full control of all x-men series and hand-selected the creative teams it's a huge ass for readers and retailers to trust Marvel Comics third x-men reboot in two years I for one thing Hickman is the right man for the job he stated he's going to be overseeing the universe and personally writing the main x-men series for the next several years x-men needs to maintain creator stability in series continuity for at least three years to fix it a bottle Jordan White's ineptitude created I do believe Marvel is making a huge miscalculation pricing the House of X and powers of 10 number ones at $6 each at some point the publisher needs to extend an olive branch to burnt customers Newsarama is also reporting on Hickman prior to his x-men relaunched next week Jonathan Hickman isn't mincing words when it comes to what he sees as faults in the way Marvel Comics takes advantage of the immense mainstream popularity of Marvel Studios films in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Hickman talks about Marvel Comics reacting as opposed to acting to each MCU film I think one of the big mistakes that some people make at Marvel Comics is that we are reactive to what they're doing in the Marvel film set Hickman we should not be taking our creative cues from the direction they're taking things in the movies that kind of defeats the point Hickman's work on Marvel comic books infinity and secret warriors have inspired storylines in characters in both the MCU movies and television most notably the black order characters in Avengers infinity war in Avengers endgame they have a billion dollars to play with and we don't you can't compete in that matter and you shouldn't the writer continued my argument has been that I should always be way out in front of that stuff and all that stuff is being drawn from source material amen brother Hickman comic books and film are two very different mediums Railly does a movie inspired comic book breakout or connect with readers movies inspired by original comic stories on the other hand are a multi-billion dollar industry comic creators aren't constrained by effects budgets actor schedules or movie runtimes comic creators taking direction from the MCU or other comic inspired movie properties is too proverbial tail wagging the dog a real issue with comics today is many writers see them as auditions for the opportunity they actually want they don't respect the medium the characters or history it's one of the reasons so many new comics don't resonate with readers DC co-publisher Dan DiDio recently lamented sales of classic comic facsimile issues are out selling new comics it's a quality problem most new comics suck because writers don't want to write comics they want to write movie and TV scripts and it's videos own fault for not hiring or promoting creators who actually have passion for comics it's literally his job according to news Arama DC will launch a new birds-of-prey ongoing series this October from writer Brian Azzarello the series announced at DC Comics calm brings together Black Canary Huntress and Harley Quinn for a new iteration of the classic all-female super team the story kicks off with black Canary's life in shambles but everything changes when an old flame and a new enemy a gang named las voces de la Muerta come crashing into her life hunters will become involved at the urging of her name on Toya who serves as a supporting role in the story while Harley joins a team after returning to Gotham ballin a stint with the Suicide Squad it's cool to have a story to tell about these characters I've never worked on before added a teaser ello having Harley involved screws with the new birds of prey dynamic hell with every dynamic she's chaos but she might be the most together member of the team canary Huntress and Montoya have a lot of damaged baggage the team and I are gonna unpack it it sounds like DC comets needs to hire Jonathan Hickman as a consultant the birds of prey are traditionally a Barbara Gordon led team whether it be Oracle or Batgirl Harley Quinn has never been part of the team to my knowledge shockingly Warner Brothers are releasing a birds of prey film centered on Margot Robbie's character from the very poorest Suicide Squad movie the film sucked but the character was a huge hit with cosplayers DC Comics had been hell-bent on making Harley the most powerful character in their universe ever since the tail is most definitely wagging the dog here we're getting a Harley Quinn led Barbara Gordon list birds of prey comic-book this feels like an enormous waste of Brian Azzarello talent I'm not the biggest fan of his writing but he has a unique style azarello is known for taking risks with characters now they don't always pay off but they're normally interesting I can't see DC Comics letting them do much if anything interesting with the characters prior to the movie launching I predict Brian Azzarello will be creatively neutered on this project and this fans will be left wanting supporters of Rob Liefeld are sure to be excited by news coming from comic book calm few GI Joe characters stand out as much as a sword wielding assassin snake eyes and IDW plans to take full advantage of that the licensed comic powerhouse has joined forces with Hasbro to unveil snake eyes dead game a miniseries written and drawn by legendary Rob Liefeld according to Liefeld the creator of Marvel characters like Deadpool cable and Domino it's a dream come true two words bucket list I felt said in a statement one more word icon Snake Eyes is Wolverine Deadpool and spider-man rolled into one amazing character for an entire generation of fans that thrilled to his adventures and comics and cartoons and hung on his every toy release my parents drove me all over the country to get my GI Joe action figures as a kid he continued these were my first and most favorite toys working with Hasbro and all my friends at IDW has been a blast so far I can't wait to get this work out into the public if you enjoy by recent Marvel work this will match or exceed it now this is the comic book I never knew I needed Snake Eyes is easily my favorite Joe character he sits right at the top of my list of favorite comic characters outside the big two with XO Man O War spawn and ride I've read a few Snake Eyes miniseries and the Chuck Dix and LED ones are absolutely my jam I thought Liefeld's recent run on major X was a bit uneven but it was never boring I'm expecting snake eyes dead game to be action-packed and highly enjoyable Rob being on arc is the cherry on top in my opinion it's great seeing him experience a bit of a career Renaissance of late and quite frankly I like the cut of his jib on social media I wish more creators could afford to be honest about the state of the industry and call out missteps when they see him Rob Liefeld Snake Eyes goes to the top of my watch list for 2020 according to ICV to calm on the eve of San Diego comic-con DC Comics has announced a new series of 1 shots in which DC's top writers and artists provide a new and terrifying take on key events in storylines in DC continuity the first two prestige format 48 page six dollar tales from the dark multiverse titles tales from the dark multiverse Batman nightfall number one and tales from the dark multiverse death and Superman number one will debut in October the same month the DC is making available one dollar reprints of the books that inspired them Batman number 497 and Superman number 75 due out first on October 16 his tales from the dark multiverse Batman nightfall number 1 which was written by top Batman scribe scott snyder in kyle higgins with art by Javier Fernandez and a cover by Lee weeks this tale takes place 30 years after Bruce Wayne failed to take back the cow which went to John Paul Valley aka Saint Batman who may just have to do battle with the son of Batman next on october 30 comes a new twist to take on the most popular comic book of the modern era DC's death of Superman in tales of the dark multiverse death of Superman number one writer Jeff loveness puts the focus on Lois Lane who becomes the Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let the Man of Steel succumb Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy provide the art while Lee weeks designed the striking cover DC is planning additional tales from the dark multiverse one shots based on other key DCU events such as Infinite Crisis blackest night a New Teen Titans the Judas contract I'm going to be honest I hate the dark multiverse for the most part I enjoyed a couple of the Dark Knight's metal specials but didn't particularly appreciate the main series I don't care for the Batman who laughs he looks cool but the character comes off as highschool fan pick in my opinion I don't like the premise for the year the villain as a whole and hope it doesn't affect most of my favorite characters or series I think Scott Snyder's one of the better riders of DC but don't find a must-read for me I do love the lead artist announced but tales from the dark multiverse and most everything dealing with year the villain for that matter will be easily skipped on my part I wouldn't expect to hear much about either moving forward on the channel especially not any reviews I know it's probably not a popular opinion but it's how I feel if you're excited for tales from the dark multiverse and you're the villain I'm very happy for you finally DC announced a handful of comic issue releases are being delayed in this surprise to no one Geoff Johns doomsday number eleven is pushed back to September after initially being solicited for 22 May issue seven of John shazam series is also being delayed ten weeks and is now scheduled for release in August issues eight and nine are likewise rescheduled finally Joshua Williamson's batman/superman is delayed two weeks and is scheduled for release in late August I've heard rumblings for a while now that doomsday clocks Costin delays are a result of Geoff Johns and not artist Gary Franks as is widely believed I'm not sure Doomsday Clock and Shazam both being delayed again completely confirming but it certainly lends credence to those rumours Batman Superman is DC's lead title for the upcoming year the villain event I'm not sure if this is due to the creative team or syncing the book up with other year the villain happenings either way two weeks seems rather harmless especially considering Batman Superman number two is already scheduled for release on 25 September that does it for today's news I have live events scheduled for Saturday and Sunday but if announcements from San Diego comic-con are big enough you may see more news updates over the weekend I'll definitely have a news rundown on Monday and possibly Tuesday depending on how many new projects are revealed thank you very much for watching this video and I hope you join me for my next comic industry news segment if you enjoyed this video please give it a like I would appreciate it very much it helps us attract more views for the channel subscribe for future commentary comic book movie reviews and don't forget to ring the bell for notifications if you want to talk comics movies and much much more you can follow me on twitter at Wes underscore from underscore TC with that solemn oppo and I'm out

11 thoughts on “Jonthan Hickman's X Men, Birds of Prey, Liefeld's Snake Eyes”

  1. If Jonathan Hickman has the autonomy to do what he wants and the authority to consign Jordan D.White and his Ukelele to the sidelines and away from anything to so with the X-Universe , then MAYBE the X-man can recover from years of terrible storytelling . Birds of Prey ..A team no one wants based on a Movie no one wants which will undoubtedly be little more than excuse to shove more Harley Quinn down our throats with loads of new Harley Outfits for the Funko Pop crowd to cosplay in . Not a fan of Liefelds work but I AM a fan of Liefeld the person , and Comics needs more books by people who actually WANT to be in comics .

  2. I don't care that Doomsday clock is delayed. . We need better stories in comics. Not more book from DC and Marvel every month. We have many writers who can write very fast or they deliver many book monthly. But we have very few writers that can and want to write excellent stories by all mains necessary. We need more writers like Johns and stopp complaining about something that in the end doesn't matter.  Bendis, Cullen Bunn, Snyder and maybe Jeff Lemire should try to write slower and deliver fewer stories.. They should try to make every story special and excellent for their readers.

    Dark Nights – Metal. The Event. It is story few people remember or talk about today. Why is that?
    Can anyone explain what happened in the story and how it ended?

  3. Comic books don't need films. Comic fans should stop looking to movies for validation of our hobby. We are the superior ones, it's the mainstream who is jealous of our niche, as they should be. They want us, they pay us.

  4. I've read almost everything by Azzarello and this Birds of Prey series is the first project from him where I have zero interest. I didn't always love everything he did, and some I didn't like, but I fail to see what a hard-boiled crime style writer is doing wasting his time on a weird team book like this.

  5. I Can't wait for Hickman's take on the X-Men, I read the preview pages and man, Hickman is cooking something up.

  6. I agree with hickman on this one because he's one hundred percent right about the comics should be on their own terms not the other way around.

  7. I’m not gonna lie but I’m getting really really excited about house of x/powers of x. I am reading his avengers run right now to get into his style. I have to tell myself not to get hung up on little details and keep in mind there’s a big story. When I do that his story telling is really great.

  8. Hickman is saying all the right things. He's even making ME interested.
    If ONLY Marvel backed him up with good faith publishing practices. Why do we need TWO mini-series leading into this new reboot? Why do I need to add $20 to my pull list every month just to follow this? Oh yeah, it's so they can have THREE #1s instead of just one. It's so they can have THREE massive sets of alternate covers for fans to waste money on.
    It's hard to believe in ANYTHING Hickman says because we KNOW that Marvel has ZERO interest in doing cool, consumer-friendly things. It's driven by cash grabs. It clearly doesn't care about the reputation of the X-Verse as evident by the past several years.
    This new X-Men will simply suck less than the past two. That's NOT good enough!

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