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one of the things that we don't know about okay apart from 96% of the universe we don't know for example what consciousness is in scientists called the hard problem gravity did you know they don't understand gravity it's the least understood of all the four fundamental forces they know more about what goes on inside an atom than they do about gravity explosions as a thing maybe you really understands what goes on explosion I spent 40 years nearly in comedy I have no idea why things are funny I'm the faintest notion ignorance is what drives science I mean you you wouldn't think it because you read the public prints and you see scientists talking it people like Dawkins are very defensive scientists in private they're all going why is that then that's a thing we don't know about that's what makes science happen and it's actually very difficult to think of a new why it's very difficult to think of a new question any fool can find answers people who ask new questions they're the geniuses ignorance is at the heart of any kind of discovery you don't need to know very much it's a question working out which are the important things it's a fascinating thing to me that people will get really really cross about things they can't possibly ever know or prove such as the existence of God in the beginning the universe but they let other things that really important like how to get on with your own children pass here's a thing about intelligence is intelligence a good thing you know Stalin was an incredibly intelligent guy you know really smart bloke and look what he did with it it's what you do with your intelligence account kindness is an absolute to be kind is good full-stop always in any circumstance kindness is better than almost anything we all know what is right actually we pretend to ourselves we don't because we're disabled by our needs and selfishness and if you do what you know to be right it's extraordinarily powerful being nice to people matters you you

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  1. Really helpful and on time i just Wanted to send A big thanks to you i need just like this advice just at this time.👍

  2. Many things will never be known. That is why there is god. If you can't prove it exists then therefor it does. This does prove that insanity is real.

  3. I was hoping this was about challenging the conventional wisdom about what people need to know in order to be a competent member of society. That would have been more interesting than: ignorance drives science, so just be nice.

  4. Well, I don't want to be a party pooper: but being nice to e.g. someone that's making someone's life intentionally miserable, or not being difficult to someone that is embarking on a stupid idea, isn't very nice.

  5. We should aspire both kindness and knowledge and be careful not to lose one chasing the other. Intentions doesn't matter when it's nature that confronts your misconceptions.

  6. "Any fool can find answers. People who ask new questions, they are the geniuses" 

    John Lloyd shares some fascinating thoughts on what we really need to know in our latest #RSAShort

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