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hello or as we say well show my i'm michael sheen and i will be doing some welsh slang i'm jon hamm i'll be teaching your st. Louis slang Welsh Lang sends like an insult sounds like a mean Michael means technology doesn't well oh right okay thank goodness I noticed that's what it is tidy you know John I saw you this morning yeah I was so happy and I thought Here I am in in Austin Texas and I'm gonna get to sit with John have another lovely morning tidy something you say what is that like that it's good yes typing thank you baby nice ot revs a shortened version of toasted raviolis I've ever had toaster at home is that something you eat what you basically do is take a ravioli and you bread it and deep-fry it and then you dip it in tomato sauce and as and cover it with Parmesan cheese oh no bite first of all how do you think you would pronounce that John which it's kuch notice I said that it seems very dirty I'm gonna be one tired I'm now gonna give you one the couch I'm gonna give you a cut in front of everyone cuz it's better to show this rather than say it huh me give us a couch coach Oh in this context oh the Bootheel Missouri is an odd little shape and in the south east corner is a little chunk that kind of bites into Arkansas called luteal my family is from kind of down south toward that way but not quite as far as as the heel all right how would you say that Jeffrey so this is a copy of me so if someone came here in here and said not to be said here would you like would you like to drink this gloopy green fetid liquid I go oh no I don't want to do that that's disgusting no equivalent would be ill you don't have a yes so do it with fewer letters party far already far st. Louisans have what can only be described as a particular accent especially when trying to pronounce the O vowel sometimes so 44 Oh highway 44 highway 44 large arch that's a gorgeous orange family you got wearing their dirty our W is back yeah yeah yes learning wealth really cool job dirty oh he's only 50 zone you're good oh he's a little bit oh wow that's sweet not to be confused with dirty dirty no different doing things with cards st. Louis Cardinals carrots the Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world all you need to know he's not official but oh yes it says right there yeah that's the baseball team or mitching so if you if you Mitch it you mentioned school I'm not going into them mentioned Oh skipping like like yeah what would you clean the playing hooky playing hooky yeah fishing going to the boat was a new relatively new term because riverboat gambling was only recently legalized in st. Louis still in the 19th century kind of miracles but there's river boats but their buildings built on the river chopped strange chops and so if you chop sin then you met your mouthing off your a bit you know you're not not afraid yeah sure you're chopped saying yeah it'd be more familiar with chop see described someone's bit of it chops advice now this this should be a little more specific because this should say what high school did you go to this is the defining question for every person that's from st. Louis if you ever meet anybody from st. Louis other than me uh-huh they will ask where do your high school everybody then knows where you what part of town you live in okay like with you sort of poll it's very much a code about where you went to high school place you and and I went to the best one okay what yeah so English people because they couldn't say yeah they would say yes he died yeah he does lucky dog so when you hear people say in yucky doggies from now on everyone that know you'll say no oh no it's no no no right cultural appropriation what it actually is is yeah yeah right I still can't sir down the hatch she is Lord is willing the creek don't rise flooding is very I don't was a popular but it's very Thomas time it's flooding is is very very common in in in st. Louis and this is this is a common a common prayer that if things have again as well if the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise that means obviously you know the boat steamer person gamblin campfire cooking gecko get it we drove up rather silly of go go go so this is the longest place name I believe in the world because I knew that it's a small village in fact it's all it is is a railway station now haplin and now are you all as Welsh people required to memorize how to say that it's like passing your citizenship right exactly you have to learn how to do it and actually what it is is directions of to get there over the hill around the corner second to the other left keep on do morning so let's all say it together sure landfire push cuenca go get a wind Robert at the city of go go go I have thoroughly enjoyed having a little tour of Welsh language I think I've just made that word up I like the I like the Welsh language as Welsh if the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise

25 thoughts on “Jon Hamm and Michael Sheen Teach You St. Louis and Welsh Slang | Vanity Fair”

  1. Ardderchog! Lovely to hear Michael Sheen siarading a bit of Cymraeg, although Llanfair PG and iechyd da need their slides amending. Beautiful accent. John is equally fascinating and a brilliant actor too – even angelic! However, both Sheen and Tennant thhe bees knees in Good Omens. 😍

  2. John Hamm is completely correct about the St Louis area lol. Only things he left out were the dangers of wearing a Cubs shirt in the city (people will yell at you unless there’s a game on, probably still will anyway) and the thing I have seen many people do that is stopping your car because you saw someone walking on the sidewalk or the curb then having a full conversation with them while still in the car (usually done in subdivisions and they practically park right in the middle)

  3. I love how they spelt Iechyd Da incorrectly using an L for some reason
    does neb yn siarad ffwcin gymraeg tho so mae'n iawn lol

  4. Welsh speakers, did you notice how the iPad showed an L instead of the I in "iechyd da"? I guess Sheen was too nice to correct it…

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