John Denver "Take Me Home, Country Roads" Guitar Lesson

hello friends and welcome back to surf lessons for another buy request song tutorial in today's session I'm breaking down a very beginner friendly tune in John Denver's 1971 classic take me home country roads so let me take you through the chord progressions and the strumming patterns for the verse the bridge and the chorus sections and you can follow along use my chord cheat at slash Swift lessons brooklyn Before we jump into the lesson I want to introduce you to my good friends down in Virginia excellent band called Holy Roller this is their t-shirt the great band that I'd love for you to check out and support they're mixing together some old-school country vibes with blues gospel a bunch of other stuff and they have really excellent songwriting so check them out you can find them on Instagram I Holy Roller Va that's their handle okay now let's jump into a full demonstration of the tune I want you to see what you can figure out using your ear and your musical instincts then jump into the instructional segments let's get started one two three four Almost Heaven West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah River life is over they're older than the trees younger than the mountains blow in like a breeze country roll take me home to the place I belong West Virginia bouton my take me home country roads all my memory gather round – lady stranger – pardon Dakin does Steve painted on the sky misty taste moonshine teardrops in my eyes country roads take me home to the plane I'd love Oh West Virginia in my take me home country I hear voice in the morning I she calls me Radio reminds me of my home far away driving down the road I get feeling that I should have been home yesterday yesterday country row take me home to the pain I've been Junior Mountain take me home country roads country roll take me home to the vein I belong West Virginia Mountain take me home country roads take me home down country on take me home and country all okay close look at the fretboard getting started with our intro section this is just going to be one chord a major but this is the opportunity that we're going to get to learn the strumming pattern that we're going to be using throughout the song an alternating bass pattern okay so it's gonna look and sound like this I guess that's the general vibe in terms of rhythm that we're gonna have throughout the song now sometimes the alternating bass is going to reverse depending upon which chord you're on okay so for the a major chord we're playing bass down so there's the a string and then it down up on the high strings all dates to the low E string open and then down up again one and two and two three four and okay since we're counting this at around 85 BPM we're going to do that twice alternate twice per measure one and two and three and the four end and we're going to need two measures to get through that intersection so one end of two three two-and three-and starter verse all West Virginia okay if you got that you're ready to jump in to the verse section and start applying that alternating bass pattern okay very good everybody you have the intersection down now we're jumping into the verse section we're taking this line by line found along using my chord cheat at slash Swift lessons jumping into line number one it's gonna sound like this nice and slow West Virginia all right now don't be afraid of that bar chord shape I'm gonna give you some tips so we start off on the a major chord just to measure just like we did in the intro section beats down down down up down up now transition to the f-sharp minor chord we're gonna start moving on the upstroke drop the thumb nice and low take the bony part of the finger put it right up against the fret take your ring finger and your pinkie put them on the a string and the D strings fourth fret pulling back with both arms pushing my chest into the guitar as I squeeze nice and hard to get a nice clear Barre chord sound okay on this chord we're going to reverse our alternating bass pattern okay so that's going to be e down up a down of e down a down up okay that gets you to line number two where we're going to transition to an E major chord and do the exact same strumming pattern okay next we're going to transition to the D major chord for just half a measure alternating on D string and a string D down the a down and then return to the a major chord for a full measure okay put those three chords together and you have Mountains Shannon okay from there you basically have the rest of the verse down because it's just going to be a repeat verbatim of what we just played except you're going to shorten the a chord at the end so I have these old sharp minor older than the trees the E chord younger then go in like a breeze just two beats about that a major chord there over breeze then that'll get you into the chorus section okay let's see if we can play through the entire verse together a nice slow tempo one and almost heaven West Virginia to the E major chord Blue age Steve Shannon doh a two three and four and life is over there f-sharp minor and the trees Accord younger the mountains deep flowing like the a major country wrong to get into the chorus section okay exile work everybody you have the verse section down and now we're jumping into the chorus section I think this part is going to be a breeze for you in this section we're going to switch around the chords we're gonna be playing the progression a major E major f-sharp minor and D major and in terms of music theory this is one of the most common chord progressions in all of popular music it's a one five six four progression if you compare the root notes of these chords to the notes that are inside of the major scale in the key of a so one five six four four the songwriters out there okay we're going to apply the exact same alternating bass strumming pattern to this chord progression start off with the a major chord country take me emajor to the place f-sharp minor I okay so we just need to do that twice through all together so all those chords got a full measure of playing time West Virginia now my take me deep country roll back da cord full measure then that'll get you into verse number two all my memories gather round so verse number two played identically to verse number one no difference there okay very well done everybody you have the intro the verse and the chorus section complete as I said after chorus one we're gonna have verse number two then following that we're going to have a repeat of the chorus of course number two and then after that we're gonna jump into the next section that you need to learn the bridge section okay moving right along into the bridge section we're gonna be once again mixing these chords up this time we're starting with the minor six chord F sharp minor okay so taking this line-by-line line number one of the bridge it's gonna sound like this in the morning she calls me okay so very simple we took the f-sharp minor bass down a face down up so we have to measure there then transition to the E major chord same exact strumming bass down a bass Danah then move to the a major chord for a full measure you know let's do okay now moving on to line number two we're gonna have radio reminds me of my home far away okay so that was half a measure of T major half a measure of a major one full measure of e major D down up a down of a down a e down of e down of a straight down key string down a base streak down okay now let's put lines 1 & 2 together now getting started with the f-sharp minor chord I hear voice in the mall she calls me Brady mine's me up my home far away okay now transition into line number three he's gonna really switch things up here and throw in an odd chord G major okay line number three is gonna sound like this driving down the road I get feeling bad okay so f sharp minor chord we're gonna have that perhaps measure just like we did before now transition to AG major chord doesn't really matter which kind you use it can be this variety of the G chord with the ring finger on the low E string or it could be this voice into the G major chord where your frettin two notes here at the B string third fret and the high E string third fret okay I think of my worksheet I'm going for this variety of the G chord that I call useful G because I got this index finger available to myself very useful okay so we take the F sharp minor chord face down face down the G chord face down a D string down up now transition to the D major chord to finish up this line face down a straight down put all that together we've got driving down the road I get a feeling that I okay now that'll get you into the fourth and final line of this bridge section it's gonna sound like this should have been home yesterday yesterday okay so that was pretty simple we have the a major chord for half a measure based down a face down transition to the E major chord for a full measure beats down a face down a face down of face down up then we're gonna have basically half measure of e seven stopping short on the third bead so for e seven take your ring finger off of the D string and just play bass down a bass down a stop okay covering up the strings getting a full stop and that will get you into the final chorus okay let's play through the entire bridge section together now playing along at a nice slow tempo she calls me radium it's me from my home farm we finish our minor again driving down the G feeling that I should have been yesterday yesterday stop country road ok very good everybody now we're ready to jump into the end of the song I'm going to show you how you can close up shop okay finishing up the tune we're gonna have chorus number three it's basically the exact same thing that you've played in the other choruses except it's going to repeat two times that's going to get you into the coda section which is very very simple it's just gonna sound like this going back and forth between a major and a major take me home country road take me he major country rolls now right here we're gonna put in a nice classic Indian country wrong okay so very very simple we had the e major for measure me down up a down of Edina country a major chord all right repeat the E chord again to the a major chord we're going to play one to ten and a okay for a very kind of easy way of ending this song and thousands of other kinds of country songs okay congratulations everybody you have the intro you have the verse you have the chorus you have the bridge sections you're ready to perform alright friends thanks so much for checking out this song tutorial I hope you enjoyed it let me know to think in the comment section down below as always big thanks to my supporters at patreon comm slash both lessons who from joining all this extra resources and thanks to you guys I got many more lessons coming up so keep checking in please subscribe please share this is Robin surf guitar lessons in Philadelphia saying happy picking

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  3. Greetings from Ontario, Canada. I've watched a couple of your videos and they're great. Question … in the notes for the chords, is there a difference between when you write (A) and A ?

  4. Brother man, you played and strummed that beautifully. First thing I heard this morning, a great way to start the day. Thank you.

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