John Cotton on education and literacy

good day everyone this is John cotton doing another assignment for I believe this is my race religion culture class and the topic of the discussion is about the historical view and the modern-day view of education and literacy as it pertains to race culture and religion well one and a half to miss not a lot of time to talk so I do I give what I can give for that little bit of time um historically they didn't want Blackstone to be able to reso literally split up illiteracy was promoted during those times so the educated folks was with white people that had the money they want to define it schools and everything like that of course there was a segment of white who that did not go and they were people that did an industrial work farm and ant about other things like that but the educated people I went to school now that were some black people that did buck the system and with the schooling you can see recorded history some of the most noted black people that can record history you know I don't have to name some things we've seen those some of the names in modern day okay education is promoted they're wanting people to learn to read but there's stigmas placed on certain races they think for the almost same day but this a general consensus is that like the Asian people are likes much smarter than everyone else or the Indian people are much smarter than everyone else you know and then I guess the US banks in your blacks are the bottom of the list of people with the heights and Tatian and literacy also I will say this there's a disparity in always has been a disparity but it comes down to the resources in certain communities versus other communities so the education levels were better and of course you know it was a time that it was separation between the races when you come down the blacks weren't allowed to integrate with with wipes and you know and there was a time there was a separate but equal' type thing going on and it was never equal okay looks like today we're working on some stuff you know we still got a lot of long ways to go but I think we're getting there and so look like my time is up I wish I hope I covered the whole subject but this it's a real big something to try to cover in two minutes time maybe anybody should we have the West guys peace

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